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** March, 2009.

We are seeking a book publisher and other media to expose Thompson Lang, to the public.

The battle of survival.

Read the doc and watch the video and become aware of the actions of, Thompson Lang. Lang and his gang threatened that Doug Copp, founder of this rescue team, would die in prison from his 911 injuries. Lang has unsucessfully used his power and influence, for 5 years, to try and accomplish this.

Lang's attacks against Copp have been like kicking and screaming, at a paralyzed man, in a wheelchair: " get up and walk lying bastard! " Here is the 25 page medical report from Doug Copp's American Primary Care Dr, dated March, 2009. It is one of the thousands of pages of medical testimony which support Copp, from more than 50 Doctors and Medical Specialists who have treated him. It speaks, for itself, and points a finger of condemnation towards Lang.

Read about it: Click here to see what a blatant liar Thompson Lang, owner of the Albuquerque Journal, has been.  

Click here to read Dr Ben Boucher, Doug Copp's Canadian Primary Care Physician. He says: "persecution". Another finger pointing to Lang.   We will be putting up hundreds of affidavits, videos, documents, testimonials and other evidence to start a movement, for Lang, to face justice.

** The source of the attacks against doug copp and ARTI.**

Thompson Lang, owner of the Albuquerque Journal publicly brags that no elected official, in the State of New Mexico, can be elected without his personal approval (quote Crosswinds Magazine). World Famous Attorney, F lee Bailey (world famous for the Boston Strangler Case), in a previous lawsuit against Lang, described Lang as "a power hungry bully." Lang has used his vast inherited wealth, power and political influence to cause great harm to Doug Copp, other ARTI team members and our rescue team, itself. He has done this shameful work, to get revenge; because, we wouldn't give him an emergency 911 badge. Lang wanted to use this pass, to gain exclusive media coverage, at 911 and the money he would gain from selling this material. His vengeance knows no bounds and continues thru 2009

Lang has been taken to court, many times, for using his newspaper to destroy people. We aren't the first and won't be the last; until his newspaper is taken away. We have been fighting to get him into court, for years. We are starting to believe that he actually is the most powerful publisher in America.

It is a bold statement to call someone a pervert; however, we don't know what other term to use. Thompson Lang, committed many acts which stretched the bounds of tolerance. Wearing 'San Francisco', 'Castro Street' pants, 3 sizes too small so that his 'package' appeared to be 'huge' and prominent, while wearing a woman's belt was strange. He walked around like a woman wearing high heels. When asked to behave himself and to consider that the firefighters and police were emotionally fragile; He shouted: " Fuck them! I could care less! I want my badge!" When Doug Copp refused to give Lang his emergency pass; he went ballistic with threats and anger. The one thing that Lang cannot deny (because of too many witnesses and physical evidence) and is most accountable for is his relation to Eric Wade.

Eric Wade was flown to New York on Thompson Lang's private jet. Lang had published a scazzing expose on Eric Wade, 2 years, before 911. The expose related the involvement of Eric Wade in a $10 million dollar stock swindle and his punishment and sanctioning by the New York Stock exchange for these offenses. The first question is why did Lang fly Wade to New York, on his private jet?

Eric Wade and John Grace were inside of a refrigerated ambulance parked outside of the Roosevelt Island Fire Station (an island in the Hudson river which is part of New York City, at 911). Peter Donahue was told by the firefighters that the body of their 'fallen brother' was being kept inside the ambulance; so that his comrades, could each say goodbye to him. The firefighters tribute was almost like a holy and sacred ritual.

Eric Wade unzipped the body bag of the dead firefighter. In front of several witnesses; including Doug Copp, Peter Donahue and others he started screaming at the corpse. An emergency tool supplier to the NYFD was watching. We saw the shock on the tool supplier's face. He ran inside the station to alert the firefighters that a maniac (Eric Wade) was desecrating the corpse of one of their 'brothers'. Eric Wade, to our horror started punching the corpse of the dead firefighter. John Grace and Mike Miller grabbed Eric Wade (shaking him) and told him that he had to run before the firefighters came out of the station.

Eric Wade fled New York. He took off running straight to the airport, Miller and Grace told him not to worry; that they would pack his bags and check him out of the hotel. Grace and Miller had told Wade that the firefighters would kill him ..if they caught him. Wade didn't even retun to the hotel. He went straight to the airport and flew back to New Mexico.

In what we can only desribe as a perverted, twisted, evil and vindictive mind; Lang, after he launched his 24,000 word, five front pages, 14 article attack of 704 lies against ARTI and Doug Copp; described Wade as: " a young sucessful businessman who is an inspiration for young people to look up to".

At the same time, as Lang published words of praise for someone who had desecrated the corpse of 'fallen hero'; he again displayed a weird sexual twist by publishing a full front page picture of Doug Copp. The photo was taken from a video so that it showed a still of Copp's hands moving through the air, to make him look like a fool. That was not vindictive enough for Lang; Lang did the 'coup de Gras' by adding a penis sticking out of Copp's pants. A different skin tone than Copp but it served some sick purpose in Lang's mind. Surely, these are not the actions of a legitimate publisher who should be protected 'under the freedom of the press' statutes.

So, Lang praised Wade, after he punched the corpse of a NYFD firefighter who had heroically given his life and he destroyed the life of a volunteer rescuer who was struggling to stay alive from his 911 poisoning.

Lang's wealth, power and influence have enabled him to prey upon victims, at will.

Why Lang flew Eric Wade to 911 is a mystery. Why he protected him, by not exposing his perverted assault on a dead firefighter is indefensible, both as, as a decent human being and as a legitamite publisher. The fact that Lang and his assistant Leslie Linthicum had written about Wade in such 'glowing terms of praise' after such a perverted act is disgusting.

Don't think they didn't know about Wade. When Doug Copp confronted Leslie Linthicum about publishing praise about Wade while destroying our team she told Doug Copp: " We will publish anything we want..especially, if it hurts you." She laughed, cackling like a witch (it was so eery that it was unnerving), and told Copp that they were going to make sure that he died in prison from his 911 injuries.

Lang uses his newspaper as a personal weapon. It is just as if he inherited a shotgun from his father instead of a newspaper. Lang should not be granted immunity from the wrongful acts he committed against Doug Copp and ARTI because of 'freedom of the press'. Lang never published his 704 lies in any 'news' context. He published all those lies as a 'brute' or a 'fiend' would attack someone with a baseball bat. To protect himself from JUSTICE, Lang has 'tied-up' all the major law firms in New Mexico in client-attorney relationships; he owns his own 'jury selection' company; Lang brags about controlling the election of every elected official in the state because they can't get elected without his newspaper endorsing them.

** Lang's license to publish a newspaper should be taken away, for the public good and protection..**

We have hundreds of pages of evidence against Lang and yet we fight legal motion after legal motion and cannot get a deposition from him or find a judge who will allow us to take him before a jury. Nevertheless, he uses his political clout and media power, like a baseball bat, to do us harm.

Doug says : "Watch the video (above) and see for yourself.. There is a difference between right and wrong. Good and evil. In spite of the harm that Lang has caused us, years of struggling with 911 medical problems, the problems of persecution via Lang's employees; I have been blessed to be able to reflect upon the life this video illustrates and remain willing and pleased to make any sacrifice for the good we have been able to accomplish. The more 'good' you do the more the forces of evil want to harm you. This is life.

Peter Donahue, ARTI member of New York City and the New York Police Dept Auxilary testifies as an eyewitness to Lang's outrages at 911, by refering to Thompson Lang, in simple and direct terms, as a 'scumbag' ( The 'nicest' thing he has to say about Lang.)

Rather than seeking vengeance against someone who is so disturbed that they spend years trying to destroy a volunteer rescue team; I would tend to pity him. It spite of all his wealth, power and influence; it must be a terrible thing being Thompson Lang." Doug Copp

Read about the 911 monster, Thompson Lang, in Doug Copp's soon to be published book. Who would go on a 5 year campaign to destroy an all volunteer, unpaid, not for profit rescue team..that had become the most experienced and successful Rescue history?

Thompson Lang is the answer. Dressing as a woman, on top of the 911 rubble, Demanding to get an emergency badge and screaming: " Fuck them ( the NYC firefighters and police) when asked to behave himself).

Protecting, promoting and helping Eric Wade escape New York City after having brutally attacked the corpse of a New York City firefighter.

His behavior was so bad that we threw him out of our hotel room and told him that we didn't care if he WAS the richest man, in America...or inherited a newspaper...He should go fuck himself.

This was a small part and only the beginning of our brutally harsh treatment by Thompson Lang, inherited owner of the Albuquerque Journal : "One of the worst human beings, in America."

The Evil Forces Against Us: For Every Good Thing We Have Done an Equal To or Stronger Force of Evil Has Risen Up Against Us. We Fight On.

Our enemies are:

1) A billion dollar corporation out to squash us because our life saving policies are confronting their revenues of 6 billion a year, as 'experts'. It pains them even more because we work as unpaid volunteers while they collect billions and continue to endanger people's lives.

2) A fabulously wealthy, power-hungry monster who is using his 120 million dollar fortune and his privately owned newspapers to do to us 'what he has done before to others': to destroy ARTI, Doug Copp, our rescues, our humanitarian missions, our supplying millions of dollars in free rescue and firefighting equipment to third world countries, and our 19 year mission of giving people real life saving information.

3) Some Government Officials, in the USA (On our website you will see some of the hundreds of letters of appreciation from Presidents, Prime Ministers, Generals, Admirals, Mayors, Governors and a whole host of Government Officials; who have loved and supported us, over the 19 years of our humanitarian work ..and even a King!). We are referring to the Officials who continue to endanger children's lives because of 'duck and cover'. Their real agenda is self-promotion, maintaining their 'expertise'(although none of them actually have any firsthand knowledge or experience whatsoever). Their policy is: "It is cheaper and less trouble to deal with a dead child than a potentially injured or traumatized 'survivor' who might sue the school board or state. Dead people don't sue.

We have a monumental task but thousands of lives are at stake and this strengthens the heart and soul.

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Congressman Tom Udal C/O Sarah

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