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  India Earthquake

India Earthquake Jan 26, 2001

Thank you letter from his Royal Highness, the Maharajah of Kutch, India, thanking Doug Copp and ARTI for our work in India.

Update Feb 12, 2001.

south india Some excerpts from my fax to the Prime Minister of India, today:

As the Rescue Chief of the most experienced rescue and disaster mitigation organization, in the world, I was asked by Andrew card Jr., White House Chief of Staff, to write a report concerning the Earthquake in El Salvador, for president Bush.

I thought I would extend the same courtesy, to you, regarding our work and my concerns regarding the Earthquake in Gujarat.

Our team ( India, USA, Canada, Mexico, Hungary, Russia and Turkey ) arrived in the disaster area from various embarkation points. I personally visited every part of the country affected. Our work was broadcasted on TV via the Government of India Channel, Various other Channels, and European TV, as well as CNN. BBC Radio World Service carried my 15 minute interview to an audience of 130 million listeners. The various wire services carried articles about ARTI to several thousand newspapers; including, The Times of India and the Bombay Times.

Throughout ALL of these interviews I maintained the theme that the Indian Government was performing an excellent job of Disaster Management . Further, that the International (Western) criticism against the work of GSPC and in particular Sanjay Gupta and P.N Roychowdhary was wrong. I stated, in no uncertain terms, that these officials were highly intelligent, highly effective individuals. I defied any expert of Disaster Management , in the west, to perform 1/5 th as well with the same resources and in the same circumstances.


Our team saved lives, recovered missing bodies and worked closely with Sanjay Gupta and P.N Roychowdhary ; throughout the disaster mitigation phases. Earlier, I had advised that preparations be made towards the financial mitigation of this disaster. I suggested that the World Bank debt be restructured.

I have a series of meetings, this week, with officials in Gandinager, to help mitigate the financial aspects of this tragedy.

In the last month, I have appeared on 50+ major networks, 8 TV programs in 100+ countries, several thousand newspapers and BBC World Service ( 7 times ). I intend to gather as much media coverage as possible to gather public sympathy for this terrible tragedy, in India, and a public desire for the World Bank to defer loan Payments and reduce the Interest rate appropriately .

This action will allow India to repair infra-structure, quickly. I have been received in India in a most kind and considerate manner. My experience is that the disaster would have been much worse without the gentle, tranquil and good nature of the Indian People. I remain, At your service

Doug Copp

further info:

After Rescue and recovery actions had stopped ARTI Chief and ARTI India member Jaget Dave stayed with the Maharajah, at his palace in Mandvi. We went from sleeping on the rubble, to sleeping in a palace, life is strange and surprising!

From the palace we went to the Maharajah's other 5 (damaged) palaces and various Temples and schools ..to assist in damage assessment, recovery and reconstruction methods to dramatically reduce recovery costs.

The Maharajah was a wonderful, unique, kind and simple man, with the aura of a King. We had many conversations and laughs, together. I am a simple rescue guy, but the King called me friend and described us as 'two oddballs'. I agree with his thoughts.

I gave him a Quake Alarm as a parting gift, he gave me a packet with a personal note and a coin from the reign of his namesake, minted in 1865 and bearing his name.

I drove his 1948 Willys Jeep around his Palace and he suggested that we get together, in the future, for an 'adventure' together.

After my meetings with Gov't Officials in Gandinager, I will go to Bombay to give a series of lectures, to the members of the Bombay Golf Club, A prestigious organization which has invited me to become a member. I will use this as an opportunity to gather donations/supplies/tents ( They are still 15,000 tents short of supplying all the homeless families) and cooking pots for the people of Gujarat.

Upon return to San Francisco we leave , on mission, to Peru. I will give a series of lectures to the Ministry of External Affairs and the Military Command Headquarters. We will train the Fire Dept. and deliver 450,000 in donated rescue equipment to the Peruvian fire dept.

God Bless

Doug Copp
ARTI//India//Feb 12//2001

Update Feb 5, 2001.

ARTI Chief Doug Copp and ARTI India members Jaget Dave and Kamlesh Parmar and are going back into the disaster area tomorrow morning....

Since, the last update: ARTI team members rendezvoused with the newest members of ARTI ( The National Rescue Team of Hungary). ARTI members rescued 3 persons and recovered many bodies.

Most importantly, ARTI gave direction to the entire Disaster Mitigation Process.

ARTI Chief , Doug Copp gave a 15 minute interview with Clive Martin on BBC World Service to an audience of 130 million listeners. This interview exceeded the normal 3,4 or 5 minute interview because of the interesting nature of the information. Some of the content of that interview follows:

Copp had a meeting with P.N Roychowdhary and Sanjay Gupta of the Indian Government. These individuals are highly placed in the Indian Government with Sanjay Gupta being #3 in the Indian Government and, also, holding 8 Directorships. P.N Roychowdhary is the Director of GSPC ( Gujarat State petroleum Corporation). These 2 highly intelligent, highly functional individuals are doing an outstanding job, in dealing with the mitigation of this disaster. Copp , rightly so, described Sanjay Gupta as a 'genius' to the BBC audience. Copp was asked to comment upon the competence of the Indian Gov't Officials.... to the surprise of the interviewer Copp extolled the virtues of these 2 men by , also, stating that "I defy any disaster mitigation/management official, in any western country, to come to this great disaster.. under these circumstances and with these resources and do a job 1/5th as good as these 2 men are doing". Additionally, Copp said: "..besides, if people knew what I know about... behind the scenes activities at places like the Oklahoma City explosion, there would be no criticism levied, besides, people must understand that there is a cultural aspect to disaster mitigation."

Copp had a meeting with these individuals which was very focused, concentrated, serious and extremely significant. P.N Roychowdhary made notes of Copp's suggestions for the future. P.N Roychowdhary asserted that every page of ARTI's website would be studied. The meeting quickly moved into Copp asserting that he was going to make a statement which he never thought would come from his lips, namely as the Rescue Chief of the 'world's most experienced rescue team', Copp pushes, fights, demands that every drop of energy be put into rescue till the last possible second. Copp told the Officials that he recommends the immediate cessation of rescue and that the entire direction of the mitigation change, that the big monster coming down the road is DISEASE!!! That this enemy originates from the 100,000 dead bodies, in 2 ways, the dust (which is everywhere from the broken concrete), carries bacteria from the decomposing bodies. This infects your eyes and respiratory system and cuts. The solution is simple, to this problem, the fire dept was dispatched with water trucks to spray a mist of water over the area, to keep the dust down, (too much water and you have a mosquito//malaria problem). The second great problem is PLAGUE!!!

This area had a plague outbreak in 1994. It killed 100,000 people. The set-up for this plague event was dirty conditions, which pale in comparison to this alarming situation.

In times of bounty rats reproduce in swarms at an alarming pace ( 10 days), these buildings are filled with rats that have the biggest feast ever presented. In India, 100,000 decomposing bodies to feast upon at their leisure.

The solution is twofold:

1) Kill the rats, 3 SOMBRE Doctor Administrators came into our meeting to discus the scientific aspects of dealing with this health crisis. They will capture rats and analyse them for the plague.

2) Recover the decomposing bodies ASAP. The Copp Casualty Locator is being dispatched on a 24 hr. basis to locate the decomposing corpses quickly. This device patented, by Doug Copp, and used at disasters around the world is the ONLY machine, in the world, that can find dead bodies. The Copp Casualty Locator will speed up the recovery process 100 times as fast as otherwise possible. Bodies can be located and buildings cleared almost on an instantaneous basis.

Please note: the International Media (CNN, etc..) etc are misreporting this disaster. The Indian National Media is more accurate.

Understand that the International media are reporting the casualties as calculated by the Indian Gov't on the basis of actual bodies recovered, to date, and not counting the rest. The Gov't is first clearing the streets of rubble, all the bodies reported to date, were bodies found under the rubble and in the street. The bodies in the houses have been untouched, ( the purpose of this is to allow SALVAGE of goods and property remaining in these buildings... this is a poor country and life savings are involved). These bodies are yet to be counted.

Also, the villages in the countryside have yet to be touched, these villages of 20,000 to 40,000 have a death rate as high as 90%... none of these victims have been included in the count because the Gov't is focusing their activities on the cities before starting a process in the countryside villages.

So expect a death count of at least 100,000 to 150,000 immediate deaths from the earthquake and 50,000 additional deaths from injuries ( sustained in the earthquake)

The death from plague, if this becomes reality, can easily reach 500,000.

For this reason ARTI Chief Doug Copp, backed by Niko Resources Canada ( ARTI Canada members), will be going back into the Disaster, tomorrow am, and continue to work with the Indian Gov't Officials to mitigate, this disaster.

we will be out of touch, again, no electricity or communications capabilities are possible.

All of the above was reported by Copp 'live' on BBC World Service.

The Indian Government has requested donations of Quake Alarm Devices ( as many as possible), to be given to the Gov't, sent to India, Niko Canada has responded to this request. Other Companies are requested to do the same.

For info on obtaining the Quake Alarm: email Dave Jacobs at safstart@aol.com or phone 916-933-2699 (USA)

The next report will be forthcoming as soon as possible

ARTI- India , webmaster Sajil Ramakrishnan is forwarding pictures of the disaster to ARTI International webmaster for inclusion on the website.

Jan 30, 2001 ARTI mission for India Earthquake Update.

Situation : ARTI Canada , Niko Resources India General Manager, and ARTI Liaison/Logistics support Officer for the India Mission is Dan Bartsch. He is the contact point for the 7 country - ARTI mission.

Niko Resources is providing vehicles, cell phone, rescue equipment, heavy equipment and all resources necessary for ARTI to save lives.

Dan is providing liaison with Indian Government and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation ( GSPC) and necessary liaison with Canadian High Commissioner.

ARTI /Akut team members have arrived from Turkish Military transport... other ARTI team members will rendezvous later. 13 Team members from Peru, Mexico, USA are arriving from European route to rendezvous in disaster area.

ARTI member /Canada /Niko Resources co-ordinator Jean Paul Roy facilitated Copp's arrival and logistical support. Thanks to John Koch and Bob Ohlson at Niko Head Office /Calgary Canada. Their help has been critical.

ARTI Chief Copp is headed into Bhuj area ( proximity location of 400 trapped children.) Niko Resources providing means to survey area. If children are still alive ARTI will save them. ARTI is in process of searching for survivors.

Geoff Milne ARTI Great Britain providing intelligence and long term recovery intelligence. Clay Williams and Bill Reeves ( ARTI USA are providing liaison support /mission support back in USA.

next update to follow.....

Contact Info:
Ramesh Bhojwani, 91-22-2021223, 9122-2842774, mobile 982121499

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