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the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on this Quake Alarm and you will link to a doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.


Thompson Lang
'the 911 monster'

villains and heros



Mesothelioma victims click on the asbestos sign, for help

  Armenian Rescue Team

March 15, 2010*Click here: Our brothers, in Argentina, GOER. Lead by ARTI Director, for Latin America, Facundo Garcia, are training mountain rescue teams in Norway..*

Feb 24, 2010*Click here: Our good friends, in India, Krushna Seva Samithi, helping many disabled and impoverished people, as volunteers have just opened a website. Please check it out and help them with their work.*

Please help Spitak Rescue Team
of Armenia. We now have co-operative agreements with Greece, Turkey and Armenia. ARTI always works for peace and humankind.

ARTI & Doug Copp have signed a formal agreement with Sheldon Karasik & Associates Attorneys of New York and Zurich, to represent our lawsuit against Raynar Ramirez, John Hockenberry, Jeff Zucker of NBC and Leslie Lithicum and Tom Lang, owner of the ABQ Journal. ARTI and Doug Copp expect to be awarded many millions of dollars. Most of this money will be given directly to orphanages and other good works.

Oct 5, 2005.Efrain Huamann, an ARTI member will testify that he recovered the remains of 70 victims from the World Trade Center by using the Copp Casualty locator. Pancho was working with the NYPD and NYFD at the Killer's Fields Landfill, in Staten Island before the rubble from the WTC was ploughed under!!

Dec 2005. The video 'Triangle of Life', by Eagle's Eye Productions, is completed and available from Ed Flemington: Eagles Eye Video Productions 194 Leeside Drive, Sydney, NS.,Canada, B1R 1S6 (902) 562-4414

email: office@eagleseye.ca

The promo video trailer is attached and the back and front DVD Covers are below.

doug copp

the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on the dvd case jacket to see the promotional trailer for this incredible and life changing video. This link will take you to Eagles Eye Video Productions.

Nov 17, 2005 ARTI // Doug Copp have volunteered as expert consultants for the Jeevy Project. This is a pan Islamic Group who are working towards providing health care, food and shelter to survivors of the Pakistani Earthquake. Most of the members of this group are structural engineers who belong to SEANT ( Structural Engineers Association International). Copp first became aware of Mr Syed Faiz Ahmad; as a result of, his support for the 'triangle of life'.

Dear All:

I am pleased to forward an interesting and informative response from Doug Copp. His message can be found at the "foot" of this mail per se.

I know Mr. Doug Copp from an International List Serve. He is a world renowned leader of an International Rescue Team and is the Rescue Chief & Disaster Manager for American Rescue Team International (ARTI). We are very proud to have him with us as our expert-resource. We also are very thankful to him for agreeing to help us in our Jeevey Initiative. The rest you can find out once you read his mail in question. You are also encouraged to visit his web site (URL link given below) where you can learn more about him and his work.


Thank you Doug Copp for your time; we appreciate it, really. And, we also expect to hear more & often from you on this List.

Best regards all.

Syed Faiz Ahmad; MEngg, MASCE Coordinator: Jeevey Initiative Senior Structural Engineer Saudi Oger Ltd P.O. Box: 1449 Riyadh-11431 Saudi Arabia

The Copp message Mr Syed Faiz Ahmad refers to:

Dear Gentlemen:

A comment, as requested.

My background as the Chief of the world's most experienced rescue team; included, 1 1/2 years as UNX-051 with UNDRO.

I worked at more than 100 major disasters prior to becoming poisoned Below Ground Zero at the WTC.

This I can tell you. I absolutely, unequivocally support the United Nations for a multitude of reasons and in a multitude of roles. This Multi-National participation is essential; however, let me introduce some practical realities.

The UN has quotas from different countries. These quotas extend to employees. To be fired from the UN for incompetence is unheard of and the level of incompetence required to be 'fired' exceeds the capability of any imagination.

If a ' crack' unit could achieve the given task in a day then it would take the UN 1 -3 months to achieve the same result.

The UN, in disaster related work is primarily functional in long term , easily planned relief actions; such as , a drought in Ethiopia or a famine in the Sahara. During Earthquakes and monumental immediate response -required- type of disasters everybody is dead long before the UN starts to move.

The term 'Quake Jumpers' might be catchy but it is more than 1 month since these people have been in desperate need. I applaud their efforts, have friends at the UN who are dedicated to functioning in a bureaucracy that 'would make a grown man break down and cry from frustration'; nevertheless, the UN plays an important 'follow-up' long term role not an immediate response role.

It is what it is and you can't turn a cat into a dog no matter how hard you try.

If you want effectiveness; it must come from the private sector. This is as fundamentally true as 'the concept of gravity'.

I applaud their efforts and wish them every success. The UN is essential but do not forget it is the Biggest Bureaucratic Organization in the entire political world. Know it for what it is.

doug copp

Oct 13,2005. Good News, We believe that Tom Lang is getting nervous and lashing out!

Lithicum, on Lang's behalf, has sought to publish her lies against Copp, around the world. On previous occasions she has sent Lang's hatred against Copp to places as far flung as Romania, Turkey and AOL News. There is no financial benefit to Lang's newspapers from many of these efforts to destroy ARTI, around the world, merely revenge. I consider this to be a direct result of revenge, on Lang's part because I scolded him and 'threw him out' of the World Trade Center'.

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

Lang's inherited newspapers

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

These obscene and demeaning pictures and hateful lies were published. Sheldan Kerasik wrote a letter to the editors condemning this brutal attack on Copp.

His letter was not published by the newspapers; however, Here it is:

October 12, 2005 To the Editor (intended for immediate publication as a letter to the Editor):

My law firm represents Mr. Doug Copp in connection with a pattern of defamatory treatment to which he has been subjected by the press arising out of his rescue efforts at the 9/11 site in New York City.

Your October 11th issue carried a Canadian wire service story concerning these rescue activities. Unfortunately, the wire service reporter, Alison Auld, did not do enough of her own reporting, choosing to rely heavily on outrageously false reports from an American newspaper and TV station which were motivated by a personal vendetta which will likely be resolved in an American court of law. Regrettably, we must now consider including your publication in that lawsuit. Limited space prevents me from detailing the many outrageous lies which your report has repeated (a detailed rebuttal could take up the space of an entire issue), libeling Mr. Copp's character, but I would direct readers to his website, http://www.amerrescue.org/, where a more complete account of his activities at Ground Zero can be found.

Among other things, I find the timing of your story very odd. It does not reference any new developments but merely rehashes the defamatory remarks last appearing in the press several months ago. Perhaps you can enlighten me; why did this story appear in your paper yesterday? To all appearances, you are acting as the pawn of larger media forces in an attempt to browbeat Mr. Copp into submission, causing him to abandon his rightful defense of his reputation by brute force. Even more disappointing, you choose to report the mere possibility of a criminal investigation against him without simply waiting to see whether any authority would choose to pursue any such action.

Suffice it to say that Mr. Copp has a long and honorable history of rescue service and he volunteered to go to Ground Zero and assist in the rescue effort there, risking his life without pay to help his fellow man. When he refused to participate in a dog-and-pony show for some reporters who tagged after him nipping at his heels, they retaliated with a defamatory series of articles based on half-truths and outright falsehoods. He then contracted a multitude of documented life-threatening illnesses and was formally adjudicated to be deserving of financial compensation from the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. The funds he received represented only a portion of the monies he needs to complete his treatment, which he cannot afford to pay for himself, ultimately meaning that his life will be cut short by many years.

Very truly yours,

Sheldon Karasik

...Oct 21, 2005..The following was submitted by David Pottier. It is an excerpt from a Washington Post Report concerning the utter lack of concern or caring for basic human life by FEMA:

"Bahamonde ( FEMA New Orleans, and a rare commodity at FEMA (a good man with the courage to stand-up to the FEMA machine) contradicted accounts by Brown that FEMA had positioned 12 staffers in the Superdome before the storm, that Bahamonde's reports Monday were "routine" and that FEMA medical personnel were on hand before Tuesday.

At 11:20 a.m. Aug. 31, Bahamonde e-mailed Brown, "Sir, I know that you know the situation is past critical . . . thousands gathering in the streets with no food or water . . . estimates are many will die within hours."

At 2:27 p.m., however, Brown press secretary Sharon Worthy wrote colleagues to schedule an interview for Brown on MSNBC's "Scarborough Country" and to give him more time to eat dinner because Baton Rouge restaurants were getting busy: "He needs much more that 20 or 30 minutes."

Bahamonde e-mailed a friend to "just tell [Worthy] that I just ate an MRE . . . along with 30,000 other close friends so I understand her concern."

Quote from doug copp:

"I am sad to say that Mr Bahamonde's experiences within FEMA are all too familiar with me. Many years ago,at the beginning of our long experience with FEMA I adopted a policy of 'live and let live' regarding FEMA. They used foreign disasters as CIA Operations. People died, as a result of this.

Our tolerance of FEMA changed when FEMA tried to stop ARTI from saving lives. We fought back and won. For 12 years no country would allow FEMA entry; nevertheless, ARTI was received with open arms. The 'status quo' changed, during 1999, in the Taiwanese and Turkish Earthquakes (both recipients of billions of dollars/ year in US military aid).

FEMA and ARTI fought again. ARTI fought to save lives. FEMA fought to destroy ARTI to get us 'out of the way' from hindering their nefarious actions. In these disasters FEMA was kept , by these governments under strict observation and control. Their movements were restricted to a hotel, a bar-restaurant, and a few hours at a collapsed building. ARTI was given complete unrestricted authority to travel and work anywhere in these countries ; as well as, use of national military helicopters, humvees etc..). ARTI was still winning because FEMA was not capable of doing harm to anyone outside of the collapsed building they were assigned.

ARTI was unable to stop FEMA during domestic disasters. FEMA attacked ARTI again at the Oklahoma City Explosion (scandal still to go public because FEMA was responsible for the death of many explosion victims)

FEMA attacked ARTI again at the World Trade Center because ARTI 'showed-up', 'FEMA's cowardice', to go into the most dangerous parts, of the rubble. FEMA actually posted a sign " DO NOT ENTER UNSTABILE!". I went 4 levels deeper under the rubble, past this sign and crawled through a search area of more than a mile. You can see the sign from FEMA and our search video under the video button, in the header of this website. My appearances on the TV program 'Inside Edition', with footage of ARTI , searching the area, where FEMA members were too cowardly to go; threw them 'into a rage'. I was threatened , again.

Since; I was injured,at the WTC, FEMA has attacked me, repeatedly seeking revenge, for my years of 'getting in the way'. FEMA members continue to send me hatemail. Delighting in my illness and my suffering while making more threats of revenge.

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

contacted these villains at FEMA to enlist them in harming me, and further defaming me. She wrote an entire article of lies from 'FEMA cronies' to get revenge on me. I have the greatest desire to expose these horrible people to public shame via my lawsuit against

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)


(cut until our lawsuit is won.)


I believe this behavior, on the part of FEMA members to be perverted. Continuing to attack and delight in the suffering of a 'rescuer' who was injured at the WTC is more characteristic of perverts than rescuers." These guys arrogantly and publicly publish their self descriptive motto as " The best of the best." Responding to, the last hatemail, I received from FEMA I suggested that their motto should be changed to the " worst of the worst."

end of doug copp quote.

Red Cross plays the suckers again -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Too much generosity goes to Red Cross

Email this story Printer friendly format

BY RICHARD WALDEN Richard Walden is president and chief executive of Operation USA, a disaster relief agency based in Los Angeles. This is from the Los Angeles Times.

September 27, 2005

With Hurricane Rita making news, it's time for Americans to take a more disciplined look at their tremendous generosity.

As of last week, the American Red Cross reported that it had raised $826 million in private funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. The Chronicle of Philanthropy has the total figure at more than $1.2 billion for all relief groups reporting. So the Red Cross received about 70 percent of all giving.

This percentage was no doubt bloated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's mystifying release to the media of the names of 19 faith-based charities (plus the Red Cross, Humane Society and three lesser-known groups) to which the public should donate - rather than the much wider group of established relief agencies.

This skewed giving to the Red Cross would be justified if the organization had to pay the cost of the 300,000 people it has sheltered. But FEMA and the affected states are reimbursing the Red Cross under contracts for emergency shelter and other disaster services. The existence of these contracts is no secret to anyone but the American public.

The Red Cross carefully says it functions only by the grace of the American people - but "people" includes government, national and local. What we've now come to expect from a major disaster is a Red Cross media blitz.

The national Red Cross reports it spent $111 million last year on fundraising alone. Its fundraising vastly outruns its programs because it does very little or nothing to rescue survivors, provide direct medical care or rebuild houses. After 9/11, the Red Cross collected more than $1 billion, a record in philanthropic fundraising after a disaster. But the Red Cross could do little more than trace missing people, help a handful of people in shelters and provide food to firefighters, police, paramedics and evacuation crews.

A clamor arose when the media began dissecting Red Cross activities in the 9/11 aftermath. This resulted in the resignation of the organization's president and chief executive, Bernadine Healy, and the appointment of ex-Sen. George Mitchell (D-Maine) to oversee its 9/11 fund and help clean up its image. Funds were then pushed out the door - including millions to New York limo drivers who said they lost income after 9/11 and to upscale residents of lower Manhattan to help pay utility bills.

The organization also ran into trouble after the 1989 San Francisco Bay Area earthquake when it was revealed that it planned to spend only a fraction of the millions of dollars it had collected in the area damaged by the earthquake. When the Bay Area's mayors found out, they insisted that these funds be spent on housing, homeless shelters and health clinics. The Red Cross had to waive, for one time only, its long-standing policy against funding non-Red Cross groups.

The Red Cross expects to raise more than $2 billion before Hurricane Katrina-related giving subsides. If it takes care of 300,000 people, that's $7,000 per victim. I doubt each victim under Red Cross care will see more than a doughnut, an interview with a social worker and a short-term voucher for a cheap motel, with a few miscellaneous items such as clothes and cooking pots thrown in.

The Red Cross' 3 million unpaid volunteers, 156,000 of whom it says are deployed in Hurricane Katrina, are salt-of-the-earth Americans. But asking where all the privately collected money will go and how much Red Cross is billing FEMA and the affected states is a legitimate question - even if posed by the president of a small relief agency.

As Hurricane Rita dissipates, let me answer my unpopular question like this: Giving so high a percentage of all donations to one agency that defines itself only as a first-responder and not a rebuilder is not the wisest choice. Americans ought to give a much larger share of their generous charity to community foundations, grassroots nonprofit groups based in the affected communities and a large number of international "brand name" relief agencies with decades of expertise in rebuilding communities after disasters.

Oct 5, 2005. A terrific announcement regarding Doug Copp and ARTI's efforts to save lives!

In a message dated 10/4/2005 6:48:54 P.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, Rosita@legacyhomesnw.com writes:

There is a disaster preparedness event planned at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on October 21 & 22nd. I checked to see what it was going to be about and was shocked to learn that one of their demonstrations will be "Duck & Cover" I just thought you might like to be aware of this. I have also learned that despite your television coverage in this area many are still being taught duck & cover. Maybe it's time to come wake the Seattle area up before it's to late. Many say this area is due for a big earthquake soon.

Thank you,

Rosita Wears

Dear Rosita:

We are making a 90 minute video called the 'Triangle of Life'. The producer is almost finished. I am getting a first edit tomorrow.

I am profoundly pleased because it uses real footage of myself and my team saving the lives of victims in the 'triangle of life' , actual footage in the disasters, and a fantastic interview with tremendous accompanying and illustrative footage.

Most importantly and with great clarity it shows the utter insanity of 'duck and cover', from it's birth as a series of 'Cold War' propaganda commercials. The commercial we use shows a family at a picnic. When the NUCLEAR FLASH from the Atomic Bomb appears, in the distance.... the singing jingle of 'Bert the Dancing Civil Defense Turtle' starts to sing while the mother, daughter, son and pet dog all 'duck and cover', under the blanket.

Except for the father at the barbecue!

He can't reach the blanket!

He is too far away!

He puts a newspaper over his head and 'duck and covers' under it!!

I am not kidding! I am serious!

This is how 'duck and cover' started. It absolutely 'blows my mind' . I am left incredulous.

When I think back of all the crushed, squashed bodies; especially little children ....and their pools of blood .... I have crawled past and through, in the rubble, emerging with their blood on my body and clothes..... all as a result of this utterly bizarre propaganda campaign getting out of control.... I am left speechless. This is where the policy of 'duck and cover' which has a Universal 98% death rate originated. To understand that many millions of people have died because of this ludicrous nonsense is bewildering.

Bloodsuckers and completely immoral, unethical and indeed murderous phony 'experts' have been promoting it ever sense.

Anyone who sees this film will be bewildered, shocked and stunned that they could have possibly been so 'brain washed' as to believe they could have possibly 'duck and covered'. The viewer will feel like he woke up from a trance.

I have spent 10+ years in preparation to make this film. Financial beneficiaries of 'duck and cover' have libeled me, slandered me and done every kind of slimy, deceitful, evil and mean thing to me except 'drag me out and hang me'. Well, this video makes it all worthwhile.

Finally, it all came together with our footage, our script, and our genius producer ( Ed Flemington). I believe this video is a masterpiece and will save millions of lives. This video will finally squash 'duck and cover'.

The following link is something we did not use but it is a parody of 'duck and cover'.

Check this out -

The videolink is available by clicking on the ARC Red Dollar Cross.

 Duck and Cover is Stupid, Bizarre and Suicidal For more info:

My speech to the Chinese Government, July 2005, starts with:

"An MSN conversation between doug copp, ARTI Chief, and John Mc Intosh, ARTI webmaster about a triangle of life speech, in China:

cybersurfer says: Duck and cover is valid for snow ball fights, among children, not for building collapse Doug says: That is good. I might use that. cybersurfer says: Hey use this one, too, duck and cover is useful for locating the children when its all over.. just look under the desks cybersurfer says: That wet spot under the desk is "Little Bobbie" Doug says: no kidding Doug says: I remember

I remembered crawling up and down the aisles of a collapsed school and seeing every child squashed. Only a little hand or foot escaped. This was in Mexico City, in 1985. I learned that ‘ duck and cover’ was death and people survive in spaces next to desks. I discovered the ‘triangle of life’ or ‘it discovered me’. " To read the English Text (13 pages of information which teach you how to survive while others will die) of my speech to 5 different Government Agencies, of the People's Republic of China (as published by their Government) press on the following link:


I am copying this email and sending it to some interested people.

Doug Copp

A response to my email:

At 09:30 10/5/2005, you wrote:


Congratulations on the upcoming film. I checked the "Bert the Turtle" safety film link and one thing that really stood out was that while little Bert ducked and covered himself in his shell and remained safe, the nearby house was blown completely off its foundations.

From this film, we all learned one very important lesson, and that is, while an atomic blast has enough force to blow a two story house away it does not have enough force to blow a turtle away. I think there is a second lesson in that scene - the children had entered the house and ducked and covered for safety. Yea!

Seconds later the entire house was blown into oblivion by the outgoing atomic wind. I was saddened that they did not show the next phase of the atomic wind and that is the return trip as the wind gets sucked back into the blast zone.

Mom and the kids could have waved from the safety of their duck and cover hiding places as the structurally intact house rushed past Bert heading for the intense heat of the atomic blast. You could almost hear little Johnny say, "Hey Mom, pass the marsh mellows."

I think we both know that FEMA knows what is safe and what kills. From the recent events in New Orleans, we both know what type of expertise runs FEMA. I think we both know that tis issue is all about liability. Imagine the law suits that would spring forth if FEMA ever changed its stand on "Duck and Cover" and admitted they had been wrong for all those years. Every surviving relative of every victim that was ever located under something would have grounds for a law suit.

There is only one way to increase your chances of surviving a structural collapse and that is to be inside a Triangle of Life. Get one today. They're Free!

Duck and Cover is Stupid, Bizarre and Suicidal

Best Regards

David Pottier,


TEERS International

Sept 12, 2005. MORE FEMA DISASTER !!!! MORE SINISTER!!!! Better to keep an inept 'horse show socialite', like Michael Brown than someone from METRO DADE. Read Below and find out why.

An email received by Doug Copp and reply: In a message dated 9/10/2005 4:29:17 A.M. Atlantic Daylight Time, David_Pottier@Shaw.Ca writes:

subject: RIGHT ON!! - Finally

FEMA Head Loses Relief Role Coast Guard Official Takes Over Recovery; Death Estimates May Fall


response from doug copp:

The guy Bush put in charge of FEMA, David Paulison, was the head of Metro-Dade. Metro Dade was the first 'rescue' organization to use disasters to kill. They 'got into trouble' and were exposed for their 'work' in Latin America. During 1989 knowledge of their criminal, illegal and nefarious activities became known by every Minister of Health , every Minister of Civil Defense and every Ambassador to the United Nations from every country, in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. FEMA used Metro Dade's 'screw-ups', in military intelligence operations to 'stick their nose in' and get a 'piece of this financial pie'. Michael Brown was an incompetent 'horse show socialite'. David Paulison belonged to an organization tainted with using disasters as an opportunity to kill unsuspecting victims while offering to help. I can think of nothing more immoral.

Among Metro Dade's criminal actions, METRO -DADE was used to supply illegal troops and weapons to wars unauthorized by the US Congress. In fact, Congress prohibited USA military involvement.

How does Doug Copp, know all this? Well, easy. Doug Copp was UNX -051, at the United Nations International Emergency Network, during this time period. He wrote and mailed all the letters to hundreds of Ambassadors and Federal Ministers which exposed Metro Dade. Why did he do that? because he was tired of watching innocent victims being murdered. How does he know it is true? He not only witnessed and wrote in the smallest detail all of these nefarious and murderous activities of Metro Dade but DOUG JEWITT, METRO DADE CHIEF,AT THE TIME, OFFERRED HIM AND JOSE ORTEGA (ARTI MEMBER) MONEY TO BECOME EMPLOYEES AND JOIN THEM IN USING RELIEF PLANES TO SMUGGLE TROOPS.

Doug says: "Can I prove these accusations? You bet I can! I will, also, testify before Congress and take a 'lie detector test'."

Metro Dade is responsible for the death of many disaster victims; including, 300 trapped victims at Rubin Dario Shopping Center, El Salvador , 1986. Caroline Hebbard told Doug Copp that she had witnessed Doug Jewitt on a lecture podium, after 'having too much to drink'. He told the audience: " We don't risk our lives to rescue them (referring to people trapped inside of collapsed buildings). They are all vegetables anyway!(meaning the people buried alive are all emotionally shaken by their ordeal)" He was rushed of the stage and demoted (for telling the truth).

In other words, he informed the crowd that the people they were sent to 'rescue', people trapped inside of collapsed buildings, were all allowed to die without 'these evil bastards' making the slightest effort to save them.

Doug Copp quote: " I not only saw this but I saw rescuers, from other countries, who were angry about this murder and were trying to get past Metro Dade's guards to rescue the victims; being dragged away by Metro Dade's enforcers."

Metro Dade has a long history of murder, espionage and using relief planes to do covert actions. The USA Department of Defense has been their 'banker' for 'training' contracts throughout Latin America; since, the early 1980's.

Doug Copp Quote: "Do I personally know Paulison? I can't say for sure. I don't remember him; however, anyone who comes from such a high position at Metro Dade must have participated in these horrible and CRIMINAL actions. He should be investigated by Congress to determine his participation and knowledge of Metro Dade's covert military, intelligence and criminal actions. Ollie North got caught. These guys have escaped criminal prosecution, so far."

excerpt from www.amerrescue.org The ARTI // White House Document Prior to 9-11 :

Over the years, the White House has contacted Copp and Copp has contacted the White House. Phone records will prove this. During the Clinton years the White House Office contacted Copp many times regarding illegal activities, during prior Administrations, in Latin America. As far back as, 1986 Copp had cancelled a meeting with Senator Christopher Dodd of Conn., concerning these matters. Copp cancelled this scheduled meeting, at the pleading, of other members of ARTI who were frightened.

Copp has volumes of details which will create several large scandals if brought to daylight. Copp was an eyewitness to, observer of and informed of (by other witnesses) 20 years of activities, in many countries which ranged from 'murder' to criminal and always immoral actions.

Prior to 9-11, Copp was asked to create a report for the White House; given the private fax number for Andrew Card jr., the Chief of Staff, for President Bush; by Dr Kenneth L.Dupuy, a Republican looking for a White House Appointment. Copp was told that within 20 minutes of transmission the document would be on President Bush's desk. A copy of this fax was concurrently faxed to Bill Reeves, Managing Director of ARTI, 2001. It should be noted that Bill advised against informing President Bush of the immoral use of disasters and the subsequent death of innocent victims. My conscience dictated otherwise.

Copp was asked to give an analysis of the impact of the 2001 earthquake on the stability of the country of El Salvador. Copp went farther , than that, and opened a 'can of worms' about the morally bankrupt policy of using major disasters as covert military and intelligence opportunities. Copp went further. The White House received the names of the operatives. The names are blanked out in this posting. You must know that these same people, repeatedly, responsible for deaths of innocent victims, at foreign disasters did their same work in Oklahoma City and the WTC. Copp is willing to testify before Congress and take lie detector tests.

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)


(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

This is a lie. Copp told Mike Miller, a Lang lackey (see peter Donahue's affidavit); that he would use his contacts if necessary. It wasn't necessary. Copp got his badge and other ARTI Badges through the NYPD. The NYPD Officer, in charge already knew Copp and told Copp that he was 'relieved that Copp had arrived'.

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)


(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

There was a White House document. Copp and other members of ARTI have never deviated from the truth.

If you want to know more then read my fax; which I was requested to submit, to President Bush and his Chief of White House Staff, Andrew Card Jr. The Original Document is available by clicking on the ARC Red Dollar Cross.

Metro Dade scandals click here

If the devil gives you a strawberry ice cream it is probably poisoned with human blood.

doug copp

August 3, 2005

*ARTI/Copp/BBC Global Warming Film set in 2050. The First year that weather became the leading cause of death. Watch 'Future Storm'.*


Weve had a newsletter section without any newsletters for a long time. Weve been too busy. Here is a newsletter:

It seems like ARTI is on TV or in the newspaper, somewhere in the world, almost every week. Last week, Doug was on a Romanian TV program called Vitec Explorer? A Romanian reporter contacted doug for an interview after watching doug on TV saving lives. It must be a repeat of an old show renamed for broadcast because doug never got any royalties.

During the month of May, the Travel Channel is re-broadcasting, The Worlds Deadliest Earthquakes, narrated by James Woods. Doug Copp and Turkish ARTI members are filmed saving the life of a little girl. Tugba Atun was buried alive for 3 days under 9 levels of crushed rubble. The film follows the drama for 15 minutes, of real time, saving her life. You can download the TV program from this website.

We are, also, putting up, a copy of the Protea Group Magazine from Singapore. It contains the condensed version of the article that Doug wrote for American Survival Guide (full article of 6 pages and 13 pictures is found under the triangle of life button, on this website.). This email was sent from friend to friend to millions of people. This was done without any participation by ARTI. This email had found its way into magazines, newspapers and personal emails throughout the entire world. Well, we finally put up a copy of it on the website.

Today, we posted a copy of our latest co-operative agreement. The team from Venezuela is very dedicated but very poor in equipment. This is typical of most of the very best rescue teams around the world. They have courage, heart and determination. They risk their lives to save others. They do this at their own risk, with no insurance, no pay and no health care if they become injured. It is a sad indictment of our world that the Governments and the wealthy do not at least provide them with safety equipment. If there is a good soul, who reads this who has the resources; please help these volunteers, by providing them with equipment.


ARTI is very pleased to announce that we have signed a formal agreement of co-operation with Spitak, the premier rescue team of Armenia. Prior to our chief and leader, Doug Copp, becoming permanently disabled, Below Ground Zero, at the World Trade Center, ARTI had signed co-operative agreements with 20 plus teams, around the world. These rescuers all became members of ARTI.

ARTI, at this time had a combined total of 30,000 plus members; as a result of, these agreements and our other independent members, in 30 plus countries.

Since; 1985 ARTI members have saved a conservative total of 128,000 lives.

We welcome our new brothers in rescue.

ARTI has been a 501 (c) 3 rescue organization, tax exempt under the laws of the USA; since, 1985. Although tax exempt; we have always been too busy, saving lives, to have fundraisers. Instead, we decided to use our own personal money from our own personal income. We are not a cash machine like the American Red Cross with a budget of $ 8 billion per year, in collected money, and a record of accomplishment that amounts to a hill of beans. We are the extreme opposite of these carpet baggers who use disasters and suffering of humanity to swindle the public out of money. See the San Francisco Examiner for March 30, 2005, to read about their latest swindle. This has no negative reflections on any other Red Cross Organization. It is only the American Red Cross that is in the news, after every disaster, for keeping the money; they had raised for supposedly helping victims.

Note from Doug Copp:

ARTI is planning a major humanitarian mission throughout Latin America, next fall. We expect the safety of many millions of people to be greatly enhanced; as a direct result of, this mission. We would like Spitak to participate by means of their Chief, Serzh Hovsepyan, volunteering to join our mission. They have no funds. Many of our brother rescue teams have practically nothing. They share rubber boots among 5 people. They go into major fires with only jeans and no safety gear. We have delivered an incalculable amount of equipment to these teams, over the years. I usually used my own vehicles and money to deliver these greatly appreciated priceless bits of equipment. Now, I cannot. I do not have enough money for medical treatment and medicine for my WTC Injuries and am just doing the bare minimum, to stay alive.

Resulting from, the hatred and nefarious actions of

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

Albuquerque, New Mexico, who has used his wealth, to try to destroy our humanitarian work; we will not accept any money on behalf of Spitak.

(cut until our lawsuit is won.)

would utilize our humanitarian efforts to publish more lies. I wouldnt be surprised if he were to accuse us of going to Las Vegas and spending the money on prostitutes. This has been his proven nature. I think the devil could learn lessons, in evil from him. Therefore; we remain untouchable if we continue to ask for nothing and just use our own time and money as volunteers.

If you are interested in helping Spitak, then please contact me by emailing amerrescue@aol.com
and we will put you directly in touch with Serzh and Spitak. The USA has 5 million citizens of Armenian Heritage. I hope one or more of them will arrange for Serzh to have an airline ticket, to join us. His zeal and enthusiasm, to help others, would be very welcome on our mission.




Agreement between ARTI and Spitak Rescue Team of Armenia



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