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the Triangle of Life saves lives. Duck and Cover is death! Click on this Quake Alarm and you will link to a doc. from the Office of Energency Services, in Chile; concerning the Quake Alarm.


Thompson Lang
'the 911 monster'

villains and heros



Mesothelioma victims click on the asbestos sign, for help



. Revenge at the WTC.

N.B. ***Media Alert: Attention :Journalists, TV Producers and others****

ARTI and Doug Copp have signed an attorney representation contract with Sheldon Karasik, of Karasik and Associates LLC, New York and Zurich, to represent our legal interests against

and Dateline. We look for justice, decency and humanity to prevail.For further information regarding the filing of our lawsuit in the Supreme Court of the State of New York please contact Sheldon Karasik 1-212-244-6100

1) Congressman Tom Udall supporting Copp:

"Your prompt consideration would be appreciated."

Udall had seen Copp's arms black and blue from top to botom due to intravenous injections. Copp looked like 'the walking dead'. Copp simply asked for medical help. If Copp would sign his rights away; Copp had been promised compensation within a month of injury. Copp went 2 1/2 years, suffering, without a cent.

Copp refused to die. At a public meeting Udall declared that Copp 'is a true American Hero'. Copp just wanted money for emergency medicine.He didn't need to hear anything about being a hero.

After 3 years Copp received, after lawyers, accountants, specialists, economists were paid...a grand total of $400,000 to pay for $1,960,000.00 of medical expenses and survive for the rest of his life.

You should be aware that a young girl with no permanent injuries was injured as a pedestrian. She received $8.5 million but she was also a member of the same minority neighborhood as the man who decided how much would be paid. The facts are a real blight upon decency. I dont begrudege her the money but why was most of the money, allocated by Congress, returned unspent while ordinary victims never got enough for medical treatment?

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Congressman Tom Udall

supporting Copp

"I am happy to be of assistence."

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Congressman Tom Udall

supporting Copp

" Doug is permanently disabled as a result of his work at ground Zero. ..He is overwhelmed by medical bills, medical procedures and health concerns that will last his lifetime."

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Rod Gale

Copp's driver for twice weekly intravenous injections

He pulled over to the curb more than once to see if Copp had died.

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Stephen Lentz: sworn affadivit submitted to US Justice Dept. supporting Copp:

Understand that it is a very serious felony crime to lie in a sworn affidivit to the US Justice Department. Martha Stewert went to prison for a far lessor situation. Assume that Lentz is telling the truth; when facing prison, as a penalty, for lieing and understand that there is no criminal penalty for anything the ABQ Journal publishes about Lentz. It is reasonable to assume that Lang, ABQ Journal owner, is lieing for revenge. In the ABQ Journal.

Direct from the sworn document:

"As I videotaped the operation, Doug Copp and 6 firefighters descended below Tower 11 and searched the area for victims. Several stories below ground level, we waded through water, jet fuel and effluent from ruptured sewage pipes and the Hudson River. It was in the vicinity of a large disabled escalator that I witnessed Doug Copp's fall which injured his spine.

During the duration of ARTI's rescue operations, numerous casualties, including, NYC Firemen, rescue workers, EMTs and policemen were located as a direct result of Doug Copp's efforts and equipment. Since, returning from 911, Mr Copp has sustained debilitating health problems. It is my strong opinion that the nation has a responsibility to provide medical compensation to a man who selflessly volunteered to put himself, in harm's way with the sole purpose of rendering asistence.

...I urge immediately expedite the Victim's Compensation process and provide the services promised to those who courageously answered the nationwide call for help."

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John Reeves

ARTI member, letter about ARTI at WTC. "Copp's health problems have imperiled his life."

Click here to see the original document



Sampson Mc Dougall

Attorney letter to Lang

filing law suit against ABQ Journal/Lang details

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Rita Cosby

News Anchor Fox/NBC Networks supporting Copp

.."Doug is one of the finest individuals I have worked with."...

"Doug was a pivotal individual in the events of 911. He put his life on the line."..

"Doug is one of the toughest people I have met, yet I know his health has suffered immensely from the sacrifices he made during the rescue and recovery following 9-11"....

"Doug is a kind and compassionate person."

"It is painful to hear how he struggles for breath and I feel honored that he still makes the effort to speak to me..."

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Jeff Zucker

NBC President was made aware of Dateline Lies by Ramirez

faxed document

Click here to see the original document



Richard Burke Ward

witnessed Copp in South America given Doctorate by national University and a Parade held in his honor. Copp given keys to the city by Mayor of city of 1 million. Copp donated the first heart defibrillator in Northern Peru.

Document sent to Congressman Udall by Richard Burke Ward

Click here to see the original document



Click here to see the original document



Senator Bingaman

Supporting Doug Copp


Click here to see the original document



Congresswoman Heather Wilson

She arranged for Copp to get military clearance to fly to NYC. She contacted the Director of the FAA. Copp had no contact with her office to arrange the flight. Lang lied about this.

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Under Construction

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Under Construction

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Doug Copp's
Medical Records
from WTC Injuries

  • Congressman Tom Udall, Letter 1
  • Congressman Tom Udall, Letter 2
  • Congressman Tom Udall, Letter 3
  • Rod Gale Copp Driver, Affidavit
  • Stephen Lentz witness Below Ground Zero, Affidavit
  • John Reeves, Affidavit
  • Rita Crosby National News Anchor, Reference letter
  • Jeff Zucker NBC President, faxed document
  • Richard Burke Ward, faxed document
  • Sampson Mc Dougal suing Lang, Affidavit
  • Rita Crosby National News Anchor, Reference letter
  • Senator Bingaman, Affidavit
  • Congresswoman Heather Wilson, Reference letter

  • Please refer to the following three documents;

    Lothar Salm - Letter

    Dr. Boucher - Letter

    Ralf Kulisch - Letter


    Doug Copp's official
    WTC Emergency (Badge #3119)

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