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  Medical Records

WTC Injuries - Medical Records

Please follow the links to view various medical records related to the injuries Doug Copp sustained during ARTI's rescue mission at the WTC Emergency
Some documents are in .PDF format (acrobat) if you require an acrobat viewer, please click here:
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Dr. William J. Rea, M.D.

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"It is my opinion that Dr. Smith's evaluation is correct, and that Mr. Copp needs a meticulaus treatment program at our clinic. It appears that Mr. Copp is slowly deteriorating and, as Dr. Smith has intimated, may die without prompt treatment."

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Dr. Ben Boucher - BSC., M.D.

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"During my 15 years of assesment and treatment, I have never experienced a patient with this amount of lead on urine analysis. Mr. Copp remains very disabled from his World Trade Center toxicity. I expect that it will take many weekly intravenous treatments to remove the toxic metals, especially lead from Mr. Copp."

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Dr. Timothy J. Smith, M.D.

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"In the week of September 12 to September 18, 2001, Mr. Copp experienced an overwhelming exposure to chemicals and fungi at the site of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Previously healthy, Mr. Copp has now been rendered totally disabled. Because of the nature of the damage to his immune, respiratory and central nervous systems, there is little likelihood that his condition will improve to the point where he would be able to resume work.
- He is permantly disabled."

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Dr. Michael E. Rosenbaum M.D.

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"He had a chemical conjunctivitis, xerophthalmia and possible glaucoma and evidence of heavy metal toxicities - Mr. Copp experienced a massive exposure to chemicals and to molds over an approximate six day period of 09-12-01 to 09-18-01. Although he had conducted numerous dangerous rescue operations all over the world and had attained a position of preeminence in this field over a sixteen year period he felt well, was asymptomatic and functioned well until the six day exposure at the site of the Word Trade Center attacks in September, 2001. Subsequently, he has suffered a chronic and debilitating constellation of multisystemic complaints that have completely disabled him. ", "His disability has attained a permanent and stationary state"

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Mr. Harry A. Whiting, Jr., M.S.

"Mr. Copp impresses me as a sincere and straightforward individual who is quite concerned and quite frustrated by the seriousness of his combination of medical conditions which affect his fractured lumbar vertebrae and lower back, as well as respiratory conditions. Because of the multiple disabilities and long term medical care, Mr. Copp does not appear feasible for vocational rehabilitation services and/or a return to full time and/or part time competitive employment. This finding is unlikely to change in the forseeable future."

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Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory

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Laboratory testing performed by GSDL for Dr. Timothy Smith, M.D.

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Immunosciences Lab., Inc.

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Laboratory testing performed by Immunosciences Lab., Inc. for Dr. Timothy Smith, M.D., Listing the toxins in Mr. Copp's blood

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London Laboratory Services Group

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Lab report conducted for Dr. Boucher

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TriCore Reference Laboratories

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Lab report conducted for Dr. Timothy Smith

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Tony J. Kreuch, Psy.D., ABPN

"Mr. Copp is a rescue worker, founder and executive director of American Rescue Team International, who sustained heavy metal toxicity and chemical exposure during time spent at the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster site. He was at the site on 9/12/01, and there for approximately two weeks engaged in search and rescue operations. His medical difficulties are extensive, and well documented in the available records provided by his treating physicians. He is currently being treated for significant respiratory problems as a result, and has been identified with reactive airway disease and multiple fungal infections, along with hypertension, immune system insufficiency, and fractured lumbar vertebrae (as a result of a fall sustained during the operation) with chronic pain. Please review the extensive medical records for additional history and background regarding his very complex and multifaceted medical profile. In addition to his respiratory distress and related health problems, he is also describing cognitive symptoms, including memory impairment, poor concentration and difficulty focusing. He reports that, prior to this incident, he was symptom-free and functioning at a very high level as the director of an international rescue team with extensive experience and background at major disaster sites. This report is substantiated by the ancillary documentation provided by Mr. Copp and referenced in his medical records. He is currently being followed by Timothy Smith, M.D. with diagnoses of Word Trade Center Respiratory Systemic Toxicity Syndrome, hypothyroidism and Acute Organic Brain Syndrome."

Click here to see the original document

Lab test prior to WTC disaster

A lab test conducted prior Mr. Copp's involvement in WTC rescue operations.

Click here to see the original document

Mr. Copp's Poisoned blood under microscope

This is a Windows Media Player video of Doug Copp's blood under a microscope. The few round cells are normal and healthy (roughly 15%). The vast majority of cells are described as (65%) 'bear claws'. They look like crumpled-up pieces of paper. These cells are 'sick'and poisoned. The remainder of Copp's cells have long tails. These cells are mutated from heavy metal poisoning. Copp's blood contains lead, urainium, thallium, cadmium, and barium. These heavy metals can cause cells to become mutated like Mr. Copp's are.

You will also see huge clusters or clumps in his blood. These clumps are miny 'garbage dumps' of dead material in Mr. Copp's blood. Most alarmingly you will see huge pieces of shiny metal which are so big they take up the whole screen. The very shiny pieces are stainless steel. Copp ingested many metal particles into his lungs which were subsequently taken into his bloodstream. The entire clinic of Doctors, nurses and technicians clustered around the microscope screen to view Copp's blood and marvel that he was still alive.

Click here to see or download the video



Dr. C.B.Boucher's report on Doug Copp's injuries from WTC


or download a Windows Media Video of Mr. Copp's poisoned blood under a microscope
Mr. Copp's Poisoned blood video

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