- ARTI 'The World's most experienced rescue team and disaster management-mitigation organization.'
Doug Copp, Discoverer of the Triangle of Life.


Earthquake Turkey, Oct 2011,Earthquake Turkey, Oct 2011,

The Triangle of Life has Saved Lives Today.

More Survivors Using The Triangle of Life Continue To Be Rescued.

1 Million People Trained by Aksigorta Insurance Company / AKUT To Use The Triangle of Life

*Click Here to Go to Doug Copp's Eye Opening, Hard Hitting Blog, for Information On The Oct 23, 2011 Earthquake, in Turkey*

As CNN Reports; according to the Ministry of Civil Defense of Turkey,

an unprecedented LARGE number of victims have survived the collapsed buildings

and an unprecedented LOW percentage of deaths have occurred.

The Triangle of Life was taught to these victims and is responsible for their survival.

Thank God almighty that USA Insurers

and the bureaucrats who are insured by them have been unable to stop us from saving these lives.

Instead of the usual 2 percent survival rate from ‘duck and cover.

The survival rates has been increased to 80 percent ( statistics at 2nd day of earthquake ).

an unprecedented LARGE number of victims have survived the collapsed buildings and an unprecedented LOW percentage of deaths have occurred.

Doug Copp's Blogs

*Click Here to Go to Doug Copp's Eye Opening, Hard Hitting Blog, for Current Disasters and Controversial Exposes.Doug Copp is focusing on this blog. You should too.*

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*Click Here to go to Youtube amerrescue channel and watch more than 70 videos.*

*Click Here to Go to Doug Copp's Other youtube amerrescuegmail channel and watch more videos of Doug Copp and ARTI.*

The American Rescue Team International and Doug Copp have put up more than 100 videos from Doug Copp's library, at YOUTUBE.

There are live action videos and full time TV programs of Doug Copp saving lives at earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes, hurricanes and more. Some of the footage has never been seen before and some are full length, TV programs featuring Doug Copp saving lives. See for yourself. Know how to survive. The USA Insurance Companies have told us that they are in the business of maximising profit for shareholders and not saving lives. The School Boards have told us that they will stay with duck and cover because they cannot afford to pay increased insurance premiums or their insurance company will not cover them if they change to the 'triangle of life'.

Survivors expect compensation. It is cheaper and less trouble if children are killed during the earthquake.

Our response is that children's lives are more important than greed.

- CHILE ** Earthquake** read 'current mission' section below. ARTI is continuing to save lives, in Chile, via the 'Triangle of Life'. Hundreds of thousands, of Chileans, are emailing, one of the 'Triangle of Life' videos, to all their friends and family. Read Below: The letter of endorsement from the Chilean Government, for Quake Alarm. It can easily save your entire families life; as it has done, time and time again, throughout the world.

March 2010. Read the Time Magazine, Business and Economy (India), Glamour Magazine (Arabic) articles (10 oil rich arabic countries) below.

March 2010. Earthquake Turkey.Read about ARTI's 15 missions to Turkey and Starting rescue operations there. See below.

March 11, 2010. The Federal Government of MEXICO, adopts the triangle of life, Elias Moreno Brizuela, Ministry of Civil Defense, Mexico, watch their youtube video, below.

March 15, 2010. The triangle of life video is being produced in Farsi and Arabic dialects. The t of l brochure is circulating in many languages. We put French and Japanese versions online here today..

April 25, 2010. * There are a series 4 X 1 minute TV commercials developed in New Zealand for the triangle of life that will be aired all over the world ( including Canada). We will be seeking corporate sponsors to broadcast them. Doug Copp watched one of them 20 times. They are outstanding! and conclusive! a complete and total bullseye.

May, 2010. * United Nations TV has broadcast the triangle of life in Haiti (after translating it into Creole). The United Nations has, also, translated the triangle of life 30 questions and answers ( found on the homepage at www.amerrescue.org into Creole, for distribution)

2010-2011.* ARTI and the IDRI is training several rescue teams from Africa to do rescue..the triangle of life will be part of the class)

June, 2010. * In China, we have made another major push (China already has widely accepted the triangle of life). Fraudster, CIA type 'trickster'and pathological liar: Marla Petal ('Duck and Cover' rep for the American Big $$$) is in trouble. The Chinese Police have recovered evidence that Marla Petal has been endangering children's lives, through lies and misrepresentations, for financial gain.This is a serious crime, in China.

June 19, 2010. Facundo Garcia of ARTI - Argentina informed us: * Throughout Latin America people watched the Discovery Channel program 'Survival Guide' extol the common sense of the 'triangle of life/survivable void' and 'slam' the nonsense of 'duck and cover'.This was broadcast throughout Latin America, in Spanish and the English speaking world, in English.

June , 2010. * ARTI has started a Competition for schoolchildren, around the world, studying 'disasters' It is called the " Sophie, Make a Difference Competition" ..see below for details and the winning essay.

June , 2010. * IN Lebanon we are doing a follow-up to the recent pan arab ( 10 countries) magazine ( in Arabic) article on myself and the triangle of life.

June, 2010. * Doug Copp been approached to make 2 more documentaries, by production companies working for the US Networks: one is about the triangle of life, the other is about having survived crawling inside of 896 collapsed buildings. Doug has been the feature segment of 9 TV documentaries, so far. This will make a total of 11 major TV programs, featuring Doug Copp risking his life as an unpaid volunteer. You can see some of them among the 60 videos at www.amerrescue.org

August , 2010. * IN Several more spanish language videos supporting the triangle of life are put on line.

August , 2010. * IN Italy Doug Copp did a LIVE SKYPE BIG SCREEN Interview with 24,000 people to raise money to support Haiti.

August , 2010. * IN New Zealand we have finished production of 4 x 1 MIN PUBLIC SERVICE TRIANGLE OF LIFE COMMERCIALS which will be broadcast to 20 countries starting in Sept 2010.

August , 2010. * IN IRAN Many Triangle of LIfe Documents have been translated into Farsi. Several Government and Firefighting Organizations have written letters of support. Traingle of Life videos will be appearing on TV, in Iran and throughout the Arabic World.

October , 2010. *Doug Copp has created a blog, starting with links to a 4 part series, from a California Newspaper, on Doug, ARTI, The Triangle of Life and an expose of Thjompson Lang, one of the most evil people in America and the villain who tried to destroy ARTI, look in the left side column for links. *

Jan , 2011. *Go to the Doug Copp Blog, on the right to read some of the 9 Desert Valley Star articles about our work *

Jan , 2011. *New Zealand Radio recorded a 1 hr interview with Doug Copp, to air on Jan 18,2011. You can follow the Doug Copp Blog and listen to the recorded 1 hr interview. *

Jan , 2011. *ARTI Director for South America is on mission with The GOER Argentina Team, in Dakar, Africa. *

2011.* There are many more projects on ongoing, in several countries.. ALL AS UNPAID VOLUNTEERS! We do NOT announce projects, before they are completed; because of, evil forces interferring with our mission of saving lives.

Red Cross (American) - lots of updates coming Learn about the Triangle Of Life lots of updates coming. Watch for lawsuit details
American Rescue Team International
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*Doug Copp has created a blog, starting with links to a 9 part series, from a California Newspaper, on Doug, ARTI, The Triangle of Life and

'The Desert Valley Star Newspaper' expose of Thompson Lang, one of the most evil people in America and the villain who tried to destroy ARTI. *

The Dert Valley Star Series of articles about Doug Copp have been syndicated to newspapers, around the world. *Doug Copp Blog Click on the links Below to go Directly to that Article*

*ARTI The first article of The Desert Valley Star Series*

*A great Injustice. You were duped*

*ARTI and Doug Copp*** Minute by Minute*** Timeline at 911*

*Brutally Harsh Treatment Given to 911 HERO*

*ARTI 5 page list of Accomplishments circa 911*

*The Infamous Liz Ditz Came Out of Hiding.*

*Rough Draft of Chapter 22 written 2003*

*2010 Newspaper Report of Doug Copp’s Survival Tips (part 1)*

*Desert Star Article Doug Copp Survival Tips Part 2*

*More Draft from a doug copp Book..Read about the CIA at the OK City Bombing.*

*Doug Copp Helping the Prime Minister to Renegotiate His World Bank Loan*

*The Triangle of Life is Spreading Around the World*

*Jan 19, 2011. Doug Copp Appears on New Zealand Radio*

*Desert Valley Star United Nations Sends Triangle to Latin America*

*Haitian Anniversary Jan 2011. US Military Lied about Haiti Resulting in Death and Suffering*

Many, many more articles are available at the Blog Site..*Click Here to Go to Doug Copp's Eye Opening, Hard Hitting Blogs, for Current Disasters and Controversial Exposes.*



The First California Newspaper Article click on Doug, below Doug Copp's Blog knockout

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Complete training in rescue, recovery, disaster mitigation and management. We offer the most experienced, most knowledgeable and most professional training available, in the world.

The only training center endorsed by ARTI.

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on this Quake Alarm and you will link to a doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.

Doug Copp under the rubble of 911.Next to the crushed subway car, 6 levels deep under street level.

Doug Copp in India.Doug helped to save 250,000 lives here..read the details inside.

Doug Copp in Collapsed Gold Mine. Peru.

Doug Copp searching the collapsed main train station, in Kobe, Japan.

Doug Copp in Greece.

Doug Copp in Turkey.

'the 911 monster'

LANG inherited the Albuquerque Journal,
and $110 million.
He uses his wealth
as a malignat weapon.
A member of LANG's gang punched the corpse of a NYFD Firefighter.
while LANG, dressed as a woman, danced on the rubble.

"One of the most evil
people, in America.
He acts like Caligula. "
Peter Donahue, who recently received
a NYPD award for saving the life
of a NYPD Officer, calls LANG: "a scum bag rat"

Our rescue team has fought
against Lang,
for 9 years.
LANG spent
1 miilion dollars,
in legal fees.
to avoid being
(exposed as a LIAR, VILLAIN and WORSE.),
by our attorneys.
If You have information regarding criminal actions
of Thompson Lang. Please contact ARTI and the FBI.
Thompson Lang, Albuquerque Journal Newspaper

villains and heros



Mesothelioma victims click on the asbestos sign, for help

Doug Copp searching under millions of tons of 911 rubble.

ARTI has been an IRS certified non profit organization; since, 1985.

Team members have used our own funds and have not asked for donations till 2010.

2010 has been expensive.

This has been 25 years of using our own money and sacrifice.

Saving lives has been our lifestyle.

If you would like to help us spread the word about the triangle of life then send us an email or fill out the donation form, by clicking on the HELP button.

Please feel free to distribute any survival information here.Helping us save lives by helping people to save their own is our mission in life.

Doug Copp.


Welcome to the American Rescue Team International Website

ARTI 'The World's most experienced rescue team and disaster management-mitigation organization. Saving lives with the Triangle of Life; maybe, your life. We help people, all over the world...everyday.
more of the 'no fear' 'way of life' :

*Click Here to Go to Doug Copp's Eye Opening, Hard Hitting Blogs, for Current Disasters and Controversial Exposes.*

*Click Here to Go to Doug Copp's Eye Opening, Hard Hitting Blog,

for Information On The Oct 23, 2011 Earthquake, in Turkey*

As CNN Reports; according to the Ministry of Civil Defense of Turkey,

an unprecedented LARGE number of victims have survived the collapsed buildings

and an unprecedented LOW percentage of deaths have occurred.

The Triangle of Life was taught to these victims and is responsible for their survival.

Thank God almighty that USA Insurers

and the bureaucrats who are insured by them have been unable to stop us from saving these lives.

Instead of the usual 2 percent survival rate from ‘duck and cover.

The survival rates has been increased to 80 percent ( statistics at 2nd day of earthquake ).

an unprecedented LARGE number of victims have survived the collapsed buildings

and an unprecedented LOW percentage of deaths have occurred.

*CLICK HERE to watch the 'Real TV' program of doug saving a little girl buried alive under tons of concrete (Go under the videos button to watch an ABC Prime Time Special of Doug saving her.)*

*Click Here: Read the American Survival Guide Magazine Article and pictures page 1*

*Click Here: Read the American Survival Guide Magazine Article minute by minute story and pictures..page2*

** July 2010 **.

*CLICK HERE to watch... *Wow! This 4 X 1 minute collection of Award Winning commercials
*a joint collaboration of Stardust TVG Productions and ARTI* can save your life, in an earthquake or tsunami.*

*CLICK HERE to watch... *Wow! This 1 minute could save your life!*

** Feb 2010 **.

National Public Radio throughout the USA and Canada, Brazilian TV and Newspapers, Latin American Newspapers, TV and Radio all covered the ARTI mission to Hati. We thank them and Time Magazine for helping us to get our message across of co-operation to more effectively save lives and reduce suffering.

*Read the Time Magazine Article*

** Time Magazine **

writes about the Triangle of Life Survival Method discovered by Doug Copp!

This is another step in the adoption of Triangle of Life', throughout the world and the end of 'Duck and Cover'.

*Read the Time Magazine Article*

The United Nations Security, in Geneva, Switzerland, sends a 'triangle of life' power point presentation
to all UN Officials in Latin America

Quote from Time Magazine:

"Meanwhile, U.N. security experts this week sent out a triangle-of-life PowerPoint presentation to staff members in Latin America who are still shaken by the deaths of 100-plus U.N. workers in the organization's Port-au-Prince headquarters, including the head of the mission there."

Tim Padgett, Time Magazine, Senior Editor

*Read the Business Journal Magazine Article*

*or go directly to the Business and Economy Magazine website*

March 5, 2010. Title: "Are you prepared?
Next time when the ground beneath your feet trembles, try the ‘Triangle of Life’"
Read the article in India's Premier Business and Management Magazine: 'Business and Economy'.


"Techniques like drop, cover and hold-on are passé. “Duck and cover results in a 98% death rate when buildings collapse. The only people who survive are those who do the ‘triangle of life’. This is either intentionally or as a result of panicking, fleeing, being knocked to the floor and somehow finding themselves in a survivable void. If the masses followed the ‘triangle of life’, there would be a major shift from death to survivability, in earthquakes,” says Doug Copp, Professor of Disaster Mitigation at the International Institute of Disaster Reduction Institute."

Ravi Inder Singh Correspondent---FEATURES Business & Economy, 4P's Business and Marketing, and The Sunday Indian (TSI)

*Read the Pan Arab Magazine Article*

April, 2010. Title: "Doug Copp, Triangle of Life"
This magazine has a circulation of 100,000, in the 10 wealthiest arab countries.
It is published for the elite, super-rich of the oil world.
It is a block buster expose of the $ and death behind 'duck and cover.'
We are translating this article into English.

*Click here to read the 'Triangle of life' brochure, in Japanese.*

*Click here to read the 'Triangle of life email', in French.
Quoi faire pendant un tremblement de terre ? Important a lire....*

If you don't watch the English or Chinese 'T of L' video above, on the right column, then
Watch one of the Spanish language 'Triangle of Life' youtube videos.

The Spanish Power Point Presentation is being watched by millions of Latin Americans.

March 11, 2010. The first video is presented by the Federal Government of Mexico, Minister Elias Moreno Brizuela, Ministry of Civil Defense, Mexico.

Watch one of the full feature

Spanish 'Triangle of Life' videos, below

or go under the Triangle of life button and

select from 8 of the many Triangulo de la Vida videos.

Watch the Triangulo de vida in sign language.Great graphics.

Watch the original 'duck and cover' TV commercial. It shows people dropping to the ground and covering their head with a newspaper to protect themselves from a nuclear explosion.

Read about the triangle of life, in Spanish, at the website for GOER (The Argentinean Rescue team)

*Read the Spanish Article* at the Aregentinean Rescue Site

Quake Alarm

This device will give you a warning in advance of an earthquake. Time and time again, it has more effective, at saving lives, than a machine costing $100,000 at any Research University. You can get it for less than $50.
Enough advanced warning to save your life! "It is 'the real deal". doug copp

March 2010. Quake Alarm is the only product endorsed by ARTI. It does for earthquakes what smoke detectors did for fires. It costs $20 -30. It will provide you with enough warning of an earthquake to save your life. ARTI has given them to Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Generals to protect their office and home.

In one instance it saved the lives of an entire school of children, in Mexico. The children were all outside, in lines watching as their school completely collapsed, in front of them. After this event the Governor of this region used 3 Quake Alarms, one for office, one for the bedroom and another for hotel trips.

It works. It saves lives. We recommend it highly. In fact we cannot recommend it enough. It is capable of saving the lives of your entire family has it has repeatedly done, throughout the world.
If there was an award given for the most practicily, useful safety device, in the world. Quake Alarm would win it with a unaminous vote.

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death!Click on the top Quake Alarm to go to the Quake Alarm website.

Watch the University of Tokyo validate the Quake Alarm,
at their research facilities.

Watch the Chilean National TV demonstrate the Quake Alarm,
and validate it's effectiveness

*Click here to read some actual emails, from Quake Alarm survivors, during the march 2010, Chilean Earthquake.*

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on this Quake Alarm and you will link to a doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.

click here

During 2009, 50,000 schoolchildren died in collapsed schools because of 'duck and cover'

'Quake Alarm': Watch the video.

The Quake Alarm does for earthquakes what smoke detectors do for fires. It costs less than $20 wholesale; is simple to use; requires a 9 Volt battery, to work and it has ALREADY SAVED AN ENTIRE SCHOOL OF CHILDREN. The children watched from outside, in safety, as their school collapsed, into a complete heap of rubble. Instead of, the usual 2% survival rate; 100% of the children survived.

ARTI has been giving Quake Alarms as presents, to world leaders, for years. The Quake Alarm protects the Maharao Pragmalji III, in his Palace, in Gujarat, India. It is in the Presidential Compound, in Peru. The General of the Armed Police of China has one. It protects the Ministry of Civil Defense Headquarters, in The People's Republic of China. The Governor of Jalisco, Mexico keeps one in his bedroom, one in his office and another in his suitcase to protect him when travelling.
A litany of USA and Canadian Embassies are protected by Quake Alarm.

The Quake Alarm activates and warns you before earthquake damage takes place. This gives you the time to get yourself into a survivable void or 'triangle of life'.

Quake Alarm plus the 'triangle of life' means survival.

Order Here


*********Listen below to the radio program!********

Doug Copp gave a 4 hr /4 part (click below) nationwide radio interview in which he exposes crimes at 911, the Oklahoma City explosion and other disasters in which identified US Government Officials committed crimes and other nefarious acts.

Why this expose and why now? Doug continues to have many 911 caused medical problems; however, only one 'worries' him. Doug is going blind from glaucoma; caused by, his exposure to massive amounts of toxins, under the 911 rubble. He wants to clear his chest and confront the villains before he is goes blind.

People should go to jail.

Doug 'opens the book' on 25 years of saving lives around the world; while battling greed, self-interest and clandestine military-intellegence activities under the pretense of offering foreign aid.

Learn that... almost all if not all... Federal Government rescue teams have spies on the team. They gather military and intelligence information and extrapolate/ evaluate the effectiveness of the stricken country and it's handling of the natural disaster with how well it would function under military attack. They all do it. They do it to both friendly and enemy governments.

Why do you think that FEMA from Fairfax County, Virginia; instead of New York City, Los Angeles or any of the other 23 FEMA teaams are the only FEMA team to go to foreign disasters..year after year. .What is so important about Fairfax County? What is in Fairfax County? Langely is in Fairfax County. Langely is famous for one thing only: ' It is the worldwide headquarters of the CIA.... GOT IT!... an idiot can figure this out.

Learn the truth...How to survive even if everyone else is killed. Why has it taken doug 25 years of defammation, criminal acts against him, abuse, persecution, attack, lies and brutal treatment before the 'duck and cover' bureaucrats are finally giving in?

$$$$ money or the worship of 'the almighty dollar' is the only reason why 'duck and cover' has been used.

Members of ARTI met with the Re-Insurance Companies who insure the insurance companies, state, county and civic governments. The insurance companies told us that it would be less profitable for them if people survived with possible injuries rather than simply were allowed to die. It would be acuarily more expensive. In other words, dead school children cost less than survivors do. The VP of Muchener-Re (one of the world's wealthiest Organizations) told us that he would be fired and replaced if he changed the policy. His company was in business to make a profit..NOT to save lives or be humanitarian!

The Government safety officers who usually get their job as a political reward for supporting a politician's political campaign (rather than any knowledge of safety..like Bushes : "Good Job Brownie" who screwed up Katrina) told us that it would be "cheaper and less trouble to deal with a dead child (in the public classroom) rather than surviving with a possible physical or psychological injury and could sue."

In other words their insurance premium would rise and it would cost them more money. This is why the fight to get the truth about the 'triangle of life' has been fought, so hard and this is why Doug Copp has been so vindictively and vitrolically pursued, for his 25 years of humanitarian work, as an unpaid volunteer.

Learn what really happens and did happen at the major disasters throughout the USA and the world. The truth. What actually happened. Not the 'glossed over' lies or story made up for the press or the public. Why were 5 reporters arrested at the Oklahoma City; including Geraldo Riviera? Learn what they were unable to uncover.

You will be shocked and stunned by Doug's many revelations; including, the American Red Cross direct responsibility for 4,500 NYC first responders becoming injured at 911.

The President of 3 M Corporation told doug, personally, that 3M Corp donated $750,000 respirators to the American Red Cross for distribution to first responders. The ARC kept these 'life saving respirators' in their wharehouses, for later sale. Meanwhile first responders (without respirators) had a choice: take a chance or let the victims die. The first responders; including, doug 'did the right thing' 'took a chance' and got poisoned The American Red Cross 'carpet bagged' more money; as they have countless times before and continue to do so, today.

Doug states in the radio interview: "I was so mad that I could have been boiled alive"..and did you know about the Canadian Red Cross being legally phrohibited by the Canadian Courts, from collecting blood in Canada. The Director of the Canadian Red Cross was criminally charged with the death of 8,000 people who received aids via contaminated blood transfusions.This resulted from the Canadian Red Cross refusing to pay the $250,000 to test the blood for aids. It would interfere with profit.

An Official with the Canadian Red Cross laughed, in Copp's face, when the court decision came down: " We can no longer collect blood but we are 'going into' collecting money from disasters..the same as the American Red Cross..we'll make a fortune... and we got only a $1 fine for the death of 8,000 people."

Much, much more..including the shining lights of the world and the 'goodness' that comes out of people's hearts to fight against these villains.

*Go to the Genisis Broadcasting Network program 'Amerika Now' to download and listen to the 4 hour program*

*Listen to the First Hour*

*Listen to the 2 nd Hour*

*Listen to the 3 rd Hour*

*Listen to the 4 th Hour*

Earthquake ***CHILE***

** written by Doug Copp on March 5, 2010.**

In spite of, the Chilean Government blocking all the world's rescue teams, from helping, in Chile; the triangle of life spanish language video is circulating without ARTI's assistence to millions of Chileans. The Chilean people are taking matters, in their own hands, and preventing further loss of life as buildings continue to collapse, in aftershocks.

** written by Doug Copp on March 3, 2010.**

This report is different from any you will find elsewhere. We will give you the facts and you can make a judgement.

ARTI members in the USA, Argentina, China and Peru mobilised to help save lives in Chile.

Rescue teams, from around the world mobilised, too.

The Chilean government said 'NO!'

Everything is 'under control'. Our people don't need help. Our military will 'take care of everything'.

Here are the facts and comparisons:

***1)During the Earthquake in Gujarat, India:

The Government of India used water tanker trucks and supplied drinking water to a million thirsty people, within 2 days. The people lined up with their 'free' buckets and got drinking water..regularily.

In Chile:

The people got military 'water cannons' shooting at them..to dispel them from rioting for water. The military brought in water for the thousands of soldiers it brought into the area but NONE, for the people.

***2)The Government of Greece during the Kalamaattaa earthquake:

The EPPO ( Earthquake Planification Department) is the very best in the entire world at 'taking care' of their people during a disaster.

Within 1 day, the 300,000 people of Kalamattaa had water ( via water tankers), hot cooked food ( via special military cooking units), got mail delivered ( via special 'trailers' filled with hundreds of mail boxes), could do banking and cash their pension checks ( via special trailers with banking teller cages, inside), got shelter ( via the military supplying tents and the boy scouts erecting them), could have 'showers' (via special military shower tents), got toilet facilities ( via portible toilets brought in by EPPO) and could contact their relatives to send money and to comfort them ( via free mobile phone banks brought in by EPPO..allowing free phone calls to anywhere, in the world.)

In Chile:

The Government delivered no food, no shelter, no toilets, no showers, no mail, no phones..only bullets, water cannons etc. etc.. When the people broke into the stores to get food..they arrested them and shot some more..... Till they were forced to back down because of 'bad press'.

***3)During the earthquake, in IZMIT, Turkey:

The Turkish Government via ARTI/AKUT influence upon the government opened the doors, to save lives and allowed teams, from 52 countries, to 'work together', to save lives.

In Chile:

NO Volunteer team from any country has been allowed to save trapped victims. No NGO team, from any country, has been allowed to help save victims buried alive. No governmental or 'political' team from any country has been allowed to save lives.

You decide how things are in Chile and whether the Chilean Government has 'everything' under control'..like they tell CNN they do.


The usual reason for the types of actions, demonstrated by Chile, are unacceptable reasons: self interest, greed, corruption and a general 'cover-up' or fear of 'the people' or the truth becoming known.

The Chilean Government tells us that there are 700 dead victims, in the 2 million collapsed buildings or is this a lie? What is the truth? Why should the Chilean Government act so harshly, to their own people? What is the real reason, for the worst disaster area, to be 'blacked-out'

A History Lesson. The CIA and the Chilean Military overthrew the democratic government of President Allende, in 1974. Many thousands of people fled, for their lives and many thousands were murdered, tortured and imprisoned.

'Democratic Government' was restored, a few years ago.

The 'military' coup by the convicted war criminal, General Pinochet, was replaced by a democratically elected government. The current government is considered to be a 'liberal' one. On March 11, 2010, the newly elected President, will take office. He is considered to be a 'conservative'

It makes me wonder?????: If this is the way that a 'liberal' government treats the people.....how bad will it be under a 'conservative', less humane government.

How much power does the Chilean Military really have? Who really is running the country of Chile?

As usual, Doug Copp takes full responsibility, for this narative and is waiting for the expected backlash against him. (Prior to being injured and disabled at 911, Doug Copp had taught Chilean Fire Depts Urban Heavy Rescue and the 'Triangle of Life' survival procedures.)

Comment to the Chile report
by Facundo Garcia.

Dear Doug,
This email is a masterpiece. Superb, wise and accurate. Bravo!!

Inst.Facundo García
Capitán / Comité Directivo
GOER - Grupo de Operaciones Especiales en Rescate
Director of ARTI Argentina
Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA

Below is a Chilean update (March 4, 2010), from of a recent ARTI convert, George Quackenbush, a very intelligent, capable, independent 'survivor'.
He is an American living in Chile.


The looting has stopped. Neighbors quickly banded together in neighborhood watches passing a pitch fork to each one as they stood guard. Police put the areas most effected under a 18 hour curfew so they could get some rest and military sent in to assure civil order.

Your web site www.amerrescue.com superbly advises how to prepare for and survive a major earth quake, small earthquake/survival kits that should be in the home, car and work and that in nearly all major disasters there can be expected a breakdown in civil order.

Most people, Americans included, have become to rely far to much on a government for all their needs. Most of the people fighting over bottled water did not need to do so. In that area there is an abundance of water, and plenty of wood to boil it, so safe drinking water was available. Except for the 1% of the poorest, all could afford to have at least a weeks worth of rice and beans for emergencies and the other 99% could share so looting stores for food was not necessary. If a hundred people would have helped the fishermen get their boats that were not damaged back in the water they could fish and share the catch. Where there are mines, there are explosives and that is an excellent way to fish for someone who knows how to handle explosives. Anybody with a pellet gun and a little corn can shoot the millions of pigeons that seem to be in every city. Same with sea gulls on the coast. They may not taste like chicken but they are filling. This is the middle of harvest season and they could walk a few miles to pick fruit and be paid by the owner in product. They also could have banded together, pooled their money, walked out and bought a cow and led it back to be slaughtered, butchered and shared. Excess meet could be smoked or jerked to extend it's life. You can also live for a long time without food except for the very young and old and sick. In nearly all of the world, people have become virtually dependent on their governments by depending on them for food, water, shelter and protection when all should be an individual responsibility. In times past, everyone had a root cellar, salted or smoked meat, canned preserves and a few barnyard animals and depended on very little for outside help. Today it should be easier than in times past with a little planning. Everything that is needed can be purchased at the nearest market and stored indefinitely. It seems like the modern society is about me and less about cooperation and very few people who prepare or take an initiative to think outside the box to be able to survive when disaster strikes.

I have a weeks worth of MREs, piles of prepared soup, beans, rice and other stuff to last a month, LED flashlights and re chargeable batteries, a UPS hooked up to a car battery for extended use, a 110V inverter in my pickup so I can recharge batteries flashlight batteries and cell phones, first aid kit for the house and each car and a swimming pool full of drinking water a months worth of chlorine to keep it safe for drinking. My family could live fairly well for a month without leaving the house if necessary. If one gets tired of a constant menu of rice and beans, change it to beans and rice. After all, it is only temporary.

People that were caught in or had family members killed by the tsunami are blaming others because they were not notified of a tsunami warning. If I had a house on the beach and that house was jumping off it's foundations because of an earthquake, I would be on high ground quicker than a cat. Any strong quake felt when you are on or near the beach you better run run for high ground. If there is no Tsunami, all you lost was your breath running up a hill. If a car is parked near the beach, drive it to high ground immediately. A fishing boat could be taken out to deep water before a Tsunami starts breaking into a wave and does no damage.

There will be a lot of lessons to be learned, but all is not lost if action is taken to correct the faults and educate the people to be prepared and plan for the worst but hope for the best

Chile will quickly recover because they will pull together as a team. I expect that they will have basic services up and running in record time. The airports are operating, although at a reduced capacity. Temporary bridges are in place and detours around damaged portions of the principal North-South highway and traffic restored although slow. Aid is flowing as the situation became clearer and transportation modes are back in service.

Several lessons not to be down played are the importance of a good ham radio network for comunication when all others fail and the value of the helicopter will become obvious very soon to transport the rescue teams, the injured and emergency supplies to remote areas.

I will be for ever greatful for passing on your knowledge and experiences and for your lifelong service to humanity.
Mi casa es tu casa.

George Quackenbush Santiago, Chile

ARTI returns from Hati

The account below was written by doug copp and sent from Hati. Doug and the rest of the team have returned home. Many more pictures will be posted as time allows.

ARTI in Haiti

** January 2010 **.

ARTI in Haiti

** as narrated by Doug Copp**

The Peruvian Ambassador, Vincente Azula, has told me that he will personally go with me when I take more medicines into Haiti. This means that we will get DR diplomatic support, a UN military escort into the region and more. He is a non-political guy. He will help save lives regardless of nationality, however, to him I am a Captain in the Peruvian National Fire Department and he is assisting me in that capacity.

Doug in the Peruvian Air Force plane with the Peruvian Ambassador. Second picture shows the UN general arranging escort for ARTI.The Third picture shows the Peruvian Ambassador talking to the media about being lied to and sent back with life saving medicines.

For more pictures click the following link [Haiti Pictures]

** January 2010 **.

ARTI in Haiti

** as narrated by Doug Copp**

Myself and 6 other team members went to pile in our jalopy//car to get some sleep. I slept on the sidewalk. My previous email expressed my concerns that violence was about to explode. The prison had collapsed releasing murders who had taken the dead guards guns and the 'pot was boiling' with people exhausted from death, despair, hunger, thirst. The added anxiety of watching their friends and family die from lack of antibiotics was another part of the nightmare. I was more 'right' than I knew....Every 3, 5 or 7 seven seconds there would be a gunshot followed by a sream.

I didn't mind the continuous gunfire but the prolonged screams of one particular woman was too much. I came back inside to work on the computer and take advantage of this tiny window of opportunity, to communicate. On a further note, gasoline is running out, phones don't work, banks are shut down, traveller's checks are worthless, prices have gone 'to the moon' I haven't eaten today. A frustrated United Nations friend pointed out to me that the United Nations have police guarding their 'water' so thirsty children don't try to steal it. The hotel we came into to use this Internet is charging their customers $300 per night for a cracked and broken room with no water or electricity and $14 for a hotdog. (Haitians average $2 per day.)

My companions are at the breaking point. I am expecting that I must somehow get to Santo Domingo to get cash, arrange for medical supplies and come back.

I cannot imagine that Hell could be worse than this. Oh, I forgot to mention the continuous fire alarm bell ringing every 3 seconds while I have been writing this email. The staff tells me that it has been blaring for 5 days straight.

Earlier today something bad happened which 'rocked' all of us... I will be posting a picture of it.... Ben Aubin who I had brought in with me as my assistant...carrying a little boy, screaming in pain with his infected and half severed foot dangling. Ben lost it when we had to leave the little boy. Maybe this was the instance that sent the medical director over the edge. When he started pleading with me, to get him medicines. I hope God will forgive me but I thought ...what is the point of saving someone buried alive if they are left screaming on the dirt outside of a hospital that cannot give them any treatment, food or care of any kind.... so instead of rescuing people buried alive... we spent all day going from hospital after hospital with doctors pulling on my arm and begging me to help them get medicines, until we finally got medical treatment, by the Brazilian Military. Using their personal resources... as a special favour to me for helping to find Gabriel Buchmann...a Brazilian student who disappeared in Africa. I was overjoyed at saving the lives of the victims that we took to the Brazilians; nevertheless the day tore me up inside.

Excuse the mistakes. I am exhausted and typing in near dark conditions.

If anyone has ever wanted to do some good or is appreciative of the life I have lived now is the time to help.
-- Doug Copp

** January 2010 **.

ARTI in Haiti

** as narrated by Doug Copp**

The situation in Haiti is beyond description. It is a whirlwind of confusion and tension, anxiety, horror, nightmare, suffering, pain, and it almost feels like falling into the bottom of a bottomless pit of despair. This is one of the three worst disasters I've ever worked at in terms of nastiness.

Nevertheless, the forces of good and light continue to shine no matter how dark their surroundings may be. I am honoured and pleased with so many of the really good decent human beings I've had the pleasure to work with here.

At the Santo Domingo airport I met up with my Peruvian brothers in rescue. Since I am a captain with the national fire department of Peru, I was able to gain access to the tarmac where the Peruvian air force plane was waiting. Myself, Doug Copp, and a Haitian team coordinator, Ben Aubin, got on the plane with the Ambassador of Peru, and many of my friends with the ministry of health. Carlos Alberto Malpica Coronado, who I knew in Lima, as well as many of the other people in the plane, welcomed me with open arms.

After meeting some of my Russian rescue team comrades and some other rescue friends we finally had permission to leave and fly to Port au Prince.

We circled the airport for four hours. We were told by the control tower that we could not land because there was no place to dock. While we were circling the airport, we took photographs.

For more pictures click the following link [Haiti Pictures]

Showing that most of the airplane docks were empty. My UN military contacts later informed me that many planes were turned away not because there weren't docks, but because of ineffective transition between when the U.S. Military took over from the United Nations military. In other words, dead time.

We returned to Santo Domingo with the most important thing that could ever have been brought to Haiti, antibiotics needed to stop the many thousands of simple injuries from causing death. Something that doctors at the United Nations had pleaded-- begged for us to get to them.

We had 5,000 kg of this on the plane when it was turned back. The ambassador from Peru arranged for a bus and a UN military escort to take the personnel, Ben, and myself to Haiti. Our 5,000 kg of antibiotics was reduced to 300 lbs.

After we rescued four people taking them from one hospital after another to help them get medical treatment to stop infection we realized just how important these antibiotics were. Never at any of the more than one hundred disasters I've ever been at have I ever been in a situation when you rescue someone who's buried alive, and you need to watch them die because there isn't any medicine.

I am not as upset now as I was. Finally we were able to get the Brazilian military to use their own personal medicine on the victims we brought to them. They did this in part because they knew me from the TV coverage of our mission to locate a missing Brazilian student in Africa. The five doctors were absolutely tremendously good people. They gave me a shot and medicine as well since the pollution had been exasperating my 9/11 injuries by causing me to violently vomit many times a day. I thanked them for saving the lives of the victims we took to them and giving me the medical treatment I needed to continue working. The two head doctors are actually planning to come to my home next summer to visit.

We're still fighting to get the medicine in here

** January 2010 **.

ARTI in Haiti

Doug with one of the Brazilian Doctors who treated him for a 'flare-up' of 911 symptoms. The other are 2 photos show ARTI-Hatian team co-ordinator, Ben Aubin.

For more Hati mission pictures click the following link [Haiti Pictures]

** January 2010 **

“Special heartfelt thanks goes to Curtis Craig, owner of All God’s Creatures in Port Orange, Florida, for his gracious volunteered help, taking care of Doug's 2 dogs, while Doug was in Hati. to enable Doug Copp to make the trip to Haiti.

** July, 2009 **.

Coming soon!

1) We will be putting up more videos..

2) An extensive manual for 3rd world countries to be used as a template for public safety, disaster preparedness and disaster mitigation both for Governmental and NGO Organizations; as well as, the General public and schools.

3) A specific complete disaster program for Nepal.

4) Chapters of the ARTI book exposing the CIA activities in foreign disasters, exposing many of the scandals of FEMA and some of it's most nefarias members and Thompson lang (one of the most viscious and evil bullies in America).

5) A new section devoted to mesothelioma, the cancers of 911 first responders and the disgusting neglect, abuse, foul treatment and needless deaths of 911 first responders.

Searching for Gabriel Buchmann

** read daily mission updates, from the Mountainous African Jungle, below and/or watch the TV video of the mission broadcast to 46 countries and seen by an audience of 30 million viewers. **.

Gabriel Buchmann an economist/humanitarian was a prestigous Fulbright Scholar. Gabriel was studing the effects of poverty, around the world, by personally experiencing the poverty first hand. He has disappeared on Mt Mulanje, Malawi, Central Africa.

He is shown below with some poverty stricken children and with his girlfriend Christina. Christina is going to Malawi.

** see below: Gabriel Buchmann was recovered, today, August 5, 2009. see Below for details. **.

There are 2 photos of Facundo Garcia, ARTI Director for Latin America and GOER (Argentina) rallying members of the Malawi SAR Team to go up the mountain.

Permission given by Globo TV for us to rebroadcast their TV program
with English subtitles or English language.

** August 18, 2009. see below for details: Team member X (name withheld because he thinks it will be more difficult for him to get another job.), The Ground Search XX who recovered Gabriel, was fired from XXX Corporation because he helped Gabriel. **

A Malawi/ARTI/GOER task force has been formed and is enroute.

ARTI member Doug Copp received the call and activated an appoprite rescue mission from ARTI/GOER members and helpers from USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Malawi and Canada.

This is an excerpt from Gabriel's best friend Pedro Hemsley:

"A quick comment on the guy. Gabriel is an economist who studies poverty. He travelled many times to get to know people who live under adverse conditions - unlike most economists, who stick to the figures. He worked with public policy for poverty (you may guess how ineffective it is in most of the world) and will start his PhD in September at the University of California to go on researching and working on poverty. He decided to take a one-year trip in Asia and Africa to live with people, to see actual people in real-world situations, before going back into the books. He wasn't a typical tourist at all. He didn't sleep in hotels, but found accomodation with locals.

He hunted and fished with them.

He took part in their rituals.

This is who we are looking for."

This picture shows 3 members of our rescue team getting ready to go up and search for Gabriel in an area not readily accesible by climbing. It arrived to assist on August 2 (see the daily update..below). Christina is seen at the left of the helicopter praying. This jungle and mountain are formidible.

Click on the link to read the article and watch the TV program broadcast throughout 46 counties. The program is in Portugese except for the interview with Doug Copp, Disaster Manager, for this mission; since, no footage from the actual mountain was available due to lack of sat phone, cell phone or internet capability, footage from previous missions was used to illustrate the success of the team. You will see Doug Copp and fellow members crawling under the World Trade Center (while still on fire), saving the life of a little girl buried alive, saving the life of a new born baby and a few other extremely dangerous.scenarios. (a youtube english version is available at the top of the column.)

For more pictures, information and video on our recovery of Gabriel click the following link [Gabriel Mission]

doug copp

Comment by Doug Copp: I am truly distressed that my 911 illness continues to plague me and prevent me from personally flying to Malawi. Like many 911 victims I continue to vomit cupfulls of mucus/slime from my lungs, every day, and feel 'run over' by a Bush Administration that wrecked such havoc, in the world.

If I was provided with the promised medical treatment that my Doctors precribed (and most people mistakenly think 911 First Responders received)* then I would be in Malawi, today.

The foul effects of those 'XXXXXX' continues to this day. I am lucky and still alive. 911 First Reponders die every day.

Jealous, cowardly and greedy FEMA members continue to harm people and attempt to derail our rescues on a daily basis.

see Michael Moore's documentary 'Sicko' to see how 911 first responders have been left to die, from their 911 injuries.

** April, 2009.

more to the no fear 'way of life':

Watch the 2 youtube videos below. Here is the description of part 1 and part 2 of 'worth dieing for'

Italian Earthquake of 2009.

Doug Copp, permanently disabled, from his 911 injuries, has returned to a life of rescue and reducing the suffering of disaster victims. This video is a report to the leader of Doug's 7 doctors who are treating him for his continuing 911 related illness.

In spite of Doug's 11, '911 caused', autoimmune system attacks; while in Italy, Copp appeals to his Doctors to help him stay alive to work at more disasters. Copp says :"My mission to Italy was a magnificent success.It was worth dieing for. I felt alive, useful and my life had purpose again. It proves that a disabled person can help if they have the strength and will, to do so.".

" I would prefer a short life of doing God's work helping people when they have been 'brought to their knees', by a major disaster; than a longer life, like the 8 years of pain, suffering and misery; since, being injured at 911." Copp appeals to his Doctors to create a medical kit and a treatment program that can help him survive another 4 or 5 missions before his exacerbated 911 injuries cause his death.

" I don't want a 'normal life' of living only for myself and I don't want to continue with a life of constant pain and misery like the last 8 years have been. Now, that my brain has recovered, to the point, that I can help, at disaster missions again, I could care less about my other physical illnesses."

"God took my pain away, boosted my brain, let me experience 3 more of his miracles. His LOVE took me to the same place of 'internal comfort' that the Christians experienced, in the Colosseum. This same 'spiritual awakening' enabled them to face the horror of being ripped apart and devoured by lions without fear or regret."

' There is no finer experience in life than doing God's work. Living to this level of fulfillment, even for a few minutes, is worth a hundred lifetimes of selfishness."

Watch the video described below.

The BBC TV production featuring Doug Copp, Rescue Chief of ARTI (American Rescue Team International), Canadian (Canadian International Rescue Organization), GOER (Argentina), AKUT (Turkey) and Captain National Fire Dept of Peru. Doug is seen saving lives around the world, going under the rubble of 911 while the fire is still smoldering , searching where FEMA were too afraid to go, getting poisoned under the millions of tons of rubble and finally getting medical treatment and struggling to stay alive through years of severe 911 illness. Doug is seen at the end stating: " I did the right thing. I would do it all over again...without a second's hesitation.. If God wants me to die...doing the right thing...then I'll die..period."

***OCT 2008. Very Important Announcement***

Click on YOUTube to watch the short trailer of the safety video described as:

"This is truly the first new emergency preparedness information in over 50 years.

Duck and Cover is outdated and should not be used. Standing in doorways during an earthquake is dangerous.

The most experienced rescue organization in the world, American Rescue Team International of San Francisco, California and its founder, Doug Copp, explain in detail new emergency preparedness procedures that can save lives during disasters. Youll see actual footage of earthquake rescues, building collapse demonstration and in general, a new and effective way of preparing for earthquakes and natural or man-made disasters. ".

Digital 2000, of Houston, Texas, the world's most prestigious producer of corporate safety videos has combined with the most experienced survival expert, in the world, to produce the most important safety video ever made.

Doug Copp has personally survived searching inside of 896 (feb 2010) collapsed buildings and has the experience of personally surviving while inside of a multi-story building which completely collapsed into a pile of rubble on top of him; thereby , burying him alive until he rescued himself.

This was filmed by ABC.Network.

Their expertise have collaborated to produce the only video ever made which uses actual video inside of collapsed buildings, real life experience and demonstrated scientific methods to unilaterally increase building collapse survival by 90%. You will actually see Copp rescue victims who are buried alive and who survived using the methods you will learn in this video. Who better to teach you how to survive building collapse than the person who has saved more victims buried alive and removed more bodies of the dead than anyone else, in the world? Doug knows the mistakes that killed the 650,000 victims who have died at the disasters he has worked at and knows that the survivors lived because they were located in a survivable void or a 'triangle of life'.

This video is OSHA compliant and is available exclusively via Digital 2000. The video includes a copy of Doug Copp's speech: ' How to Survive Building Collapse' published by the Chinese Government with all the information to survive building collapse at the office, home or school at no extra charge.


Click here to go to the Digital 2000 website to watch the entire video, on line.

Click here to go to the Digital 2000 website to purchase the video.

Free promotion: Click here to download the power point presentation for the video.

Free promotion: Click here to obtain some of the written material package that is included with the video.

* NB' The training manuals and worksheets are available exclusively thru Digital 2000 as part of the video/training package.

30 Questions and answers that go with the video:

1) Q : Why is 'it" called the triangle of life?
A: If you look closely at collapsed buildings either in pictures or on TV you will rapidly discover that you see 'triangular spaces' formed throughout collapsed structures. It is as natural and normal as gravity or the 'shape of snowflakes'. They are formed everywhere around objects when buildings collapse.

2) Q: Why has it taken Doug Copp 23 years to eliminate Duck and Cover?
A: If Galileo could come back from the dead he would ask why some people still believe that the earth is the center of the universe, the world is flat, people should be 'bled' to allow demons to escape from the body and man never landed on the moon.

As Schopenhauer, the German Philosopher, said: 'The path of all truth is first to be ridiculed, secondly to be violently opposed and thirdly to be accepted as 'self-evident'.

3) Q: What are the 15 safest places to be in an earthquake? (The places most people survive.)
A: 1) Outside in the middle of a field where nothing can fall on top of you.
2) Outside in the middle of the street where falling glass can't reach you.
3) On a seismic resistant platform such as a boat.
4) On the top floor of a wooden building.
5) On the top floor of a concrete building
6) in the space between 2 large objects (between twin beds, between 2 cars, between 2 rows of desks).
7) Next to an office bank vault or stack of paper.
8) Next to a squashed vehicle
9) At the foot of a bed
10) In front of a hotel lobby counter or bar counter.
11) In front of a sofa.
12) Next to Kitchen Cabinets
13) Next to a big bulky object like a piece of machinery, fridge, stove.
14) Next to a large carrying beam
15) In the subterranean exterior perimeter of a building.

4) Q: Where are the 15 deadliest places to be in an earthquake? (The places where most dead victims are recovered from or simply the most lethal.)
1) Under an object that gets squashed (like a desk, car, bed)
2) Inside of an object that gets squashed (like a car)
3) On top of an object that gets squashed (like a bed or sofa)
4) Inside of an elevator
5) On stairs.
6) More than 10 ft away from the outside of a building and on the ground floor
7) In a brick building less than 10 ft from the outside wall.
8) In a doorway of a collapsed building.
10) On the ground floor of any building.
11) Under a carrying beam.
12) Under an object with a high center of gravity that fell over in the earthquake (like a fridge.
13) The middle decks of highway overpasses.
14) Places that catch fire after collapsing.
15) Places with toxins, chemicals and gases that collapse.

5) Q: What is frequency of moment?
A: This convoluted term is meant to explain the resultant third force from 2 objects which are swinging out of synch with each other. If the swinging lasts long enough and the force of the earthquake is strong enough then the smaller object will break into pieces at the joints and collapse( such as, stairs moving out of synch with the rest of the building.)

6) Q: What do I do in a multi-story building?
A: Be calm; lay down, in a fetal position next to a bed or sofa. When the earthquake has stopped and the building has not collapsed DO NOT MOVE! DO NOT GO TO THE STAIRS! Wait until all the panicked people have fled down the stairs. If the stairs haven't collapsed under all the combined weight of panicked, fleeing people then you know that they will be safe for you to go on. If you can, then wait for an expert to inspect the stairs before putting weight on them.

7) Q: What do I do in a basement?
A: Basements are relatively safe if you are near the outside perimeter of the subterranean area. The center of the basement area is very unsafe. Typically the walls fall outward and downward until the forces reach the subterranean area. At this point the lateral force is stopped by bedrock and is reflected inward. For example: The outside perimeter under the World trade Center had huge voids where thousands of people would have been safe; whereas, the center core area was so pulverized that it crushed the subway car to an inch thick. You can see this video at www.amerrescue.org

8) Q: What do I do on a highway?
A: Pull your car to the side of the road. Do NOT stop under an overpass or something that can fall on your car.

9) Q: What about the glass windows in a multi-story building?
A: Typically, glass is NOT a problem for the people inside the building. (It is like bursting a blown-up paper bag.) The glass blows outward as the air pressure inside of the building increases at the same time as the volume of the space decreases. If you are outside of the building then you should run away from the building into the middle of the street.

10) Q: Where is the deadliest place to be?
A: Most dead people are found squashed under a desk.

11) Q: How dangerous is it to search a collapsed building?
A: According to OSHA: 60% of 'rescuers' are killed going into their first confined space rescue.

12) Q: What are the 10 most important things that I really need in a safety kit? Which are NOT usually found in a emergency kit.
1) Chlorine to purify drinking water (usually there is lots of water; however, it is contaminated from sewer lines and water lines leaking and mixing together.). or O3 Liquid Oxygen purification and energizing and immune system booster drops.
2) Garbage bags (to use to protect your valuables, to cut out arm holes to make a raincoat, to keep your food safe from the weather and rats.)
3) 50 ft of nylon rope (to use to make a tent and other uses)
4) Plastic tarps (to protect your valuables, and to make a tent)
5) A Swiss Army Knife with lots of tools.
6) LED flashlight.
7) A hand crank generating radio,
8) Energy bars in sealed bags
9) Baby wipes.
10) Emergen'c' powered multi-vitamin and mineral powders.

13) Q: Where is the best place to put an earthquake kit?
A: 1) On the roof of your house in a safe box.
2) In the trunk of your car
3) In a shipping container in the middle of your corporate workplace parking lot.

14) Q: What about books falling on you?
A: In 23 years I have never heard of a single individual getting killed by a falling book.

15) Q: What about ceiling fixtures falling on you?
A: They typically stay attached to the ceiling and don't fall away.

16) Q: Who will come to save my family in a major disaster?
A: 1) You. You care more for and will do more for your family than anyone else will.
In a major disaster the local 'forces' are overwhelmed. Do you really expect FEMA to save you?

17) Q: How do people get injured after the earthquake?
A: By falling objects. Solution: spend as much time looking up to see what is above you as you do walking over the rubble and looking at your feet.

18) Q: What do I do after a major earthquake stops?
A: Get ready for the next aftershock. Get in a safe place and stay safe.
Never go back inside of a building until 2 weeks-4 weeks after the initial earthquake.

19) Q: What do rescuers do when a major earthquake occurs?
A: 1) Think about their family.
2) Think about their duty to others.

20) Q: What type of structure is immune from earthquake collapse?
A: None.

21) Q: How come nobody told us to stop going under doorways?
A: If somebody who had been telling you to go under doorways actually told you not to do it anymore then they would have to admit that they made a mistake and expose themselves to liability.

22) Q: What happens when schools collapse?
A: The legs snap when the ceiling falls on the desks. The ceiling doesn't break up because there are so many points of support. The ceiling stays intact and the weight snaps all the legs. You are left with rows of crushed desks and rows of wide open aisles to be safe in and escape to the outside by crawling through.

23) Q: How do I understand what an earthquake is?
A: Think of an earthquake as 2 extremely large misshapen and rough edged objects sliding past each other.. Sometimes they get 'hooked' or caught up together until the forces pulling one object and pushing the other object make them break free. This built up force that is released is the initial earthquake. The forces which continue until the 'rough' area has been completely cleared are aftershocks. Remember an earthquake is NOT a single seismic event. It is a period of time ( usually less than a month) when you can have hundreds if not thousands of aftershocks. Most of these aftershocks are tiny; however, you can have a larger aftershock than the initial earthquake. Stay outside and safe. Go on vacation.

24) Q: How do I understand the 'force' of an earthquake?
A: There are many hundreds of elements which determine how much force an earthquake will actually bring to your structure. A smaller magnitude earthquake can cause more damage than a larger magnitude earthquake if the smaller earthquake is closer to you or not as deep. Earthquakes under the Ocean have a lot of their energy absorbed by the Ocean itself. The type of soil is very important and the underground formations can cause earthquake energy to be amplified or even deflected from your area. I could write a book on this.

26) Q: What about terrorist explosions?
A: The survivors are found in survivable voids (triangles of life) on the opposite side of the objects as the blast center.

27) Q: What about collapsed buildings in landslides?
A: If the building is collapsed and covered by the dirt or rocks of a landslide then you will survive in the same triangle of life or survivable voids; however, you must have air to breath. Plumbing pipes and other conduit can provide Oxygen to the victims trapped inside of the landslide; however, it is much more difficult for the rescuers to locate entry points into the buried ruble. You can see video of Doug Copp searching inside of collapsed buildings buried under a landslide at www.amerrescue.org

28) Q: What is the most important thing for a 'rescuer' to have after a major earthquake?
A: Have piece of mind that your family is safe because you told everyone about the triangle of life and the things you learned from this video, power point presentation and manual. This is necessary in order to do your duty to others than your family.

29) Q: What is the most important thing a survivor or rescuer needs immediately before and after a major earthquake?
A: Before: Purchase a 'Quake Alarm' device which does for earthquakes what smoke detectors do for fires. It will give you enough warning of an earthquake for you to take action to save your life. It sounds the alarm as a result of the non lethal pre-destructive waves; thereby, warning you before the building starts to collapse. For less than $20, it has already saved the lives of an entire school of children. www.amerrescue.org After: Proper attitude: Be calm, be patient, be focused and pay attention (This is just the beginning of the ordeal.)

30) Q: What is the most important thing that you have learned from your experiences at major disasters throughout the world?
A: All people look the same when they are squashed under a desk.

Click here: August 27, 2008.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! We show you so you can see with your own eyes what happens when buildings collapse. You will learn the difference between those who live and those who die.

6 minutes in length .mp4 DVD format

No actual human bodies are crushed only 'dummies'.

Read the following written testimonials of 3 children who survived the very first building that doug copp had searched.

The first of 894 and the one that changed his life. As doug went up and down the aisles experiencing the gruesome site of the children squashed to 1/2 inch thick, with only an occassional little hand or foot sticking out into the aisle he was horrified and shocked. He wondered why the children were told to get under their desks when there was room enough for all of them to have survived, in the aisle.

Doug Copp didn't know that children had been in the aisle and that they had escaped, a few hours before. These 3 girls have now grown up to be women. They tell their stories of surviving, in the aisle, as they watched their friends being crushed. The links to these personal testimonials of these 3 children are below. The section referring to Lorena Maribel Leon is here for you to read. She better than anyone understands the difference between the consequences of 'duck and cover' and the 'triangle of life' She survived because her torso was in 'the triangle of life' or survivable void , next to her desk; however, her legs were underneath her desk (essentially, in the 'duck and cover' area.) Her legs were crushed under the desk. Her legs were amputated.

Here is an excerpt of her testimonial as conveyed by her pastor:

"Another case that touched me was one about a young girl from our church called Lorena Maribel Leon, a student from CONALEP (Technical School)(young teen agers) and who on that morning of the earthquake, was in one of the classrooms. Because she was seated at a student desk, she was unable to run away, and was left trapped amongst the furniture (in the aisle), which protected her from the ceiling that was falling on her, preventing her death. Due to the time that she spent with her legs trapped underneath the student desks before her rescue, the young girl lost her legs. She had the opportunity to be moved to and assisted at the Loma Linda Adventist Hospital.

A few months later, as a result of rehabilitation, and help of prosthesis, some young persons who helped in her rescue, family, and friends had the privilege of receiving her, making a big human fence at the airport, where she moved those who could see her walk on her own. Now she can enjoy a normal life with the blessing she received from God to form a Christian home with the support and admiration of those who know her." ARTI is in the process of contacting these witnesses to videotape their testimonials.

Click here to read the english version of Lorena's testimonial
Go to The Adventist University newsletter excerpt to see the Spanish versions of Lorena's testimonial.
Click here to read the english version of Sara's testimonial
Click here to read the spanish version of Sara's testimonial
Click here to read the english version of Yolanda's testimonial
Click here to read the spanish version of Yolanda's testimonial

Time Magazine wrote about this same school that Copp had searched and Lorena had lost her legs in. Sara and Yolanda had survived 'untouched' in the 'triangle of life' while their friends had been crushed to death under their desks.

Click here to read John Gavin's (the movie star) and then American Ambassador to Mexico's letter of praise for Doug Copp's work.

The Ambassador gave Doug Copp the complete and exclusive use of his limousine and uniformed chauffeur, for the two weeks that Copp was in Mexico City. Copp was transported from rescue site to rescue site, dirty, stinking and reeking of death, in the Ambassador's limousine. It was a bizarre sight to see Copp, in tatters, exit from a United States of America Official Diplomatic limousine and then crawl into the rubble.

Search the website for many more documents and video concerning Doug Copp's work in Mexico City; including saving the life of a newborn baby in a collapsed maternity ward.

August 1, 2008. Atlantic Time, Canada.

Why do they tell such outrageous lies?

Dr Lucy Jones, Seismologist at Cal Tech, representing the 'bureaucratic forces' of 'duck and cover' has publicly lied. ARTI has a copy of the text of her speech. She 'tricked' her audience by telling them that the 'triangle of life' is "based upon fraudulent information because the Mexico City Earthquake happened before the children were in their schools. Doug Copp made it all up."

All ARTI members, would like to see Lucy Jones tell Lorena that she didn't have her legs amputated and she didn't see her friends get crushed because the children were NOt in the schools.

The fact is that Mexico City Schools start at 7 am and open at 6:30. Lucy Jones lied.

Another colleague of Lucy Jones , John Hardcastle, Emergency Services of Palm Springs sent emails to hundreds of people telling them that " Doug Copp is a wanted criminal. He is hiding from the law. There is a warrant for his arrest. That you can't believe in the 'triangle of life' because doug copp is a criminal." An ARTI member received a copy.

A communication, to his boss, the Mayor of Palm Springs put an end to Hardcastle spreading that lie.

Doug Copp: "You can see my home address, email and phone number at the bottom of this page. I am NOT hiding and I worked for 5 years as a decorated police officer. There is NO warrrant for my arrest. John Hardcastle is a liar.

Why are they lying? Why have they launched such a vitrolic, hateful and personal attack of lies against Doug Copp? I conclude that they have a fault in their character and they cannot defend 'duck and cover' by any other means other than lies. Is it NOt bad enough 'to lie to' and 'trick' people concerning the safety of their children? Is it necessary to lie about, disparage and defile the memory of the children who were killed. Personally, they disgust me.

There is No force on this earth strong enough to intimidate me and no amount of harm that can be done, to me; that I will ever abandon my mission, to prevent school children, from suffering the brutal, crushing death of 'duck and cover'." doug copp

Why should attention be given to these people? Why not ignore them? The answer: Disparaging the dead school children is just going too far. This is unacceptable. These viscious lies need to stop.

************************************************************** On August 8, 2008, a mere 7 days after ARTI publicly exposed Hardcastle as a liar; Hardcastle sent out emails stating that he is NO longer employed by the City of Palm Springs.

Now, we will wait and see how Governor Swartzeneggar and Cal Tech respond to Lucy Jones' lies. **************************************************************

Important Announcement July 2008 till Jan 2009

The ARTI-Canadian Latin American Project

click here to see the doc

The China Mission May 2008.

The Joint Task Force Mission of ARTI, International Rescue Corps (The non-political team of Great Britain) and The Canadian Rescue Team (Canada). Our mobilised task force; included, Chinese, American, British, Hong Kong, Canadian, Australian, Peruvian and Argentinian citizens.

Team co-ordinators worked in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada; London, England; Los Angeles, California, USA and Beijing/ Chengdu, China.

(This section is in process of being updated with video, articles and reports.).

This area continues to be effected with thousands of aftershocks; continuing building collapse; continuing landslides, mudslides and rock slides.

We have reports that 8 of the areas DAMS are damaged and may collapse.

Don't believe everything you hear on TV or print.

May 2008. CNN International.

live broadcast to 22O countries; including, the USA and Canada.Watch Doug’s TV Interview regarding The Overview of the China Earthquake and the Triangle of Life. (Download to your computer before opening.)

May 2008. ATV Canada Interview

regarding the China Mission and doug copp's 911 injuries. (Download to your computer before opening.)

May 2008. NBC TV.

Watch Doug’s TV Interview regarding the 'triangle of life' and why 'duck and cover' is rubbish.(Download to your computer before opening.)

We are still in the process of uploading more videos and several other interviews and articles.

ARTI and Doug Copp are in a titanic battle against intransigent bureaucrats and other individuals to continue and increase our ability to save lives by educating people concerning 'The Triangle of Life'.

"We will win all of our battles; including, our 2 filed lawsuits against these evil forces because too many lives are at stake..to fail. Good will always defeat evil, eventually. Have faith.

There is nothing else to do other than the right thing to do." Doug Copp

Doug Copp sliding under a slab at 911, 4 subterranean floors deep ( At one point, they had gone 2 floors deeper than even this), under millions of tons of rubble. The smoldering fire blackened Copp's face and lungs. Doug has been treated by 46 Doctors and Medical Specialists. He is gallantly fighting for his life.

Steve lentz, with Copp, under the rubble explaining how black everything is and how they had searched the entire subterranean area.

One of 2, NYPD Officer's under the rubble, near the parking garage ramp, with Copp. They had just heard rhythmic pounding and thought they had found a trapped victim. It turned out to be a life threatening danger. A backhoe was pounding and breaking concrete immediately above their heads. ARTI considers the NYPD to be the best in America.

Doug Copp spent 4 years arranging to have the Fire Dept of Athens, Greece and AKUT (National SAR of Turkey) work together as 'rescue brothers'. Doug had worked with both teams saving lives prior to this major step towards peace. Doug's goal was achieved during the 1999 IZMIT Earthquake. Doug, AKUT and Athens FD worked together, slept in the same room and helped bring peace. TV audiences of both countries watched us work together. Clinton came to Meet with the Presidents of Turkey and Greece to honor this bold step towards peace.

In 1998 Doug had tried to form an Northern Irish Rescue Team composed of both Catholics and Protestants. This project was unveiled during a 1/2 hr interview with Radio Belfast. It was well received by almost everyone. After the interview, Doug received a threatening phone call from the IRA which outlined many 'negative consequences'; such as, Our group being infiltrated by IRA who would shoot Ulster rescuers, on TV , at a rescue. Our ARTI project never came to be but thank God peace was achieved by others.

ARTI has accomplished a vast array of 'good works' other than rescue.

Peter has been a member of ARTI-NYC;since, 1997. He is a witness and has signed an affidavit regarding his personal experiences and observances at 9.11.

N.B. ***Media Alert: Attention :Journalists, TV Producers and others****

Representing our interests,Sheldon Karasik, of Karasik and Associates LLC, New York, New York, USA and Zurich, Switzerland have filed a lawsuit for fraud and defammation against Dateline for 131 million dollars with the Supreme Court of New York.For further information regarding the filing of our lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York please contact Sheldon Karasik 1-212-244-6100

The Albuquerque Journal and it's publisher Thompson Lang who inherited his vast fortune; including, this newspaper, as a student, is being sued, along with his accomplices.

The World Famous Defammation Attorney Gary L. Richardson of Tulsa, Oklahoma and his associate Timothy Butler of Santa Fe, New Mexico, have filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of New Mexico against the AJ, Thompson Lang, his reporter and other accomplices.

The interests of ARTI and Doug Copp are being well represented by these outstanding individuals.

The majority of the award won by ARTI and Doug Copp will be used for humanitarian purposes and to undo the harm caused to countless victims, around the world, by these malfeasant individuals.

Some letters in support of our lawsuit:

Facundo Garcia, Captain of GOER Argentina and Director of ARTI , for Argentina smiles as he waits, in a Military Helicopter to go on another SAR mission. During a dangerous Helicopter Rescue Mission Facundo's helicopter crashed; causing him to have a few broken bones. Another team member was killed. Facundo returned to SAR as soon as his injuries and broken leg permitted. For Search and Rescue, Facundo works as an unpaid volunteer. He works for Sony Corp as a Security/ Safety Director to pay the bills.

Buenos Aires,Argentina, September 26th, 2006

To whom it concerns:

My name is Facundo Garcia. I am the team captain of the GOER (Special Operations in Rescue Team) from Buenos Aires, Argentina since 2001. I have been in the rescue community since the early 90´s in different fields including Alpine Rescue Teams and SAR teams.

I have been a member of ARTI (American Rescue Team International); since 2002, as an active member of the team and I also signed a cooperation agreement between my Argentinean team (GOER) and ARTI for future operations in South America in cases of disasters of any kind; including, earthquakes or any kind of problem related with collapsed structures that requires the expertise and professionalism of the ARTI and it's director, Mr. Doug Copp.

In 2004 I became the Director of Operations for Argentina of ARTI. I participated in many projects of ARTI, around the world, putting myself and members of my team on stand by for any call out in cases where ARTI required our expertise in high Angle / Rope Rescue / SAR techniques.

With Doug Copp and all other ARTI members we are all unpaid volunteers who put 100% of our expertise in different fields within the rescue community to save lives.

With professionalism, training, ethics and humanity above all, we have participated in many rescue situations that put our lives in danger just so others may live.

The sense of service to do our task and relief the pain of those who suffer in disaster scenarios, make our work worthy and keep our minds and souls complete every time we can do something for the human being.

Doug has been always a professional, skilled and dedicated person who put his life in danger dozens of times around the globe to save people from many countries, where and when NO ONE ELSE WANTED TO TRAVEL to Help.

He is a kind person who inspires all of us and many rescue teams around the globe.

His braveness, technical skills learned, in all those decades, working in the field and his dedication to save lives, make his heart a precious inspiration for all the people who have the luck to know him and have him as a friend and colleague.

Today, Mr Copp is an official member of the GOER with all the rank of technician/instructor due to his knowledge, expertise and great teaching abilities as an instructor of collapsed structure rescue & survival.

As soon as the efforts to save lives on 911, Doug Copp contacted me to brief me on all the efforts at Ground Zero that he and some other members of ARTI did over there.

He sounded sick and he started to feel really bad since the first day I spoke with him by phone. He told me about all what he suffered below ground zero.

He informed me that he was very sick as a consequence of his efforts to recover victims remains and in his search to ensure that no victims remained buried alive. He told me that the poisoned gases, vapors and more affected him very hard on his health. I personally remember times when I gave him a call and while his wife answered the phone, I heard the noise of him with abdominal pain and vomiting in the background.

With all that pain, and effort to survive, Doug Copp made another example of a man, like no other, who also is a survivor of the 911 itself.


I personally read the lies of the Albuquerque Journal and I believe they are bad intentioned, evil and also crazy, cos´ the work that Mr. Copp did for decades it’s UNDENIABLE.

There are tons of pictures, documents and videos of all the activities that ARTI and Mr. Copp have been making since the early 80´s around the world.


I was called by an NBC journalist, Mr. Raynar Ramirez for a telephone interview.

During the 20 minute interview, he was constantly focused to gather information about Mr. Copp and his rescue activities, but I noted that he was constantly asking me 'with dirty journalist' skills, questions to take out of my mouth any word against Mr. Copp. He was pushing me hard to almost have a confession about the supposed ARTI activities that never existed.

I answered the whole truth about what I know the ARTI and Mr. Copp and because Mr. Ramirez did not fulfill his expectations, to manipulate words out of my mouth against Mr. Copp. He ended the conversation without saying any more. He was not interested in the truth. He only had the desire to tell lies about Mr. Copp.

Doug is a selfless man who became a victim of 911 not only for the injuries he suffered; he had the worse thing that a man can have: A country which denied the work of a real hero who risked his life to save the lives of other Americans even offering his own life if necessary. He has been mistreated, forgotten and punished with a death penalty for only doing two things: Being a hero and telling the truth.


Facundo Garcia Inst.Facundo Garcia Captain / Directive Committee GOER – Special Operations in Rescue Team Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Click here to see the original document pdf file

Dated 26 th September, 2006. Idstein, Germany. Written by Ralf Kulisch ( ARTI Germany; since, 1996).

"The first time (in 1996) I met Mr Douglas Copp...But the most impressing thing I learned from or about Mr Douglas Copp is, that his aim in life is, to help people in need, to save lives, to rescue people and to educate people to survive. And for this aim_ I think_ he would give away everything he owns, even his life!

...After 911..I was shocked. His ( Doug Copp) health had been so much affected, and his intention to help people has been so much questioned, because some people want to destroy him, and destroy his aim in life.

Because of his aim in life and our experiences together, he is and will ever be like a brother in my heart."

Ralf Kulisch

Click here to see the original document



Dated 26 th September, 2006. Bochum, Germany. Written by Lothar Salm.

"...I have been a member of ARTI; since, 1994....I participated in many ARTI missions and projects. As is the same with all other ARTI members we are all unpaid volunteers. ...Doug has always been a dedicated, selfless, kind and caring person. He is a 'driven man', to use his life to do good.


...I accompanied Doug ... to meet with several Medical Doctors...Doug was too sick to travel alone. I was there to be a friend, help our Rescue Chief but ,also, to take care of Doug's remains, should he die.

I was present when the Doctors informed Doug of the consequences of their medical tests and combined diagnosis. Doug was informed that he had very little chance of surviving the operations. In fact Doug was told that he had a 30% chance of death during each of the 5 operations.

Doug is a selfless man who has become a victim not just from his 911 injuries but from the horrible way he has been mistreated."

Lothar Salm

Click here to see the original document page 1

Click here to see the original document page 2

Dated 25 th September, 2006. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Written by ARTI General Manager, Bill Reeves.

"....I joined ARTI in the late 1990's. I donated some money to ARTI to help defray the expenses of Doug Copp's and some other ARTI members trips to New York...

...Doug Copp called me at least daily, often two or three times each day and often directly from the Ground Zero rubble, while he was in New York City. Based upon my communications with Doug and other members of the ARTI team, on site, I know that Doug devoted himself to rescue and recovery work at Ground Zero and do not believe he was involved...in any projects for personal gain.

I am aware that if any of the foregoing statements are willingly false then I am subject to punishment."

Bil Reeves, ARTI

Click here to see the original document, as a pdf file

Carol Camelot,Dated 25 th September, 2006. Palm Desert, California, USA. Written by Carol Camelot.

"When I met Doug, in the Spring of 1998...he impressed me as very knowledgeable and selfless, even eager to put himself at great risk to save the lives of others in Catastrophes. I realized Mr Copp was a man with a tremendous background, in search and rescue. As Chairperson...for the City's Disaster Preparedness Organization..I requested a copy of his videotape explaining how the 'Triangle of Life' technique saves lives in earthquakes which he sent me, right away, at no charge. I have provided instruction in this principle to thousands of our residents via presentations and media interviews....for 7 1/2 years now Mr Copp has always been available to me..so that I might provide accurate information.... Mr Copp has never charged me for any of his time or consulting advice but instead has always been available to help at any time....

...After 911..I telephoned him...I knew this was a very dangerous rescue situation...for which he did not have to volunteer at all, yet he seemed calm, just getting his affairs in order, ready to fly out. With good reason we have admired the courage...because it does take a very special kind of person to willingly enter a building on fire or collapse knowing that you may never live to see another day.

Mr. Doug Copp ranks in my book up there with the best of them for his long time service to educate and save the lives of people in many nations around the world."

Carol Camelot

Click here to see the original document

Click here to see the original document

Dated 24 th September, 2006. San Francisco Bay. Written by David Chamberlin.

"...The day after I saw him on a TV program, on the Kobe earthquake (1995) I recognized Doug and introduced myself on the dock where our boats were moored.....I became an ARTI member in 2001.

...When Doug was given the great honor, of being invited (prior to 911) to demonstrate the Copp Casualty Locator at the 'world famous' San Jose (Silicon Valley,World Center of Advanced technology, CA) Museum of Technology, I assisted him in that all day presentation. Many of the people expressed their admiration of his program (triangle of life for survival) and of the device. The genius of it was well proven in the horror of 911. Where by using it, they were able to find many remains that would have otherwise become 'landfill'.

Doug is honest to the core, and this is combined with intelligence and passion for doing good. Since, 1985, his venue has been mitigating the agony of catastrophe; through search and hopefully rescue. Even when he was doing the grim work of body recovery, he was lessoning the pain of the survivors by enabling them to 'close the circle'.

...His work is valid and recognized worldwide. We in the US are fortunate having had few violent catastrophes of the magnitude of those abroad. When we run out of luck, as we surely will, his contributions will be recognized.

His personal luck ran out while clearing the tunnels underground at the World Trade Center. He was there as an unpaid volunteer, doing what he felt was necessary. I have absolutely no doubt ..."

David Chamberlin

witnessed and notarized by Jessica wade, Notary Public of California.

Click here to see the original document


ARTI Director of Southern Peru Efrain Huamann ( Pancho) at the WTC. Pancho has been a member of ARTI; since, 1996. He is , also, a Lt. in the National FD of Peru (CBP) ( Doug is a Captain with the CBP).

Pancho is a key witness in our lawsuit filed with the Supreme Court of New York.Pancho is seen with the CCL prior to going to work with the NYPD at the Killer's Fields Landfill where he used the Casualty Locator to find 72 body parts. Pancho has 3 FBI Agents and 5 NYPD Officers as witnesses to the effectivenes of the Copp Casualty Locator; as well as, actual pictures of body parts recovered.

Doug did not work at the Landfill because he was already suffering from the initial phases of poisoning. Nose bleeding, coughing, headaches, fever, bouts of delerium. Copp saw Pancho off to work before going to a sick bed.

Every Major Disaster is overwhelming for almost all local or national teams and organizations. Experience has taught us a 'solid' concept; which helps us cope with all the 'mass flooding' of 'irreconciable differences', 'logically incompatible objectives' and 'negative overriding concepts'. These problems all seem to demand immediate attention; however, we surpass them, solve them and eliminate their confusion.

Our solution is to 'work for the victim', who is 'buried alive'. Our next mandate/imperative is to "work to recover the bodies of the victims. ".

By focusing our mind, on working for the victims, we do the right thing. Every time, at every disaster this procedure has worked to enhance co-operation, increase survivability, reduce suffering, promote 'good will' and to bring a 'calm and peace' to replace 'horror and nightmare'.

For our regular website info scroll further down the page.

" October 12, 2005 To the Editor (intended for immediate publication as a letter to the Editor):

My law firm represents Mr. Doug Copp in connection with a pattern of defamatory treatment to which he has been subjected by the press arising out of his rescue efforts at the 9/11 site in New York City.

Your October 11th issue carried a Canadian wire service story concerning these rescue activities. Unfortunately, the wire service reporter, Alison Auld, did not do enough of her own reporting, choosing to rely heavily on outrageously false reports from an American newspaper and TV station which were motivated by a personal vendetta which will likely be resolved in an American court of law. Regrettably, we must now consider including your publication in that lawsuit. Limited space prevents me from detailing the many outrageous lies which your report has repeated (a detailed rebuttal could take up the space of an entire issue), libeling Mr. Copp's character, but I would direct readers to his website, http://www.amerrescue.org/, where a more complete account of his activities at Ground Zero can be found.

Among other things, I find the timing of your story very odd. It does not reference any new developments but merely rehashes the defamatory remarks last appearing in the press several months ago. Perhaps you can enlighten me; why did this story appear in your paper yesterday? To all appearances, you are acting as the pawn of larger media forces in an attempt to browbeat Mr. Copp into submission, causing him to abandon his rightful defense of his reputation by brute force. Even more disappointing, you choose to report the mere possibility of a criminal investigation against him without simply waiting to see whether any authority would choose to pursue any such action.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Copp has a long and honorable history of rescue service and he volunteered to go to Ground Zero and assist in the rescue effort there, risking his life without pay to help his fellow man. When he refused to participate in a dog-and-pony show for some reporters who tagged after him nipping at his heels, they retaliated with a defamatory series of articles based on half-truths and outright falsehoods. He then contracted a multitude of documented life-threatening illnesses and was formally adjudicated to be deserving of financial compensation from the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. The funds he received represented only a portion of the monies he needs to complete his treatment, which he cannot afford to pay for himself, ultimately meaning that his life will be cut short by many years.

Very truly yours,

Sheldon Karasik"

News Update: March 19,2006.Spitak, The National Rescue Team of Armenia who are all mutual members of ARTI.

Dear Doug,

I would like to inform you, that we from the last January implemented ski-patrol in Tsakhkadzor. From 26.02 to 3.03 we here in Armenia had ski-training with command Bergwacht from Germany. Best regards Serzh


The BBC Program:

'The World's Most Dangerous Jobs'

featuring Doug Copp saving lives before the WTC; crawling into the sinister 'world of hell' below the World Trade Center and his years of struggle to survive. His body is saturated with hundreds of poisons from his journey into hell.

Life as an unpaid volunteer:

"I would do it all over again. It was the right thing to do. If God wants me to die....

Then I'll die. Period."

Dec 2005. The video 'Triangle of Life', by Eagle's Eye Productions, is completed and available from Ed Flemington: Eagles Eye Video Productions 194 Leeside Drive, Sydney, NS.,Canada, B1R 1S6 (902) 562-4414

email: office@eagleseye.ca

The promo video trailer is attached and the back and front DVD Covers are below.

doug copp

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death!

Click on the dvd case jacket to see the promotional trailer for this incredible and life changing video. This link will take you to Eagles Eye Video Productions.

Posted. April 27-29, 2006.


I prepared this:

The Political Official's UHR Checklist for Effective Disaster Management in a Major Disaster Caused by an Earthquake

while my mother was in a coma. Many thousands of lives will be saved and many mistakes prevented by following these practical 'gems'of wisdom. I dedicate all the forthcoming good, and lives saved, to my mother, Virginia Copp, who died, today, April 29, 2006. I'll see you in Heaven.

your loving son


As requested by a Minister of the Interior:

The Political Official's UHR Checklist for Effective Disaster Management in a Major Disaster Caused by an Earthquake

General principles:

1) Have most of your operations effectively planned with a reality based program before the disaster occurs; or be prepared to 'trash' your plans, as quickly as possible. The quicker you 'dump' phony, non-reality based plans the more effective your response will be.

Get rid of incompetent personnel as quickly as possible. Examples: Michael Brown of FEMA ( Katrina 2005) was representative of a culture of incompetents whose pursuit of self interest, greed and self opportunity effectively halted participation of effective and caring individuals. This caused unnecessary death and suffering. Congress is currently voting to abolish FEMA.

Appoint Effective Personnel quickly: President Duarte ( El Salvador 1986), placed a personal friend who owned one of the largest construction companies, in Latin America, in charge. The Indian Government placed Sanjay Gupta (Gujarat, 2001, Deputy Minister of 7 departments) an organizational genius, in charge. (I provided him with the technical knowledge which he implemented. We saved the lives of 100,000 to 250,000 expected fatalities by the strict implementation of effective disaster reduction and elimination actions. This genius recovered the area to pre-disaster economy, culture and lifestyle within 2 years instead of the worldwide 10 year standard.)

If you had not prepared sub-rescue and recovery teams pre disaster then do so immediately following the disaster. Examples: A Military Team to do the rescue at the collapsed military command headquarters ( Turkey 1999); A Police Team (NYC World Trade Center Collapse); a Secret Police Team ( for intelligence centers ..examples kept confidential).

Allow an 'open doors policy' to all International Rescue and Recovery Organizations with the following caveats; understand that most Government Teams usually have a military/ intelligence capability with some intelligence officers posing as 'rescuers'. You must place a guide and /or an interpreter with these groups to restrict, control and direct this potential negative impact. This was effectively controlled in Taiwan (1999) and Turkey (1999) etc

Understand that some International Political Teams are solely 'political' and the members of these teams are not willing to risk their lives for your people; such as, the USA DOD Team El Salvador (1986), FEMA in Armenia (1988), Pompiers de Paris (El Salvador, 1986); Japan Team (Mexico, Peru, El Salvador). They should be allowed entry; however, firmly controlled to prevent loss of life. Do not allow them control over a major site with trapped victims.

Airport, Port and other Entry Centers require an arrival desk to take care of the transportation, assignment of rescue site, translation, liaison with host country and other activities.

Try to eliminate inherent theft, corruption and opportunism by assigning the Police Chief, Military Police and others the role of enforcement, immediately.

Understand that the field operatives in International Organizations; such as, UNDP and others are satisfied with 50% theft rate and are very happy with a 25% theft loss. These organizations will not publicly admit it; however, it is a fact of life. Try to reduce or eliminate this loss.

2) Teach 'the triangle of life' survival program to everyone you wish to survive; otherwise, you run the risk of all your key personnel being squashed/killed during the initial earthquake. Their families must ,also, be taught 'the 'triangle of life' otherwise your key personnel will be forced to choose between their family and their 'duty/job'. Dead rescuers rescue nobody.

3) Take a deep breath, clear your head, calm yourself and go to this checklist. It is not uncommon for leaders of all positions and types to become swept up into an hysteria. Reject this and calm yourself.

4) Use your cell phone wisely. Have 3 phones, with 3 assistants co-coordinating your effective communications. Have many charged batteries and a battery charger which can be run with a car battery.


Conduct yourself and your Office based upon the 'old lady' principle of Disaster Mitigation and Management. After seeing and comparing the differences in management style and effectiveness between the Japanese ( Kobe 1994), Greek (Kallamataa 1986) I created this concept. The USA ( Katrina 2005) adds a new dimension.

If your actions are effective enough to take care of the weakest, most fragile of the effected populations then it will be a great success. This is how Political Officials are measured; consequently, 'awarded' or 'punished' post disaster.

In Greece(1986) the effectiveness of EPPO could be measured by the fact that an elderly lady would be safe, protected and on her way back to a semi-normal life within 48 hours.

She had: a)warm or hot food and water (supplied by the military and German Technisches Hilfswerk type portable and mobile kitchens), b) shelter ( an army tent erected by the Boy Scouts) c) A shower and sanitation ( provided by the army with shower tents) d) access to medical treatment ( Located on The Naval Ships which are a natural seismically resistant platform and a hospital tent compound, near the collapsed/damaged hospital). e) free phone service via free phone banks were established for victims to call anywhere, in the world. In the case of Greece the 'fund raising' through relatives around the world provided an unprecedented amount of disaster funding. f) Mobile Services in tractor trailers ( The Post Office provided trailers with PO Boxes to be issued to victims; the banks provided banking trailers for processing Gov't pension checks etc.. )

Compared to an 'old lady', in Japan ( Kobe 1994)A parade of Protestors 50 miles long with 1,400 suicides caused by unnecessary suffering.: a) Only the mafia ( Yakusa) provided the population with food. All other sources of food were prohibited or refused entry into port ( USA, Korean and other ships filled with food stuffs were rejected.) People scooped up rain water from the gutters to drink. b) Shelter: City Hall provided 100 card board boxes for lucky people to sleep on the floor, in City Hall. many died from exposure. c) Shower and Sanitation: Even after 2 weeks none was yet available. d) Access to medical treatment: none publicly known. e) free phone service for emergency personnel only. f) Mobile Services in tractor trailers; None.

Compared to USA (FEMA, Katrina 2005) Scandalous. Congress holding a vote to abolish FEMA: a) Food: FEMA stopped many food distribution efforts and /or refused entry to organizations capable of providing emergency food. b) Shelter: Six months later shelter is still in storage and not distributed. c) Showers & Sanitation: Toilets were overflowing in the football stadium shelter.Victims Corpses were allowed to decompose on the sidewalk for weeks and victims in homes were not searched and recovered until many months later. Bodies disappeared permanently. d) FEMA stopped medical treatment to victims in progress and allowed the victims to die because the Doctor's were not on FEMA's list. e) Some free calls to FEMA; with no response. f) mobile services: limited.

Checklist: Issue many orders , as fast as possible. These orders are not necessarily in order and must be done immediately (obviously, impossible to get everything done at once but this is the goal):

a) Declare all buildings to be evacuated and prohibit people from reentering buildings. In earthquakes, there will be many aftershocks (expect at least 5 big ones, possibly larger than the initial quake). More buildings will collapse. This is a major mistake of organizations like FEMA and the American Red Cross. They are actually endangering more lives or causing the death toll to increase. The Greek Government Agency EPPO is the best at this and should be emulated.

b) Arrange for temporary housing to be erected in a safe and open place; for example, The Main Public Parks. This was accomplished effectively, in Mexico City (1985), Turkey (1999) and Greece (1986).

The army has multiple positive and effective UHR Management uses. They should either; erect, military tents for the general population or Request the Boy Scouts to put up their tents and military tents.

c) Arrange for a command center to be established in an open space. Tents are better than command trailers. Command Trailers can fall over during an earthquake (unless you anchor each corner with 30 meters of chain and a truck tire with a long scope and buried 2 meters deep). Erect signs indicating where to find : The new 'City Hall", Military Command Posts, Minister of Interior Center, etc These command posts should all be clustered near the 'major disaster area'.

d) Arrange the participation of Private Contractors as volunteers. Construction personnel and Companies who volunteer will most certainly perform the most effectively. Award post disaster contracts on the basis of 'assistance volunteered' during the crisis. The Costa Rican Earthquake of 1991 is the best example of corporate volunteerism ranging from heavy equipment contractors repairing the bridges and highways for transportation; Tractor Trailer companies delivering all relief supplies for free; Bottling Companies stopping the production of soda pop and shipping out purified water instead; General Contractors providing UHR Required Heavy Equipment for major sites.

e) Arrange for water and 'food stuff' grade tanker trucks to deliver purified water to the population. Do not turn on the water supply until all leaks from sewer systems have been repaired. (India, 2001)

f) Protect Historic Sites and Museums from looters.

g) Get rid of rats and dead bodies quickly. Poison rats and assign the military the task of killing rat populations. Unchecked rat populations will explode with the 'boon' of this sudden food source inside of the collapsed buildings. Examples: In India, 2001, bodies were burned in pyres, at the site, of the recovery.

h) Do not allow religious beliefs to recover the bodies of victims interfere with or to be the cause of death for trapped victims, in another section of the rescue site. ( Turkey, 1999)

i) Move Hospital staff to a safe open and tented area with Electrical Generators before following earthquakes cause collapse.

j) Pass a law enforcing and requiring all Hospitals and public Buildings to remove emergency supplies and tents from their basements and place them on the roof. A tent under the rubble is worthless. A tent on a roof is maintained in perfect, undamaged condition.

k) Distribute a warning to all helicopter Pilots both Military and Civilian that Helicopters shall be required to stay above 300 meters altitude. Below this altitude the 'down wash from the blades can cause collapse of weakened structures; example of mistake; President Fujimori's Helicopter during the Southern Peruvian Earthquake of la Mina Juanillo, (1997).

l) Mark all searched buildings with spray painted easy to understand language which states that it has been searched (or not), the location of live, dead and injured victims from the premises. This will prevent wasted time and bureaucratic logjams. Do not use the International marking System adopted by FEMA and other Governments. It is elitist, confusing, ineffective and phony.

m) Put proper pressure on the International Donor Communities to provide what you need. Not what they think you may need and actually don't. Don't accept false promises and lies ( Oklahoma City Explosion, 1994). Be as pushy and as forceful as it takes to get the job done.

n) Disposal, treatment, religious services for casualties: Be Considerate of Religious Concerns; however, do not let the dead cause more death. Body bags and lime should be plentiful. Collect dead bodies at sporting complexes (soccer fields) unless the dead must be cremated immediately to prevent plague or disease.

o) Separate Latrine or public toilets for men and women should be created immediately by the Military. It should be staffed and lime should be used and available easily.

p) Create a truce with rival political parties or guerillas during the crisis. Do not allow your military to break this truce. Example: Guerilla attack on La Union followed by a retaliatory, yet illegal, US Forces surprise attack on city La Union. ( El Salvador , 1986)

r) Know your Foreign Ambassadors and Consuls. Some of them can be a surprising asset to you and will react on a personal and humanitarian manner during the disaster. Example: David Cockerham of Great Britain during the Earthquake in Kobe, 1994 and US Ambassador Gavin of Mexico City , 1985 were both international superstars who were God sends to the country they were assigned to.

s) Foreign Military assistance should be carefully watched yet utilized as an invaluable resource. Try to make personal relationships which transcend pre disaster antagonisms.

t) Use the radio and TV Stations to warn the populations of immediate dangers, where to go for assistance and to practice the 'triangle of life'.

u) Access technology to swiftly locate dead and live victims.

v) Know the 'worldwide' and 'national' players who would be important participants. Arrange for their effective participation ahead of time. Arrange for the National Airline and Military to facilitate and transport participants.

x) Arrange for your foreign embassies to actually be open and available for passport, visa and emergency services 24/7. Politics is the number 1 cause of death at major disasters; followed by, embassies shutting down or closing on weekends and after normal work hours.

z) Dead people are patient. People buried alive are in a hurry. Focus your countries actions on buildings containing the most survivors. Example: Do NOT check apartments if the earthquake happened during business hours. If the earthquake occurred during sleeping time then search homes and apartments first.



Use common sense. Know: "It is what it is" and "it is real and happening to you!" Follow these instructions and call 1-902-567-1227 for more details and everything will be as good as it could possibly be, under the circimstances.

Think before you act. Take another deep breath. Rest as required. If you go beyond your limits and become ineffective many people will die. Rest as your body and mind will allow you to ACHIEVE the most good. Expect the unexpected, be responsive to changing events and strategies.

Let heros, people who want to do good and effective people rise to their full capabilities.

Do not allow your bureaucracy to stop the flow of goodwill and loving concern, from good people, around the world.

You must not only be good; you must be wise.

Doug Copp

Rescue Chief/ARTI

Oct 13-21,2005. Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

Oct 5, 2005. A terrific announcement regarding Doug Copp and ARTI's efforts to save lives!

In a message dated 10/4/2005 6:48:54 P.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, Rosita@legacyhomesnw.com writes:

There is a disaster preparedness event planned at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on October 21 & 22nd. I checked to see what it was going to be about and was shocked to learn that one of their demonstrations will be "Duck & Cover" I just thought you might like to be aware of this. I have also learned that despite your television coverage in this area many are still being taught duck & cover. Maybe it's time to come wake the Seattle area up before it's to late. Many say this area is due for a big earthquake soon.

Thank you,

Rosita Wears

Dear Rosita:

We are making a 90 minute video called the 'Triangle of Life'. The producer is almost finished. I am getting a first edit tomorrow.

I am profoundly pleased because it uses real footage of myself and my team saving the lives of victims in the 'triangle of life' , actual footage in the disasters, and a fantastic interview with tremendous accompanying and illustrative footage.

Most importantly and with great clarity it shows the utter insanity of 'duck and cover', from it's birth as a series of 'Cold War' propaganda commercials.This propaganda was distributed by the US Government. The commercial we use shows a family at a picnic. When the NUCLEAR FLASH from the Atomic Bomb appears, in the distance.... the singing jingle of 'Bert the Dancing Civil Defense Turtle' starts to sing while the mother, daughter, son and pet dog all 'duck and cover', under the blanket.

Except for the father at the barbecue!

He can't reach the blanket!

He is too far away!

He puts a newspaper over his head and 'duck and covers' under it!!

I am not kidding! I am serious!

This is how 'duck and cover' started. It absolutely 'blows my mind' . I am left incredulous.

When I think back of all the crushed, squashed bodies; especially little children ....and their pools of blood .... I have crawled past and through, in the rubble, emerging with their blood on my body and clothes..... all as a result of this utterly bizarre propaganda campaign getting out of control.... I am left speechless. This is where the policy of 'duck and cover' which has a Universal 98% death rate originated. To understand that many millions of people have died because of this ludicrous nonsense is bewildering.

Bloodsuckers and completely immoral, unethical and indeed murderous phony 'experts' have been promoting it ever sense.

Anyone who sees this film will be bewildered, shocked and stunned that they could have possibly been so 'brain washed' as to believe they could have possibly 'duck and covered'. The viewer will feel like he woke up from a trance.

I have spent 10+ years in preparation to make this film. Financial beneficiaries of 'duck and cover' have libeled me, slandered me and done every kind of slimy, deceitful, evil and mean thing to me except 'drag me out and hang me'. Well, this video makes it all worthwhile.

Finally, it all came together with our footage, our script, and our genius producer ( Ed Flemington). I believe this video is a masterpiece and will save millions of lives. This video will finally squash 'duck and cover'.

The following link is something we did not use but it is a parody of 'duck and cover'.

Check this out -

The video link is available by clicking on the ARC Red Dollar Cross.

 Duck and Cover is stupid, Bizarre and Suicidal For more info:

My speech to the Chinese Government, July 2005, starts with:

"An MSN conversation between doug copp, ARTI Chief, and John Mc Intosh, ARTI webmaster about a triangle of life speech, in China:

cybersurfer says: Duck and cover is valid for snow ball fights, among children, not for building collapse Doug says: That is good. I might use that. cybersurfer says: Hey use this one, too, duck and cover is useful for locating the children when its all over.. just look under the desks cybersurfer says: That wet spot under the desk is "Little Bobbie" Doug says: no kidding Doug says: I remember

I remembered crawling up and down the aisles of a collapsed school and seeing every child squashed. Only a little hand or foot escaped. This was in Mexico City, in 1985. I learned that 'duck and cover' was death and people survive in spaces next to desks. I discovered the 'triangle of life' or 'it discovered me'. " To read the English Text (13 pages of information which teach you how to survive while others will die) of my speech to 5 different Government Agencies, of the People's Republic of China (as published by their Government) press on the following link:


I am copying this email and sending it to some interested people.

Doug Copp

A response to my email:

At 09:30 10/5/2005, you wrote:


Congratulations on the upcoming film. I checked the "Bert the Turtle" safety film link and one thing that really stood out was that while little Bert ducked and covered himself in his shell and remained safe, the nearby house was blown completely off its foundations.

From this film, we all learned one very important lesson, and that is, while an atomic blast has enough force to blow a two story house away it does not have enough force to blow a turtle away. I think there is a second lesson in that scene - the children had entered the house and ducked and covered for safety. Yea!

Seconds later the entire house was blown into oblivion by the outgoing atomic wind. I was saddened that they did not show the next phase of the atomic wind and that is the return trip as the wind gets sucked back into the blast zone.

Mom and the kids could have waved from the safety of their duck and cover hiding places as the structurally intact house rushed past Bert heading for the intense heat of the atomic blast. You could almost hear little Johnny say, "Hey Mom, pass the marsh mellows."

I think we both know that FEMA knows what is safe and what kills. From the recent events in New Orleans, we both know what type of expertise runs FEMA. I think we both know that tis issue is all about liability. Imagine the law suits that would spring forth if FEMA ever changed its stand on "Duck and Cover" and admitted they had been wrong for all those years. Every surviving relative of every victim that was ever located under something would have grounds for a law suit.

There is only one way to increase your chances of surviving a structural collapse and that is to be inside a Triangle of Life. Get one today. They're Free!

Duck and Cover is stupid, Bizarre and Suicidal

Best Regards

David Pottier,


TEERS International

Hurricane Katrina Relief.

Your donation is precious. In the right hands it could mean a life, food for a hungry person or something really critically important for desperate and emotionally shattered people. Please donate to the Salvation Army or another helping organization.

I was reading on your site and just thought I would share my story. I live in Mobile, AL and my home was damaged but not destroyed by the hurricane. I was out of work for several weeks and we don't have a lot of money because my husband is trying to finish school so we live off of just my income. Missing one paycheck puts us behind forever and I missed two. Anyway, I have been trying to call the Red Cross ever since the storm six weeks ago with no luck. The local Red Cross here did not setup a place where you could go wait in line and see someone they also had a number you had to call and they only had 15 people answering the phone. If you did get through then you had to make an appointment and then go stand in line for hours. Finally today I got through to the 1-800 number and was told basically that it was too late. They changed the criteria so that only people who have lost everything or can't live in their homes can get help. That is so unfair. I told the lady that if my house got taken away because I was behind on my mortgage because of being out of work due to the storm would Red Cross give me money then. She did not answer. So here I am left with nothing from them while people I know got help and did not even need it.

I will never again give a dime to the American Red Cross!

Lillian Dean

The key-point of our lifesaving is our ability to respond to the unexpected.'

Please scroll down. During, 2005 we will be trying to post most of the many thousands of doc's, videos, newspapers, pictures from our various humanitarian missions. Always, look for new updates.

Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

The ARTI // White House Document Prior to 9-11

Over the years, the White House has contacted Copp and Copp has contacted the White House. Phone records will prove this. During the Clinton years the White House Office contacted Copp many times regarding illegal activities, during prior Administrations, in Latin America. As far back as, 1986 Copp had cancelled a meeting with Senator Christopher Dodd of Conn., concerning these matters. Copp cancelled this scheduled meeting, at the pleading, of other members of ARTI who were frightened.

Copp has volumes of details which will create several large scandals if brought to daylight. Copp was an eyewitness to, observer of and informed of (by other witnesses) 20 years of activities, in many countries which ranged from 'murder' to criminal and always immoral actions.

Prior to 9-11, Copp was asked to create a report for the White House; given the private fax number for Andrew Card jr., the Chief of Staff, for President Bush; by Dr Kenneth L.Dupuy, a Republican looking for a White House Appointment. Copp was told that within 20 minutes of transmission the document would be on President Bush's desk. A copy of this fax was concurrently faxed to Bill Reeves, Managing Director of ARTI, 2001. It should be noted that Bill advised against informing President Bush of the immoral use of disasters and the subsequent death of innocent victims. My conscience dictated otherwise.

Copp was asked to give an analysis of the impact of the 2001 earthquake on the stability of the country of El Salvador. Copp went farther , than that, and opened a 'can of worms' about the morally bankrupt policy of using major disasters as covert military and intelligence opportunities. Copp went further. The White House received the names of the operatives. The names are blanked out in this posting. You must know that these same people, repeatedly, responsible for deaths of innocent victims, at foreign disasters did their same work in Oklahoma City and the WTC. Copp is willing to testify before Congress and take lie detector tests.

Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

Click here to read the fax 

Oct 13-21,2005. Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

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*The Triangle of life email sent from friend to friend, to millions, around the world.*

*Triangulo de la vida email espanol*

*ARTI/Copp/BBC Global Warming Film set in 2050. The First year that weather became the leading cause of death. Watch 'Future Storm'.*

July 12, 2005. For the last 2 months; since, returning from the ARTI training mission to China Doug Copp's lungs have continued to be reinjured.

Scroll below for links to televised videos, newspapers and Chinese Government Publications about the ARTI Mission, to China and Indonesia, June 2005.

An MSN conversation between doug copp, ARTI Chief, and John Mc Intosh, ARTI webmaster about a triangle of life speech, in China:

cybersurfer says:
Duck and cover is valid for snow ball fights, among children, not for building collapse
Doug says:
That is good. I might use that.
cybersurfer says:
Hey use this one, too, duck and cover is useful for locating the children when its all over.. just look under the desks
cybersurfer says:
That wet spot under the desk is "Little Bobbie"
Doug says:
no kidding
Doug says:
I remember

I remembered crawling up and down the aisles of a collapsed school and seeing every child squashed. Only a little hand or foot escaped. This was in Mexico City, in 1985. I learned that ‘ duck and cover’ was death and people survive in spaces next to desks. I discovered the ‘triangle of life’ or ‘it discovered me’.

China Mission from ARTI Chief: Doug Copp:

I am overwhelmingly pleased by the success of the ARTI mission, to China. This was my first, fulfilled attempt, to return, to a ‘life’; since my World Trade Center injuries. Last month, Dr Boucher had prescribed, additional, new medication, for my lead poisoning. I accidentally overdosed on this medicine and took 1,500 mg instead of 150 mg. The reaction was incredible. My capillaries opened up and flushed the lead from my brain and out through my skin and into my bones. I ‘broke out’ with thousands of blisters covering my entire upper torso, back, neck, face, arms and hands. My wife was afraid of amputation. It looked bad. This massive movement of poisons from my brain and through my skin caused my brain to clear. I can ‘think without pain’, for the first time, in almost 4 years.

I am still undergoing tests for further damage, to my already damaged kidneys and my liver; due to, this mass migration of poison and I still have many lesions, in my skin; however, thank God! I can think again. My original 41 medical problems, caused by the World Trade Center have been reduced, to only 11, with only ½ of them serious. I continue, with only, weekly intravenous treatments and several hours per day of medical treatment. I returned from this mission with infections, ‘bloated’ from water retention and difficulty breathing due to pollution but most importantly I did not lose my memory or become ‘unable to speak or think’.

Special Thanks to Zhang Li for her continued assistance towards helping the Chinese people and ARTI. I met many ‘good’, kind and decent people, in China. All ‘real’ rescue people have ‘a common heart’ which ‘breaks all bounds’. I said to them: “It doesn’t take long for people, of one heart, to become friends”. I am very grateful for their kindness, presentation of many awards, their elaborate formal dinners and their hospitality.

. The Police Chief told me after hearing the details about the libel attack upon ARTI and the substance contained, in my lectures: “You have a friend, in me.” I consider him to be a good friend. A bond was made among serious people. Later, we will be posting 100 pictures including, a picture of the Armed Police Chief of China's presentation of a gold plague, to me, from the Armed Police Force of China.

Thank you, my good friends, in China.

I am so grateful, to God, for allowing me to help people again.

My missions to Indonesia (arranged by ARTI Indonesian Team Co-coordinator ‘Budi’ Budisarian) was, also, a tremendous success. A lot more later.

see The American Rescue Team International//Quake Alarm Indonesian Poster

Did you know?

(An excerpt from the rough speech prepared for Chinese Government Officials regarding the Triangle of Life) History:

‘Duck and cover’ was created as a political, and propaganda tool during the cold war. The problem is that In the United States it started as part of an advertising campaign to calm the populations from fear of nuclear warfare. TV commercials were made to promote ‘duck and cover’ with ‘cute’ jingles sung to the theme of ‘duck and cover’. This had very little basis in logic or reason; for example, one of the commercials had a ‘cartoon’ , ‘animated’ family in a clearing of the forest. The father, mother, son, daughter and pet dog were having a picnic. They had a blanket spread out on the ground with sandwiches and other picnic treats set upon it. They were happy. All of a sudden, a flash of brilliant light, appeared in the distance. They all new it was an atomic explosion. They all continued to smile because they knew how to be safe. The boy lead the way by lifting the blanket and sticking his head underneath. The father smiled approvingly and put his head underneath the blanket. The rest of the family did the same. The dog even stuck his head underneath, next to the boy. The scene changed to a view of them all under the blanket smiling at each other, in complete safety. The musical jingle continued to singing the words that ‘duck and cover’ would make you safe. The Dept of Civil Defense adopted ‘duck and cover’ in their publications concerning Urban heavy rescue ( this manual was essentially a ‘grown –up’ adaptation of the boy scout manual on tying knots and using walking sticks; however, it told you to ‘duck and cover’.). This was 1952.

In 1952 Television had not yet been tarnished. Everything that appeared on Television was taken as absolute fact. The propaganda was set. Mission accomplished. Duck and Cover was not created as a means to save lives during building collapse. It is not being challenged by the ‘triangle of life” as a new and improved means of surviving building collapse. It was created by a marketing Dept as a propaganda tool to calm the population during a time of potential political unrest. Duck and Cover as a safety procedure is statistically a complete failure. This is why 98% of the population dies during building collapse

Things have changed. ‘Duck and cover’ has been ‘burned’ into the minds of the populations from mandatory teaching and drills, in schools. The children are taught, to drop to their knees and crawl under their desks. During structural failure this results in almost 100% death. A survivor becomes a Television celebrity because it so rare for a survivor to exist.

The ‘duck and cover’ process is perpetuated by bureaucratic intransigence. Everyone knows how difficult it is to change something that is ‘burned’ into the minds of a population by a bureaucracy who initially had an objective of convincing a population for political purposes and then became its own ‘victim’; as the children, themselves, grew up to become the bureaucrats.

Galileo had a similar problem, in convincing people; that the earth was not the center of the universe. The bureaucracy, at the time, being the ‘Catholic Church’ thought it would lose credibility if it admitted that God had not made man and 'man’s home', the Center of the Universe.

Again, Columbus had the same problem convincing ‘the establishment’ that the world was not flat and you would not sail-off or fall-off the edge of the world if you traveled to China. Columbus was right. When I came to China I did not fall of the edge of the world. It was the promise of wealth that convinced the King and Queen of Spain to finance Columbus’ quest not truth or science. .

The Response to perpetuate duck and cover:

‘Duck and cover’ is further perpetuated, in Capitalist countries because it has become commercial, in nature. The American Red Cross with an annual budget of 6 billion to 12 billion dollars is prohibited by law from ‘doing any rescue’; however, they are adamant in perpetuating ‘duck and cover’ because they have convinced (like the Church in Galileo’s time) the American Public that they are experts in safety. They are afraid that a change in policy would make the American Public stop giving them money or it would negatively impact their revenue flow.

The published response of the American Red Cross, through Rocky Lopey, the Director of Disasters, ARC Headquarters (aka. Described by the San Francisco Chronicle as The Marble Palace’), Washington, DC. for example, is to attack me personally, and publish their response. The response by the ARC is to concede , at this point, that the ‘triangle of life’ is appropriate for third world countries but not for the United States ( their financial base). They claim that it is not appropriate for the American public to do ‘triangle of life’ because America does NOT have earthquakes and American buildings do not collapse. The logical and reasonable mind reflects upon 2 quotes of philosophy: “If you can not destroy the message then destroy the messenger”. and “ The path of truth has 3 stages. First it is ridiculed. Secondly, it is violently opposed and thirdly it is accepted as self evident.”

The question is how many people will lose their lives before the American Red Cross and those that are like them will find the way to capitalize on the ‘triangle of life’ and adopt it as being self evident and I expect that the American Red Cross; will then, have the nerve, to take credit for creating the Triangle of Life.

It has been as difficult to change policy from the ‘brainwashed ‘belief in ‘duck and cover’ as it had been for Galileo and Columbus.

Read the actual speech as published and distributed, in the Chinese Government Book (in English and Chinese): The First International Forum: China City’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation both in English and Chinese.

In this publication, of Doug Copp’s written speech, the reference to the American Red Cross was changed to:” A Major Commercial Interest”…6 to 12 billion dollars revenue source per year…from ‘duck and cover’...etc..etc..

Watch Doug’s actual speech to the 1st International Forum: China City’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. This post production Quality Program was created by the Chinese Government. Some excerpts were broadcast on Chinese Television This video is being widely circulated and viewed, throughout China. (This video requires it be downloaded fully, and the DIVX Codec to be installed on your PC before it can be viewed)

Watch the 2nd 'Meeting' with the Chinese Armed Police at their National Headquarters. This is, also, broadcast quality as prepared by the Chinese Government. . The post production Quality Program was created by the Chinese Government. Some excerpts were broadcast on Chinese Television and are being widely circulated and viewed, throughout China. (This video requires it be downloaded fully, and the DIVX Codec to be installed on your PC before it can be viewed)

The broadcast video of my third speech, in China, to the National Rescue Team of China (The largest Earthquake Administration Organization, in the world with 12,000 employees devoted solely to Earthquake Survival and Rescue.) is being prepared for the website.

See some of the 6 newspaper stories concerning Doug Copp’s Chinese lectures and the joint co-operation between the Chinese Government Ministries and ARTI. (Sorry they are in Chinese until translated by Chinese ARTI members). The Beijing Daily News and The Beijing Youth Daily (Both Major National Publications with many millions of daily copies circulated throughout China). The Third Chinese Newspaper, also, has a picture of Doug.

– Update on Tsunami mission, Feb 20, 2005

Copp has had another set back. He is still too ill to go to a disaster or even a city without having severe respiratory and organic brain syndrome attacks. Copp’s Doctors continue to treat him with weekly intravenous injections and now he is back to taking antibiotics and steroids to treat infections caused by exposure to even the smallest amounts of pollution. Copp will try again in another 6-12 months to go to a city.

Please refer to the following three documents;

Lothar Salm - Letter

Dr. Boucher - Letter

Ralf Kulisch - Letter

– Tsunami, Southwest Asia -. Rescue Team International is on it's way back to India after this latest devastation.(see prior India Mission on homepage, scroll down). - More information soon to follow...

We look forward to reuniting with our wonderful friends, in the Indian Government and private sector. Rescue Team International members, in India, have been working; since, the beginning of the disaster. RTI will be bringing the equipment to locate the most difficult and complexly hidden corpses, The only machine, in the world, that can locate dead victims. Also, as in the 2001 earthquake we plan to be working with the Indian Ministry of Health to prevent epidemic. (See the details of our work, below).As the world’s most experienced primary disaster mitigation organization; we will be providing tactical information, prior to actual occurrence, to minimize loss and reduce suffering. As always, we are multi-national, all volunteer, non profit and use money out of our own pockets, to help.

Oct 13-21,2005. Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

December 26, 2004

– New York World Trade Center towers collapse after hit.

September 11, 2001

ARTI was on scene at Ground Zero after the New York World Trade Center towers collapse after hit. Using the Copp Casualty locator, ARTI team members searched throughout the site.
Read more....

Doug Copp under a beam marked by FEMA : " DO NOT ENTER UNSTABLE!

This is a color photograph. The air was so full of soot from the burning jet fuel that the picture required, to be 'lightened', for doug to be visible, at all. Doug crawled under this beam and went 2 levels deeper; searching through a mile of underground rubble, smoldering fires (on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4 th levels Below Ground Zero) crushed subways and sheer hell. Doug's face and entire body are covered in soot.

His repirator failed. Although the EPA said the air was unharmful. Doug was poisoned through his mouth, nose, skin, and eyes. Millions of tons of rubble are above this beam.

CNN reported that FEMA (paid government employees) refused to search this area because it was too dangerous. Doug has never refused to search a collapsed building, no matter how dangerous and had searched many buildings, on many occassions after FEMA had been too afraid. This time they were right. It was too dangerous. I did it anyway with no regrets. It had to be done. This was doug's 894 th search and his last. Doug went into this hell 4 times. Twice by himself.

Video of ARTI Below ground Zero..White light as seen on 'Inside Edition'.

Video of ARTI Below Ground Zero ..the Darkest Place on Earth..as seen on 'Inside Edition'.

Sorry only high bandwidth versions for now. If you cannot play right click and save target as... and view from your harddrive.

Click here to view -Short Video Clip Doug Copp at Ground Zero, the site of the New York World Trade Center towers collapse. requires QuickTime.)

Seattle Earthquake

ARTI chief, Doug Copp, arrived in Seattle, as a result of this letter. Please read.You will understand the desperate need for the 'triangle of life'. This woman was later informed by Washington State Officials that it is cheaper and less trouble to deal with dead children (from 'duck and cover') than deal with a possibly cut child (who would possibly sue)Understand that many Washington State Officials have purchased Copp's training films ( which all include material about the 'Triangle of Life'. Copp starts every training session with the 'triangle of life'. Dead rescuers don't rescue anybody; however, financially they consider it cheaper for victims to die.

ARTI Chief, Doug Copp appeared on a one hour prime time special, FOX Network, throughout North America. Saturday March 3, Sunday March 4th 2001 to tell the world about the Triangle of Life.

south india

Jan 26, 2001 ARTI on route to India

Friday Jan 26, 2001 a major magnitude - 7.9 earthquake hit Southern India. ARTI team members have been deployed and will be searching through the rubble in hope of finding survivors. Read More....

Read this thank you letter from his Royal Highness, the Maharajah of Kutch, India, thanking Doug Copp and ARTI for our life saving work in India.


El Salvador Earthquake Jan 13, 2001

January 13, 2001 an earthquake measuring 7.6 in magnitude struck El Salvador, 65 miles off the shore, southwest of San Miguel.

Our team ( USA, Canada, Honduras, El Salvador, Israel, UK) arrived in Honduras within 24 hours and we were the first team , to arrive. ARTI Chief, Doug Copp personally visited every part of the country affected. Our work was broadcasted on TV as a ‘package’ to all the major networks, worldwide. BBC Radio world service carried Mr. Copp's 2 interviews to a combined audience of 260 million listeners.

God Bless Continental Airlines for arranging the approval for coordinating our flights from all over the world to land in Honduras.

ARTI has worked most of the major disasters, worldwide since 1985. At every imaginable disaster ARTI is trained and ready. Earthquakes, Explosions, Tornados, Landslides, Hurricanes, Mudslides, Mine Collapse, Rockslides, Water Rescue, Toxic Clouds, Fire Storms, Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue and incidents like the 'Rescue on Mt. Everest, the Explosion in Oklahoma City and 'The Occupation of the Japanese Ambassador's Residence in Peru'.

Founded in 1985, The American Rescue Team International EPRC/ARTI is a 501(c)3, non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization and an internationally recognized humanitarian rescue organization operating within the framework of the Geneva Convention and Protocols. Our purpose is to save lives, reduce suffering and to assist in the reduction of the devastating aftermath caused by catastrophic events.

The American Rescue Team has formed broad-based cooperative alliances with rescuers/ rescue teams in 32 countries. This unites the best resources and people creating solutions for critical life saving and disaster problems.

For these ARTI team members the key-point of life saving is our ability to respond to the unexpected, to create an environment that fosters continuous innovation, self-reliance, and a care for our neighbors in distress, whether in Mexico, Japan, Turkey or in your neighborhood. ARTI is ready to respond appropriately to any hazardous condition or environment which thrusts people or the environment into peril.

ARTI is constantly ready and strive to:

  • Provide the Right People 
  • Save the Greatest Number of Lives 
  • Contain the Event at the Lowest Possible Level 

The team's technological capabilities are some of the most advanced systems available. The utilization of advances in Doppler radar satellite technology, satellite communications systems and Life Location equipment, is transferred to lifesaving. ARTI responds to catastrophic emergencies anywhere, anytime.

ARTI assist Government Agencies, throughout the world, to be more functional and effective during the disaster; by modifying their systems not dramatically changing them just modifying with methods and knowledge ARTI has acquired at the world's disasters.

ARTI has advised the Army, Navy, Air Force, Fire Depts., Ministry of Communication, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Civil Defense even Presidents and Prime Ministers.

ARTI has learned 'what works' and what can be easily implemented 'on the spot' to reduce loss of life and suffering. Regulations and over regulation, licensing, permitting and bureaucratic " bias of choice" and their corresponding systems, can cost lives during a major disaster.


At 7:50 PM, July 18, 2008. Atlantic Time, Canada.

The Triangle of Life

was boadcasted to an initial audience of

500 (FIVE HUNDRED) million people.

CCTV of China (CCTV is the largest TV Network on planet earth with 60 stations and an average audience of 500 million people) sent a film crew to the home of the discoverer of the Triangle of Life , Doug Copp, to film this feature program; because, doug was too sick from his 911 injuries, to travel.

We are grateful to the Chinese Government, CCTV, Jenny Fang (CCTV producer), Jimmy at Nova Sky Productions and the many other individuals who collaborated to prevent 'duck and cover' from killing more people, in the future.

doug copp

Watch the *Tsunami Survival* Public Service Commercial

created by Lisa at Stardust Productions for worldwide TV distribution, via ARTI.

Click Here: to watch or download a video message from:

His Majesty, His Royal Highness, Maharao Shri Pragmulji Sawai Badadur of Kutch, from Ranjit Villa Palace,

thanking ARTI and Doug Copp for providing the expertise to save lives, reduce suffering and calm the minds of himself and the people of Kutch during their darkest hours of need.

Watch the award winning Public Service TV Video created by Doug Copp, Lisa Haywood at stardustfilms.net and QuakeAlarm.com. TV Commercial #2 triangle of life.earthquake.

Watch the award winning Public Service TV Video created by Doug Copp, Lisa Haywood at stardustfilms.net and QuakeAlarm.com. TV Commercial #3 triangle of life.earthquake.

'Pancho' Efrain Huamann, ARTI-Peru is honored as a member of ARTI by being an invited guest of Governor Pataki and Mayor Giulianni's Offices at the 1st anniversary of 911. The Ceremony was held at Ground Zero. Doug Copp was too sick, from his 911 injuries, to attend the ceremony; therefore, Pancho took his place.

(This is the same jumpsuit uniform which the AJ and Thompson Lang ridiculed in the Albuquerque Journal because it states 'bombero'(firefighter) on the back. We were marked as 'Bomberos' out of respect for our Spanish speaking members and the fact that we work in hundreds of Latin American Disasters. We consider the Albuquerque Journal, Thompson Lang, publication of this reference to be 'racial' and 'hate based'.)

Also, ARTI members were described as 'disaster buffs', 'rats to go down a rat hole' and the words 'phony', 'knucklehead' and 'buffoon' were also used to get revenge against Copp and ARTI for 'throwing the publisher out of our ARTI 911 Command Headquarters for repeatedly interfering with our rescue mission.

All of this palled in comparison to the fabricated picture of Copp's penis hanging out of his jumpsuit which Lang published on the front page of his newspaper.)

ARTI was invited to participate, at the 911 ceremony, in recognition of ARTI's work at Ground Zero and the recovery of 72 body parts, using the Copp casualty locator, at the Staten Island Landfill, from Sept till December 2001.

Pancho (seen in red jump suit) as a member of ARTI is honored with other 911 Organizations; such as, NY State Troopers, NYFD, NYPD, The USA Military and others; such as, Robert De Niro (in the suit.)

A prayer is being said.

The circle of honorees seen from a distance. Robrt De Niro and Senator Clinton, also, met with and were part of the ceremony to honor ARTI and other Organizations who worked at 911. Pancho met with and was given Robert De Niro's personal business card with home number and address.

A women crying during the ceremony.

Three NYFD members pose for a group photo after the ceremony.

Scroll down this SIDE !!! We are posting every day till we have hundreds and possibly thousands more web pages documenting our humanitarian missions.

You will find that no other rescue/recovery/disaster mitigation and management organization, governmental, non-governmental or The Red Cross, has comparable success or experience saving lives and reducing suffering.

This is understandable when you consider that we made co-operative alliances and political agreements which allowed our team to go to disasters, around the world when no other organization could. For 12 years no country would allow FEMA entry.

We are proud of the fact that we have persisted in our good efforts; in spite of, the 'fakery', incompetence and malfeasance of FEMA. Since 1989, we have been attacked by FEMA; because, we would not keep silent, be intimidated or prevented from helping victims who were discarded and mistreated by FEMA.

FEMA 's actions have , on many ocassions, been upsetting to genuine people who are trying to save lives and reduce the suffering of victims.

After 'The New Orleans Incompetence of FEMA' and the FAKE (Fraudulent) FEMA Press Conference; during, the California Wild Fires, most Americans, now understand, why FEMA has been unwelcome and been rejected by other countries.

At many disasters, ARTI was carrying the torch for America while FEMA was not permitted into the country. Once the facts are known, it is easy to understand why some members of FEMA have joined with the Albuquerque Journal in an attempt to cause harm to Copp and ARTI.

We accomplished our humanitarian objectives, as unpaid volunters who always lost wages from our regular jobs, paid most of our own expenses and sacrificed much more.

See newspaper and magazine articles, awards, certificates, diplomas, trophies, missions, emails, badges, records, videos, lectures, copp publications, affidavits, testimonies, an award winning global warming TV program, saving the World Heritage Site: Nasca Lines and lots more interesting material.

CLICK HERE !!!Open this FIRST!!!
In Memorial of All Natural Disasters' Victims:

A compendium of Copp articles (57 pages, fully illustrated with 32 PIX):

The Triangle Of Life

Protecting you from duck and cover.

Duck and Cover is stupid, Bizarre and Suicidal "It is not the earthquake which kills you. Getting crushed under a squashed desk or table kills you.

Misinformation from bureaucrats or phony experts who have never crawled into a collapsed building kills you.

All rescuers agree: You can survive by fleeing the building if you can get out the ground floor or getting into a survivable void, next to a large, bulky object."

doug copp

Doug Copp http://www.amerrescue.org amerrescue@aol.com

57 pages pix & docs
Huge Survival INFO PKG! You NEED TO KNOW THIS!!!.

!!!Open this FIRST!!!
43 pages pix & docs

See the myriad of ARTI humanitarian projects around the world and know why ARTI is the premier organization of results. Every member of ARTI is an unpaid volunteer who is expected to sacrifice and even spend his own money. We do no fundraising. ARTI saves lives.

Oct 13-21,2005. Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

Doug Copp and ARTI have worked with, saved lives with and risked our lives with; many Red Cross Agencies, in many countries. Only the American Red Cross are not recommended, by ARTI. We have delivered, donated and distributed hundreds of crutches, wheelchairs, and boxes of medical supplies to Red Cross and Red Crescent Agencies. Other Red Cross Agencies asked ARTI to request assistence from the American Red Cross, by donating surplus and expired supplies. The American Red Cross flatly refused to help them; even with supplies, to go into, the garbage.

ARTI stepped in and helped supply 10 different Mexican Red Cross agencies with medical supplies. We did this for no charge. It cost our individual members time and money from our own pockets.

It is an old but sad story. We have seen it; repeatedly, even in America.

Click here to see doug's original Mexican Red Cross Badge.


ARTI Rescue as seen on ABC Network, Prime Time Special. This program filmed, edited, scripted and produced by GRB Entertainment has been broadcast hundreds of times throughout the world.See ARTI save a little girl who survived in the 'triangle'next to her sofabed while her brother was squashed under the kitchen table'.

The Worlds Deadliest Earthquakes!

Narrated by James Woods

Saving the life of Tugba Altun, a brave little girl, trapped under nine floors of concrete for four days.

See for yourself another ARTI miracle.

28.8kbps or 56kbps
requires Windows Media Player

Important Links and Articles

*The Triangle of life email sent from friend to friend, to millions, around the world.*

*Triangulo de la vida email espanol*


Doug Copp's official
WTC Emergency (Badge #3119)

Doug Copp, in Greece, 1986.

Doug saved the lives of 2 French rescuers, in this hole. The Greek Government, Generals, President, US Ambassador and the Greek Communittees as far away as Australia thanked Doug, for his work in saving lives and reducing suffering. This was one of the first 100 collapsed buildings that Doug had crawled into

Click here to read an article from
The Self Reliance Journal written by Doug Copp about ARTI (The American Rescue Team International) and it's wide gamut of humanitarian projects.

Click here to read an article from
The Oakland Tribune about ARTI saving lives.

Click here to read an article from
Self Reliance Journal Magazine about Saving the little Turkish girl, Tugba Altun, buried alive under 9 floors of rubble.A Minute by minute account.Read the "minute by minute' rescue that defied death.

Click here to read 
The Engineering News-Record's ( the premier Engineering publication, in the entire world) coverage of the aftermath of Kobe, Japan earthquake with pictures of Doug Copp risking his life under the rubble.

Click here to view
photos of the ARTI watch distributed by Casio throughout Asia. The advertisement Doug Copp as they were published throughout Asia.

*ARTI/Copp/BBC Global Warming Film set in 2050. The First year that 'weather' became the leading cause of death. Watch 'Future Storm'.* This 1 hr program had a huge impact worldwide.Copp is seen going from disaster to disaster saving lives and reducing suffering with actual disaster video.It followed Copp's life for a year.

see The American Rescue Team International//Quake Alarm Indonesian Poster. The Quake Alarm (sells for less than $20) It accomplishes, for earthquakes the same as smoke detectors do for fires. In one instance, it received the public appreciation of a Governor, for saving the lives of an entire school of children. The Quake Alarm allowed every child to escape, before the school collapsed.The children watched, in safety, as their school collapsed; into a pile of rubble, before their very eyes.

Duck and cover is wrong!

Press here to watch the scientific survival test conducted by ARTI, a Federal Government, a University and a Major City. Real TV broadcast this test around the world.See for yourself what really happens when buildings collapse.You will never look at a desk without cringing. Duck and cover is proven to be certain death.

Click here to read; "How to Survive Building Collapse." published in The American Survival Guide Magazine

This is important. You will understand everything you need to know to actually survive an earthquake.Learn about survivable voids. Also, discover 'duck and cover's origins; not as a safety program, but as a cold war propaganda campaign. 'Duck and cover' was never intended to save a life. Read for yourself. Interesting and life saving! Read the actual speech as published and distributed, in the Chinese Government Book (in English and Chinese): The First International Forum: China City’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation both in English and Chinese.

Seattle Earthquake

ARTI chief, Doug Copp, arrived in Seattle, as a result of this letter. Please read.You will understand the desperate need for the 'triangle of life'. This woman was later informed by Washington State Officials that it is cheaper and less trouble to deal with dead children (from 'duck and cover') than deal with a possibly cut child (who would possibly sue)Understand that many Washington State Officials have purchased Copp's training films ( which all include material about the 'Triangle of Life'). Copp starts every training session with the 'triangle of life'. Dead rescuers don't rescue anybody; however, financially, these 'bureaucratic experts'(In their own words, said to Anita East about her daughter) consider it cheaper and less trouble for victims to die.

ARTI Chief, Doug Copp appeared on a one hour prime time special, FOX Network, throughout North America. Saturday March 3, Sunday March 4th 2001 to tell the world about the Triangle of Life.

Watch Doug’s actual speech to the 1st International Forum: China City’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation. This post production Quality Program was created by the Chinese Government. Some excerpts were broadcast on Chinese Television This video is being widely circulated and viewed, throughout China. (This video requires it be downloaded fully, and the DIVX Codec to be installed on your PC before it can be viewed)

Watch the 2nd 'meeting' with the Chinese Armed Police at their National Headquarters. This is, also, broadcast quality as prepared by the Chinese Government. . The post production Quality Program was created by the Chinese Government. Some excerpts were broadcast on Chinese Television and are being widely circulated and viewed, throughout China. (This video requires it be downloaded fully, and the DIVX Codec to be installed on your PC before it can be viewed)

See some of the 6 newspaper stories concerning Doug Copp’s Chinese lectures and the joint co-operation between the Chinese Government Ministries and ARTI. (Sorry they are in Chinese until translated by Chinese ARTI members). The Beijing Daily News and The Beijing Youth Daily (Both Major National Publications with many millions of daily copies circulated throughout China). The Third Chinese Newspaper, also, has a picture of Doug.

Copp's Badge from 9-11.

Notice that the surface is worn down from dragging, crawling over concrete and it is impregnated with black soot from the burning jet fuel.The back is like new.

Click here to see the original document



Copp's Badge from AKUT.Turkey.

In 1996 when Doug first went to Turkey, on a rescue mission; he had an opportunity to work with a local mountain climbing club called AKUT. Doug asked them : "What happens in an earthquake? Who rescues the victims buried alive?". The reply was : "No one. They are hauled to the dump." Doug went further and said: " You don't understand. I mean that they are alive!". The response was: "The buildings are bulldozed and they are hauled to the dump with the rubble." Doug said: " I mean ..they are screaming..help us!" The reply was : " It is the will of Allah. They are hauled to the dump."

Doug said: " You guys are intelligent, educated, athletic..I'll teach you to rescue people."

This was the beginning of AKUT as a rescue team. Over the years, Doug Copp returned to Turkey, many times to rescue people and train AKUT.

AKUT is now, sanctioned by the Turkish Government, flown to disasters and saving lives..sometimes with more volunteers than can be handled. The culture has changed. Now, the people are rescued. They are not hauled to the dump. AKUT members tell me that they have saved almost 3,000 lives, to date. Tugba Altun, the little Turkish girl, buried alive and rescued by Doug Copp is one of them.

See the video.28.8kbps or 56kbps
requires Windows Media Player

Click here to see Doug's AKUT Badge with Doug's position described as "Rescue Chief". Doug has many badges from different countries in recognition of his rescue efforts.



Another Certificate/ Award for Copp is from the National Association of Security Professionals of Peru. Mostly American , German, French and Canadian Multi-Nationals. These professionals protect from kidnapping, terrorism, guerilla attacks, corporate espionage and other threats.

Click here to see the original document



This is a picture of Doug and a Turkish TV reporter with Kosovo Guerillas...hot barrelled machine guns in hand. The Turkish reporter was unaware that these individuals had just ambushed and killed 2 German TV reporters 1/2 an hour earlier.

These guys were ambushing retreating Serbian Troops. They had killed an entire convoy of evacuating Serbian Troops, earlier that day. The road itself was mined with many exploded vehicles.Doug was with a German ARTI member (taking the picture). Doug appeared to be jovial (Guerillas don't like to kill smiling, friendly people.). It was very scary. We were, later, shot at. We were in Kosovo to locate mass murder sites of decomposing bodies, with our technology.

This was the third time that Doug had the experience of falling into the hands of people who had just finished a mass killing and managed to get away..ALIVE! When people just finish a mass killing, for whatever reason, justified or not, there is a dangerous sense of bloodlust in the air.

Click here to see the original document



A Collapsed Gold mine, in Peru. All TV Stations and every newspaper had extensive daily coverage of this rescue. This was the driest region on earth. Cactus couldn't grow here. It was Hell, for 2 weeks. The tents were used for medical supplies and triage. Copp and other ARTI members slept, on the boulders, with the scorpions.

Copp 'overslept' till 6:30 am and got heat stroke.It was a killing place. This picture is remarkable because it was taken at the instant that Doug became overwhelmed with a sense of imminent death. Look in Copp's eyes. Doug , without cause and without precedent shouted for everyone to get out immediately. We fled for our lives. While running, an aftershock occurred. The rubble was falling on our back as we got out of the mine. A second later and we would have been killed. This was a unique and bewildering experience , for Copp.

Click here to see the expanded picture


The President flew in by helicopter to confer with us. Vice President Pandolfi and the owner of the collapsed mine are listening as President Fujimori deferred to Copp's plan. After completing the mission Copp flew back to Lima, on Air Force 1, with President Fujimoiri.



Dated 1997. A plaque presented to Copp/ARTI by the Brigadier General of the National Fire Dept of Peru, for outstanding national Service. Copp is a captain in the National Fire Dept of Peru. This 7,000+ member organization is the largest all volunteer Fire Department, in the world. Copp has worked in 30 plus missions and disasters, in Peru.

Click here to see the plaque



Dated 2001. Another plaque presented to Copp/ARTI by the Brigadier General of the National Fire Dept of Peru, for outstanding national Service. Copp is a captain in the National Fire Dept of Peru. ARTI has signed a co-operative agrement with CBP. This agreement adds another 7,000 members to ARTI and makes all ARTI members members of the Peruvian Fire Dept. ARTI has signed these agreements, all over the world. This gave ARTI more than 30,000 members, at its peak.

Click here to see the plaque



Dated 1998. Another certificate presented to Copp/ARTI by The Southern Peru Company. This company owns the city of Ilo. Copp trained the Fire Dept., Red Cross, Hospital, Police, Army and Company Officials. Copp's training covered Urban Heavy Rescue, Chemical Fires, Explosions, Rockslides, Landslides, Mine Collapse, Toxic Cloud Rescue, Vehicle Extrication and Train Derailment Rescue. The company was so pleased that they doubled Copp's fee as a bonus. Copp charges companies and trains volunteers for free. Copp has trained hundreds of organizations to save lives. Copp donated most of the money to the team.

Click here to see the certificate



Dated 2005: A glass trophy presented to Copp by the Chinese Government.

Click here to see the trophy



Dated 2005. A huge, 4 lb plaque presented to Copp by the Chief of the National Rescue Team of the People's Republic of China. Copp lectured at their headquarters, to members from throughout China. This organization is the largest Governmental Rescue Team, in the world. It has 12,000 members.

Click here to see the plaque



Dated 2005. This gold plaque was presented to Copp by the Commander of the General Hospital of the Chinese People's Armed Police Forces.

Click here to see the gold plaque



Headline of the Times of India. The largest daily circulation paper, in the world. 10,000,000 per day printed. ARTI made the front page for our work saving lives.

Click here to see the original document



Front page story with picture. The expected 200,000-250,000 casualties from the plague were reduced to practically none. Our most successful mission.

Click here to see the original document



Copp was awarded the keys to the city at a public event hosted by the Mayor of Trujillo (pop 1 million). Copp had donated, delivered a defibrillator to the city (first) and another truck load of 'turnouts' for the Fire Dept.

Click here to see the original document



His Royal Highness, Maharao, Pragmalji 111 was very kind to Copp. He gave Copp a thank you video, a wonderful letter and this gift of his namesake Grandfather's Coinage bearing his name, dated 1865.

After sleeping, on the ground, next to the pile of dead bodies, for the 3 previous days. Copp finished his work and went from sleeping, in a tent, for 2 weeks, to sleeping at the Palace.

Copp worked with his highness at orphanages, Temples and schools after the initial rescue and disease prevention period had ended.

Click here to see the gift



Read this thank you letter from his Royal Highness, the Maharajah of Kutch, India, thanking Doug Copp and ARTI for our life saving work in India.


The Chancellor of the National University Confers a medal to Copp, televised nationally. In recognition of many years of humanitarian work and 30 plus missions, in Peru.

Click here to see the medal



Doug was taken to the Collegio Seminario San Carlos y San Marcalo by some leading citizens of Trujillo, Peru. There was a parade and march-by of hundreds of uniformed students for Copp's benefit. The children were singing as they marched and the band was playing. It was very inspiring and made Copp feel happy that he was making progress towards saving school children's lives. We'll put up pictures.

Click here to see the school flag



Copp is awarded a Diploma from the National University. Conferred once per year, to a special individual. It is a great Honor.

Click here to see the original document



Dated 1991. The 'PEOPLE' Section of a californian newspaper article with a picture of Copp wearing the 3rd prototype of the Copp victim locator. Copp and other ARTI members took this mobile rescue school throughout Latin America. This 1 1/2 year mission enabled the team to train hundreds of rescue teams, Fire Departments, Red Cross, Blue Cross, Amber Cross, Police and Military Organizations.

Click here to see the original article



Dated 1999. A huge picture of Copp deep in thought, refelecting on a year of missions in 16 countries and witnessing enough horror to last for 1,000 years. Copp was gone from home for 48 /52 weeks in 1999 and slept in a tent or the 'open ground', for months. Front page newspaper article of Copp: "Alameda Man Lives to save, aid others." Details of Copp saving a little girl buried alive under 100's of tons of concrete rubble. Copp arrived in time, from the other side of the building, to stop an amateur rescue team from mistakenly removing a key piece of rubble which would have killed the trapped child.'

Click here to see the original article



Dated 1999. A newspaper article giving details of saving people buired alive, in rubble. It also, shows one of Copp's inventions. "Rescue: people finding tools are essential."

Click here to see the original article



Copp, multi probe is one of many Copp inventions. It sees, hears, smells to locate both live and dead victims. It is the result of 20 years of sub-component developement. Patent doc's front page.

Click here to see the original document



Copp, multi probe is one of many Copp inventions. It sees, hears, smells to locate both live and dead victims. It is the result of 20 years of sub-component developement. Some components were used by ARTI, Southern Peru Director Efrain Huamann, at the Killing Field's landfill, in NYC. We searched the rubble from the WTC, until December, with the NYPD, looking for body parts, before plowing under. Because of our work with the locator we were invited to attend the ceremony with Robert De Niro and Hilary Clinton. Efrain represented ARTI well at this ceremony. Copp was sick in bed and couldn't attend. Patent diagram.

Click here to see the original document



The only machine, in the world, that can find human remains. Look under the videos section to watch actual footage of bodies; being located and confirmation, of same, by Police and Military Officers, at the scene.Front page patent doc, for Copp.

Click here to see the original document



The only machine, in the world, that can find human remains. Look under the videos section to watch actual footage of bodies; being located, and confirmation of same by Police and Military Officers, at the scene.There is actual footage from 18 major disasters.Schematic Diagram patent doc, for Copp.

Click here to see the original document



Copp on the front page of a San Francisco Bay Area paper. The picture shows Copp with Kosovo kids, in a refugee camp. The little boy Copp is comforting had to endure watching his sister have her arms and legs cut off. Her torso was then publicly raped. After, this obscenity against humanity took place; she was then murdered, by members of a Serbian Private Army. This all took place, in the town square.

After, many such attrocities, the people fled for their lives, into the mountains. They left 'all their worldly possessions' behind. The owner of the private army used this method to capture the property and possessions of the victims. This man had been the financier of President Milosovek. His Private Army of Perverts had been recruited from insane asylums, prisons and heroin addicts.

This was part of a 'special deal' he had with President Milosovek; to take possession of the wealth, of Kosovo. After Serbia, lost the war this 'financier monster' escaped to Paris. A year later, this monster and his son were 'gunned down' in the streets of Paris.

This little boy and Copp's knowledge of the horror of Kosovo inspired Copp to be one of the first to enter Kosovo. Gunfire, explosions, fire, death and destruction were all around Copp. Copp was, in Kosovo, using the casualty locator to find human remains, in mass murder sites.

Under the 'videos button', watch Copp, on German TV, as he searches inside of a 'live' minefield for mass graves of victims of genocide ( note that Copp is seen, in the distance, alone. Nobody would enter the minefield with him. Copp thought 'exposing the murderers' was worth the risk.)

Searching the minefield; driving 30 Km on a mined road, past blown up vehicles; being examined, by guerillas, who had just murdered 4 unarmed civilains, 30 minutes before and the crossfire of bullets and explosiions made 'this mission', the most frightening mission, Copp had ever undertook.

As always, Copp was a volunteer who spent his own money for this humanitarian mission.

Click here to see the front page picture and article



Copp and ARTI have done hundreds of good works other than saving lives, recovering bodies, fostering international co-operation, reducing suffering, helping orphanages, delivering relief supplies, training hundreds of teams, providing mental counselling and a whole litany of good works.

Here we are with Maria Reich, on her death bed. Maria was declared by the Congress of Peru to be 'a national treasure'. She was the leading archeologist, in the world, before her death. The American Ambassador and President were coming to her birthday party. She died the week after this picture; which was a week before her birthday.

ARTI were special guests because Copp had designed the plan to save the Nasca Lines from complete destruction. If you have watched the Discovery Channel or National Geographic then you are familar with the line drawings of birds, monkees, 'spacemen' and such which were gigantic in size and 2,000 years old. El nino had just about destroyed them. Maria who had discovered these world treasures (Declared a United Nations World Heritage Site), 50 years before asked Copp, to save them. We did.

Here is a pix of Maria on her death bed, with Copp and ARTI psychologist Mary Reigel. Also, see an autographed copy of Maria's book with a thank you note, for Copp. We have many formal Government of Peru and Maria Reich thank you letters and lots of pictures before and after we saved the Nasca Lines, from El Nino destruction. You can compare this mission, for the Peruvians to saving the statue of liberty, for the Americans. The American First Nation Publication 'Shaman's Drum' celebrated, this event, with an entire year long promotion.

Click here to see the pix, and autographed book from Maria Reich.

Click here to see the Maria Reich thank you letter..

Click here to see the Peruvian Government letter. page 1.

Click here to see the second page of the Peruvian Government letter.

Click here to see the Mayor of Nasca letter.

Click here to see the doc concerning President Fujimori (President of Peru) and Doug Copp appearing in a Magazine, together; regarding, the Nasca Lines..



– Update on Tsunami mission, Feb 20, 2005

Copp has had another set back. He is still too ill to go to a disaster or even a city without having severe respiratory and organic brain syndrome attacks. Copp’s Doctors continue to treat him with weekly intravenous injections and now he is back to taking antibiotics and steroids to treat infections caused by exposure to even the smallest amounts of pollution. Copp will try again in another 6-12 months to go to a city.++Copp did go to Indonesia as part of the China Mission, June 2005. Copp's health deterorated as a result but he still made it.+++

Please refer to the following three documents;

Lothar Salm - Letter

Dr. Boucher - Letter

Ralf Kulisch - Letter

Doug Copp at Subway Platform Below Ground Zero. This was the only area 'Below the Rubble' where the foul air didn't circulate; only the heat. Copp took off his jumpsuit because the heat from the fires was unbearable.

Video of ARTI Below ground Zero..White light as seen on 'Inside Edition'.

Video of ARTI Below Ground Zero ..the Darkest Place on Earth..as seen on 'Inside Edition'.

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Click here to view -Short Video Clip Doug Copp at Ground Zero, the site of the New York World Trade Center towers collapse. requires QuickTime.)

World Trade Center Supporting Documents

1) Congressman Tom Udall supporting Copp:

"Your prompt consideration would be appreciated."

Udall had seen Copp's arms black and blue from top to botom due to intravenous injections. Copp looked like 'the walking dead'. Copp simply asked for medical help. If Copp would sign his rights away; Copp had been promised compensation within a month of injury. Copp went 2 1/2 years, suffering, without a cent.

Copp refused to die. At a public meeting Udall declared that Copp 'is a true American Hero'. Copp just wanted money for emergency medicine.He didn't need to hear anything about being a hero.

After 3 years Copp received, after lawyers, accountants, specialists, economists were paid...a grand total of $400,000 to pay for $1,960,000.00 of medical expenses and survive for the rest of his life.

You should be aware that a young girl with no permanent injuries was injured as a pedestrian. She received $8.5 million but she was also a member of the same minority neighborhood as the man who decided how much would be paid. I dont begrudge her the money but why was most of the money, allocated by Congress, returned unspent while ordinary victims never got enough for medical treatment?

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2) Congressman Tom Udall supporting Copp:

"I am happy to be of assistence."

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3) Congressman Tom Udall supporting Copp:

" Doug is permanently disabled as a result of his work at ground Zero. ..He is overwhelmed by medical bills, medical procedures and health concerns that will last his lifetime."

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Rod Gale: Copp's driver for twice weekly intravenous injections

He pulled over to the curb more than once to see if Copp had died.

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Stephen Lentz: sworn affadivit submitted to US Justice Dept. supporting Copp:

Understand that it is a very serious felony crime to lie in a sworn affidivit to the US Justice Department.

Oct 13-21,2005. Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

Direct from Lentz' sworn document:

"As I videotaped the operation, Doug Copp and 6 firefighters descended below Tower 11 and searched the area for victims. Several stories below ground level, we waded through water, jet fuel and effluent from ruptured sewage pipes and the Hudson River. It was in the vicinity of a large disabled escalator that I witnessed Doug Copp's fall which injured his spine.

During the duration of ARTI's rescue operations, numerous casualties, including, NYC Firemen, rescue workers, EMTs and policemen were located as a direct result of Doug Copp's efforts and equipment. Since, returning from 911, Mr Copp has sustained debilitating health problems. It is my strong opinion that the nation has a responsibility to provide medical compensation to a man who selflessly volunteered to put himself, in harm's way with the sole purpose of rendering asistence.

...I urge you...to immediately expedite the Victim's Compensation process and provide the services promised to those who courageously answered the nationwide call for help.

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John Reeves:

ARTI member, letter about ARTI at WTC. "Copp's health problems have imperiled his life."


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Sampson Mc Dougall:

Attorney letter to Lang

filing law suit against ABQ Journal/Lang details

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Rita Cosby:

News Anchor Fox/NBC Networks supporting Copp

"Doug is one of the finest individuals I have worked with."...

"Doug was a pivotal individual in the events of 911. He put his life on the line."..

"Doug is one of the toughest people I have met, yet I know his health has suffered immensely from the sacrifices he made during the rescue and recovery following 9-11"....

"Doug is a kind and compassionate person."

"It is painful to hear how he struggles for breath and I feel honored that he still makes the effort to speak to me..."

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Jeff Zucker:

NBC President

Oct 13-21,2005. Good News,

'This text area is being reconstructed.

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Richard Burke Ward:

witnessed Copp in South America given a medal and Diploma Distinction Honorifica (given once a year in recognition for Contribution to Humanity) by national University and a Parade held in his honor. Copp given keys to the city by Mayor of city of 1 million. Copp donated the first heart defibrillator in Northern Peru.

Document sent to Congressman Udall by Richard Burke Ward

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Senator Bingaman:

Supporting Doug Copp

Senator Kennedy forwarded...I can certainly appreciate your frustration.

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Congresswoman Heather Wilson:

She arranged for Copp to get military clearance to fly to NYC. She contacted the Director of the FAA. Copp had no contact with her office to arrange the flight.

Coming Soon!

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Life is for Living

An article written by Copp: The forces of good and evil come to major disasters on all levels of life and reality. I believe that I caught the 'Angel of Death' or 'Grim Reaper' savoring in a delight of two hundred victims. What a bonanza for him - two hundred all at once. In one place, at one time, and surrounding him were thousands of souls no longer of this world.

In my life and in the fifteen hundred times I have faced my own death, I do not like to think of myself as a hero. But at that instant of time, when that 'Angel of Death' or 'Grim Reaper' showed himself to me, I do think upon it with some degree of satisfaction and bewilderment. I think, perhaps, I do have some courage.

Reflecting upon it now I wonder how I will feel when the Grim Reaper comes for me the next time and actually does take me away. In some sense I am living on borrowed time and I hope I use the time wisely. Death ultimately gets us all; we can only hope to escape on a temporary basis.

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Doug Copp's
Medical Records
from WTC Injuries

Marc Murray, a recovering victim of mesothelioma asked us to help by placing this link.

Mesothelioma is a rare cancer that is caused only by asbestos. Mesothelioma.com is one of the web's most current information sources that focuses on this terrible disease.

From Doug Copp: Many 9.11 volunteers are dying from this dreaded disease. Please visit their website for more information.




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