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American Rescue Team International
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The American Rescue Team General Information

The American Rescue Team E.P.R.C, is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization which works worldwide. Our main rescue activities are tunnelling, Life locating, Urban Heavy Rescue. The American Rescue Team E.P.R.C, was legally incorporated after our participation in the Mexican Earthquake in 1985.

The main purposes of the organization are:

  1. Save lives in collapsed structures. We have participated in 79 disaster events and have tunnelled in more than 700 collapsed buildings.last updated 1995.

    Some of the many disasters in which we have participated are:

    • Earthquake in Mexico City– 1985
    • Earthquake in Greece– 1986
    • Earthquake in El Salvador – 1986
    • Tornado in Edmonton, Alberta – 1987
    • Hurricane Gilbert, Gulf of Mexico– 1988
    • Earthquake in Loma Prieta, Ca –1989
    • Earthquake in Costa Rica – 1991
    • Oakland Fire Storm – 1991
    • Explosion in Guadalajara – 1992
    • Earthquake in Northridge, Ca – 1994
    • Earthquake in Kobe, Kyoto and Osaka Japan– 1995
    • Explosion in Oklahoma – 1995

    At Disasters we work jointly with the U.S. Disaster Team. They have worked in Armenia and Philippines. Collectively we have worked most of the major disasters worldwide during the last decade.

  2. The American Rescue Team International is a humanitarian Non-Governement Organization (NGO) that can field over 600 operational members from nine countries to deal with just about any type of major disaster.
  3. We have trained more than 60 organizations in various specific and relevant elements in the disaster mitigation equation.
  4. Distribution of Medical Supplies in Latin America (3 shipments per year)
  5. Education. We have produced an Urban Heavy Rescue film with a producer from Apple Television. This film is being distributed worldwide.

We have related our practical information concerning increasing survivability in building collapse and mission purpose: Several hundred newspapers and magazines including USA Today, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, London Daily Telegraph, Engineering News Record, Washington Post, Philadelphia Enquirer, The Daily Yomiuri, The Tokyo Shimbun, Associated Press,Groß–Unftdter Zeitung. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CBC, BBC, ITN, PBS, Telemundo, Telenoticias, Greek, Korean, Japanese, French networks. Some significant shows would be: Signos, Comenzamos, Buenos Dias, Good Morning America, World News Tonight, Inside Edition, MacNeil Lehrer News Hour, Associated Press Print & Television, Voice of America, National Public Radio and much more media coverage of all kinds.

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The American Rescue Team International
PO Box 237, 236 West Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94127, USA
Tel 1-415-533-2231
Email: amerrescue@aol.com

© ARTI,Available to those who support our humanitarian work and standing up to those who defamed us for revenge. ARTI endorses the triangle of life and scorn those who endanger children's lives by promoting 'duck and cover.

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American Rescue Team International is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization. Organized and duly constituted under the laws of the State of California since 1985. At international disasters we were called the `American Rescue Team' because we were the only Americans saving lives at foreign disasters, the name stuck!

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